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Knicks Passed On Jeremy Lin Because Of Defense?

The Knicks weren’t interested in bringing Jeremy Lin back to New York because of his struggles on the defensive end, a source told Brian Lewis of The New York Post. New York opted to trade for Derrick Rose and sign Brandon Jennings in free agency to sure up the point guard position.

Lin believes that the notion that he has trouble on the defensive end is overblown. “These are knocks on my game that, when I was a younger player, I’d agree with,’’ Lin said. “I’ve improved. It just hasn’t been highlighted.’’

Lewis notes that Lin was 20th among point guards in ESPN’s Defensive Real Plus/Minus. The 28-year-old actually ranked better than both Rose and Jennings in the metric. He also ranked ahead of Rajon Rondo, Kemba Walker, Elfrid Payton and Dennis Schroder among others.

It’s worth noting that none of the aforementioned players carried a plus rating on the defensive end. Neither did Lin and he’ll likely square off against better talent starting for the Nets this year than he did coming off the bench for the Hornets last season.

Brooklyn invested heavily in Lin this offseason, inking him to a three year, $36MM deal. The Nets lack talent in the backcourt, so Lin’s defense will be crucial to the team surpassing its low expectations.

Do you think the Knicks made the right move to pass on Lin? How will he do with the Nets? Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions.

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10 thoughts on “Knicks Passed On Jeremy Lin Because Of Defense?

  1. why are they discussing lin and the knicks – they have chosen their people and the nets have chosen their own pple so what is the issue? trying to distract from the ‘small” matter of derek rose and his ” issues?” what abt the fact that the knicks haven’t won anything for a long time and the knicks have time and energy to worry abt the nets. seems like another lin – bashing article.

    • The season hasn’t started yet, and the author writes for a NY paper. He needs something to write about. Since NY needed a PG, and Lin was a free agent, it’s interesting to wonder why there couldn’t have been a reunion. This is especially relevant since he did end up returning to the NY area, joining Brooklyn instead. No need to get defensive (no pun intended). The author even points out Lin’s defensive strengths. If anything the article bashes on the Knick’s decision making.

  2. aarongill

    They passed on him because of defense but they got two equal or worse point guards at defense than Lin?

  3. This issue is irrelevant right now…they gat their point guard and and what’s the fuss about Jeremy Lin?..smh..The Knicks should just deal with the often injured player’s the gat

  4. What happened to the truth? Media is a joke. Jealous and petty Anthony didn’t want Lin back. All that defense nonsense (which makes the Knicks look and sound dopey) was just propaganda because Lin was obviously the best caliber point guard for the Knicks. SMH.

    • Amen

    • Nazrmohamed

      Ive seen no team quotes and there won’t be any team quotes, just a bait article meant to start done bash Knicks or Melo talk and you feel for it. Getting Rose over a player like Lin is less about the better PG but rather about upgrading the pg spot while shedding us of some contacts. If Lin could’ve done that for us he probably be a knick right now.

      • Precisely. Fact is, Lin has played for – and been allowed to leave by – three different teams since his time in NY. There’s no pettiness here, just a guy that’s a good headline and a decent, not great, PG.

  5. Frank policastro

    Well well the real reason is because he is a traitor after having such a great year in New York he screwed us by trying to get a big Contract he deserves everything he got he could’ve been a superstar in New York for years t but he jerked us off and he got what he deserved and nobody really wanted him so he winds up in Brooklyn what a joke he ruined his career for being greedy I hope some players learn from this
    Lin you are a traitor and you deserve what you got

    • LOL, what the hell are you saying, Melo did NOT want them to resign Lin. It was well-documented of this fact. Melo did not want Lin as his #2, if your going to blame anyone, blame Melo.

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