2012/13 Regular Season Roster Counts

We've been keeping up with the number of players on each team's roster during preseason, with separate posts for the East and West. As we move into the regular season, the numbers won't be moving quite so quickly, without the comings and goings of training camp invitees. Nonetheless, we'll consolidate the roster counts into a single post, with some updates and added information. This gives you an idea of a team's flexibility at a glance, so you can see whether a team has room to add one of the remaining free agents on the market without having to waive someone.

The total number of players on each team's roster is listed first, followed by the number of fully guaranteed contracts and, where applicable, the names of anyone on a partially guaranteed deal. For players on non-guaranteed contracts and details on the amounts of the partial guarantees, check out this post. If you notice any omissions, please let us know.

Updated 4-17-13

Atlantic Division
Celtics: 15
Knicks: 15
Nets: 15
Raptors: 15
Sixers: 15

Southeast Division
Bobcats: 15
Hawks: 15
Heat: 15
Magic: 14
Wizards: 15

Central Division
Bucks: 15
Bulls: 15
Cavaliers: 15
Pacers: 15
Pistons: 14

Southwest Division
Grizzlies: 15
Hornets: 15
Mavericks: 15
Rockets: 15
Spurs: 15

Northwest Division
Jazz: 15
Nuggets: 15
Thunder: 15
Timberwolves: 15
Trail Blazers:15

Pacific Division
Clippers: 15
Kings: 14
Lakers: 15
Suns: 15
Warriors: 15

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