Amico On Draft, Cavs, Wolves, Wizards, Pierce

Sam Amico's latest NBA Report for FOX Sports Ohio touches on a few topics of note related to the draft and potential trades, so let's dive in and round up the highlights….

  • Interest around the league is building in lottery picks, particularly in the top three, according to Amico. We've heard for weeks that there's not a lot of high-end talent in this draft and that it's not the year you necessarily want a top-three pick, but perhaps all that chatter has reduced the potential trade value of those selections.
  • The Cavaliers had been trying to work on something big, but their recent trade talks have been merely "exploratory (and) touching base, but nothing serious." The Timberwolves are one team Cleveland has spoken to, says Amico, adding that Wolves brass is confident that a package of Derrick Williams and the No. 9 pick can net a top-three pick in return.
  • Victor Oladipo probably isn't in the mix for the Cavs' No. 1 pick, but he had an "explosive" workout for the team and could be considered if Cleveland trades down. Ben McLemore's workout with the Cavs was less impressive, according to Amico's sources.
  • The Wizards aren't completely sold on Otto Porter, and are deciding between him and Anthony Bennett, Amico hears.
  • The Bucks have talked to the Celtics about a possible Paul Pierce trade, says Amico. There have been rumblings that the Cavs could be in the mix for Pierce as well, but Amico hasn't been able to confirm any Cleveland/Pierce rumors.

Chuck Myron contributed to this post.

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