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Warriors Sign Zaza Pachulia

JULY 12: More than a week after agreeing to terms with him, the Warriors have officially announced their new deal with Pachulia, via a team release.

JULY 4: The Warriors have reached a one-year contract agreement with Mavericks free agent center Zaza Pachulia, sources tell Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter link). Pachulia will receive $2.9MM, Charania adds. That puts him in line for Golden State’s mini mid-level exception.

The addition of Pachulia contributes to an already historic day for the franchise, which reached an agreement with top free agent Kevin Durant. Pachulia takes over the starting spot previously held by Andrew Bogut, who was dealt to the Mavs once Durant chose the two-time defending Western Conference champions.

Pachulia could have taken a much bigger offer in this free agent climate. The lure of playing for a team that will be heavily favored to regain the crown next season was too great for him to pass up. The Hornets were reportedly in hot pursuit for Pachulia’s services. The 32-year-old Pachulia had a very productive season with Dallas, averaging 8.6 points and a career-high 9.4 rebounds in 76 games.

Bogut will make $12.68MM next season, so Pachulia’s decision to take a pay cut — he made $5.2MM a year ago — gives them a huge bargain for a rotation player. The biggest downgrade for the Warriors is that Pachulia, unlike Bogut, is not a shot blocker. He has averaged 0.3 blocks per game during his career.

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15 thoughts on “Warriors Sign Zaza Pachulia

  1. Z.....

    Wow…Totally didnt see that coming. This is a good move by the Warriors. They could have probably looked for a better athlete/rim protector, but ZaZa plays pretty decent defense otherwise (obviously not on the level of Bogut), and can do some similar things on the offensive end to Bogut, in terms of passing ability and spots he can be used on the floor. He is also a much better free throw shooter.

    As I said previously, I wonder if they could get David West to come over. They should probably look for another cheap rim protecting option as well, while Damian Jones recovers from the pectoral injury….They’d have Draymond, Zaza, David West, cheap rim protector, and Jones, which is a fine big man rotation for them, with the rest of that team as it is….then they could use the rest of the roster space to replace the wing/shooting depth they will lose off the bench

    • dstuart

      lol well would you look at that, D. West suiting up for the Dubs as you said.

      • Z.....

        lol ya, its always nice when you speculate about something that actually happens, especially when it happens as quickly as that ended up happening lol. literally the next day

  2. rxbrgr

    Room exception ZING

  3. aarongill

    Wow. Of course. Wouldn’t be surprised to see David west and other players to follow now.

  4. CursedRangers

    Wow, just wow. Didn’t see this coming. Can’t believe he signed for such a low salary.

  5. matthew45

    probably will be their biggest free agent acquisition of the year

  6. I wanna be happy for this signing, I really do. Getting a starting level center at this price is crazy. But the reason I’m not happier is of course the lack of shot blocking with Pachulia. Another option would be Roy hibbert, but he’s coming off a terrible year with the Lakers, so I guess Zaza is all we could get.

  7. Evenyear

    Great pick Dubs now add another
    Big man coming off the bench.
    Odd year

  8. dstuart

    Love ZaZa but dude, Draymond can’t be the only rim protector. Losing Bogut really hurt, but my new 35 jersey may take away a little of the sting

  9. WilliamDuval

    I understand this signing. The Warriors created salary cap by clearing off Bogut’s salary then they get a bargain with Zaza for only 2.9. The Warriors got an extra 10 mil in cap with this and I believe another 5 with Barnes leaving. They probably have at least 5 mil in cap left.

    • Z.....

      Warriors are capped out dude, what are you talking about? They moved Bogut and renounced Barnes to create space for KD. Then they gave ZaZa the room exception. Now they can add minimum salary guys

      • Z.....

        …or if they can keep someone like Brandon Rush with early bird rights, they can do that

  10. Great pickup. He is who I thought them should go after once they signed Durant. While he isn’t a rim protector, he excels in other parts of the game He excels in the pick and roll defensively; the NBA game. Look at Milwaukee, they were a top tier defensive team with Zaza, then he leaves, and now they are bottom tier.

  11. Ryan Brubaker

    Any thoughts on who might round out Warriors roster?
    1. Curry, Livingston
    2. Klay, Clark, McCaw
    3. KD, Iggy
    4. Draymond, D West, McAdoo, K Looney
    5. ZaZa, D. Jones

    Ideas: Mario Chalmers, Randy Foye, Tayshaun Prince, David Lee, Perkins?

    I like Randy Foye bc he can play both guard spots, and they could need a 3rd PG. Next up they need a rim protector but not sure there is one out there. Amare?

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