Nuggets, Wizards, Clips Agree To Three-Way Deal

4:55pm: Lee clarifies (via Twitter) that the Hornets' pick heading to the Wizards is a 2015 selection. Lee also reports that Young was initially supposed to go to the Nuggets in the deal, but declined to surrender his Bird rights to go to Denver (Twitter link).

4:42pm: The draft pick the Clippers are sending to Washington is the second-round pick they acquired from the Hornets, so it should be an early second-rounder, tweets Michael Lee.

2:38pm: The Clippers have acquired Nick Young from the Wizards as part of a three-team trade, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter). According to Wojnarowski, JaVale McGee is heading to Denver and Nene will go to Washington (Twitter link). Ronny Turiaf will also head to the Nuggets, with Brian Cook going to the Wizards, tweets Michael Lee of the Washington Post. The Wizards will receive a future second-round pick from the Clippers, says Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports (Twitter link).

For the Nuggets, the deal seems intended to create future cap flexibility. Ken Berger of CBS Sports hears Denver had been experiencing some "buyer's remorse" about Nene's long-term deal (Twitter link). The future cap space created could make the Nuggets more inclined to increase their offer to restricted free agent Wilson Chandler before his self-imposed Friday deadline.

The Wizards acquire what appears to be their center of the future in Nene. Presumably, amidst reports that McGee would seek $14MM annually in free agency this summer, Washington decided to acquire a big man they felt was worth that sort of commitment. Nene has four years and $52MM remaining on his contract after this season.

The Clippers, meanwhile, use the $3.8MM trade exception they received by trading Eric Gordon to absorb Young's salary. For the low cost of Cook and a second-rounder, they've added a two guard to help in a potential postseason run. Young has the ability to veto any trade he's involved in, but multiple reports have suggested he appears willing to approve this deal.

TNT's David Aldridge first tweeted that the Wizards and Nuggets were "in serious talks" about a deal involving Young, McGee, and Hilario.

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32 thoughts on “Nuggets, Wizards, Clips Agree To Three-Way Deal

  1. jwsox

    might be nice to see McGee on a team with a true identity, and a real head coach. He could live up to his potential…its a huge risk though

        • Chickmagnet910

          ok but its the same as MWP. do you call him that or still Ron Artest?

          • I call him Metta World Peace just like how I call #85 of the Patriots Chad Ochocinco.

            • skoods

              Who the heck cares? It’s Nene or it’s Nene Hilario or it’s Just Another Overpaid Center.

              They’re all interchangeable.

    • Guest

      good work Milla… right on top of it… still anybody know why they’d want him? 13mil a year until 2016?

    • HoopsRumors

      Had to add the Hilario for it to automatically link in BBR. Made the change, thanks.

      — Luke

  2. Matthewbstreeter

    Apparently the nuggets believe that .the best way to win is to get rid of all of one’s stars

  3. markc28

    clippers got a steal a 2nd round pick and brian cook for nick young. nice.

  4. Just a sports fan

    NENE is NOT worth his huge contract. They saw the development of there bigs and with Mcgee having a 3.4 mil offer for next year they can dump his contract and be fine.

  5. melinda

    All the trading has ruined basketball. It’s hard to get fired up about a team that is constantly being traded around for whatever reasons. We need Nene in Denver. He has NEVER been shown the respect here that he deserves! The fans want a cohesive team. Between the crooked refs, fake floppers, and trading, basketball is not the game it used to be.

    • FacelessGeneralManager

      And between taking four steps without dribbling. Oh and getting fouled, then taking two steps, jumping and dunking it and having it count. Continuation? Taking it a little far.

      The overall play of the nba is getting bad.

    • progmatinee

      Nene is soft and takes over half of each game off. Signing him to that contract was a bad idea and its nice to see them get out from under it. You can see from the lack of return that most other teams agree it was a crap contract.

  6. The Subversive Birds

    Wow, nice move for the Clippers. Olshey will certainly be awarded as the GM of the Year! CP3, Billups, Evans, Simmons and Young, all of them contributing pretty well for the team.

    • markc28

      i know they gave up a 2nd round pick for nick young. that is a steal and a half. great trade for them

      • The Subversive Birds

        but at this stage, I don’t think they are really looking for a 2nd round pick saviour anyway.

        Nick young doesn’t know what assist is, but at the same time, he is in a one-yr deal. Besides that, differently from the Wiz, in the Clippers they have some nice core and vet leadership, I don’t think that Young will be shooting crazy shots. And it’s not all hi fault, there weren’t much people that could create his own shot in the Washington team.

  7. The mistake the Nuggets made was signing Nene to that awful extension. Brilliant move for them.

  8. Mdondon300

    The trading of Mcgee may come back to haunt the Wizards. Mcgee is only 23 and although has made some bonehead plays he can still mature into a very good player.

  9. LostinLouche

    Did you hear that? That was the sound of the wizards getting violated…tyvm much for our next 10 year center/cap room

  10. Stoney Coppage

    McGee is a retard and Young is always “high as SH!T”. It didn’t matter what the Wiz got back. It was worth it.

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