Roster Sizes: Eastern Conference

Training camps start to open two weeks from Saturday, and the scramble for the last available roster spots is under way. We've seen a significant uptick in free agent activity this past week, and that should continue as we get ever closer to the 2012/13 season. Teams can have as many as 20 players during the offseason and in camp, but once the regular season begins, the limit is 15. That's why many unsigned free agents are holding out for a guaranteed deal, since they would otherwise be vulnerable to getting waived, particularly if they sign with a team that's carrying more than 15 players right now. 

A guaranteed deal ensures a player will get his money, but it doesn't mean he'll start the regular season with his current team. Some teams, like the Raptors and Pacers, have more than 15 players on at least partially guaranteed deals, so those clubs will either have to make a trade or waive one of their players, eating the guarantee in the process. Also, teams can carry as few as 13 players in the regular season, so even guys on teams with 14 or 15 players aren't completely assured of sticking.  

Here's a rundown of the roster sizes for every Eastern Conference team, with the Western Conference to come soon. This includes some deals that have not yet been finalized, and because teams don't disclose the terms of their contracts even when they are finalized, there is a margin of error in these counts. However, they're based on a variety of reports from around the league this summer, so they're as accurate as possible. When we hear more, we'll update the count. 

The first number is the total number of players under contract, and the number of players who have at least a partial guarantee is in parentheses. 

Updated 10-29-12

Atlantic Division
Celitcs 15 (14)
Knicks 15 (13)
Nets 15 (13)
Raptors 15 (15)
Sixers 14 (13)

Southeast Division
Bobcats 14 (13)
Hawks 14 (14)
Heat 15 (13) 
Magic 15 (14) 
Wizards 15 (14)

Central Division
Bucks 15 (15)
Bulls 13 (13)
Cavaliers 15 (14)
Pacers 15 (14)
Pistons 15 (15)

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