Heat Re-Sign Goran Dragic

JULY 9TH, 10:43am: The deal is official, the team announced.

“When we traded for Goran last season, we knew he was the type of player and person that we wanted to be part of our HEAT culture,” team president Pat Riley said in a statement. “His pace, ability and vision for the game is the perfect complement to lead our team as we look to bring another championship to Miami. We are pleased he has re-signed and will wear the HEAT uniform for years to come and make Miami his home.”

3:57pm: Riley confirmed that the Heat intends to sign Dragic in a statement the team released. A formal signing can’t take place until July 9th, the day after the July Moratorium.

Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

JULY 1ST, 8:44am: The Heat and Goran Dragic have agreement on a five-year, $90MM deal, reports Marc Stein of ESPN.com (Twitter link). It’ll have a player option on the final season, Stein adds (on Twitter). That’s less than an estimated $108MM max, notes Grantland’s Zach Lowe (Twitter link). Reports in recent weeks indicated that Miami was offering between $80-100MM, though the expectation had previously been that the Heat would offer the max.

Miami has appeared a strong front-runner for the client of Rade Filipovich and Bill Duffy since the Heat gave up two first-round picks in a deal to acquire him at the deadline this year, as Dragic expressed his affection for the Heat and the city of Miami. He nonetheless saw the Lakers as a perfect fit, too. and the Knicks, Pelicans, Kings and Bucks were reportedly likely suitors. Dragic was apparently more likely to leave the Heat if Dwyane Wade bolted, but it appears as though the 29-year-old Slovenian made his decision before his backcourt partner did.

The Heat already had $53MM on the books for next season, so Dragic’s return and a new deal at market value for Wade would likely send the team zooming into tax territory unless it clears salary via trade. Heat president Pat Riley denied that the Heat are shopping Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen with the idea of doing just that.

The deal is a windfall for Dragic, who made just $7.5MM this past season and less than $23MM during his first six years in the league, according to Basketball Insiders and Basketball-Reference data. Still, it will look like less of an investment from Miami’s standpoint once the salary cap skyrockets, as expected, in the next few years, as Arthur Hill of Hoops Rumors pointed out when he examined Dragic’s free agent stock.

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32 thoughts on “Heat Re-Sign Goran Dragic

    • the dragon is solid what are you talking about. he can create his own shot. shoot from 30. great passer. gives 20 n 5 n 5 easy. Has a great basketball IQ. you sleep

  1. Corey!

    Great move he didn’t get the max so we can still sign Wade and have money in the offseason. Pat does it again. He is 90M dollars worthy for the heat that spreads the floor and helps a team that was lacking a true starting pg

  2. Taken from Wade, I feel sorry for the dude, but what do you expect from Riley he’s a snake

  3. Corey!

    What are you talking about Wade is gonna get paid dragic didn’t take the max of $100-110M just so they could get Wade the money. Pat Riley is not a snake he does nothing but win in this league.

  4. I think this is a great sign that the Heat are on their way to signing Wade. They convinced Dragic to sign for $90MM in order to have space to accommodate Wade. We are on our way to having a starting five of Wade, Dragic, Whiteside, Deng and Bosh. I believe that with these five, plus our bench, we should be a legitimate contender to make it to the ECF. Pat does it again!

  5. Z.....

    Couple million more than I would have tried to get him at, but whatever. At least it’s done, and it isn’t too bad of a deal, though Im not crazy about the 5th year. Now it’s time to get back the face of South Florida sports, bring in a 3 and D wing player, and get ready for a big season

    • Elkeith

      If he worth 90 mil sure the face of the heat is worth 48. 3time champ, finals MVP

  6. Xside21

    If Kwahi can sign for 5 yrs 90 mill then forsure Goran is worth less then that.

    • Z.....

      The difference is that figure is the max for Kawhi. That being said, Dragic is probably worth closer to $82-84 million on a 5 year deal, but $90 million is way better than $108 million, and Dragic had leverage

    • BigDaddy

      But the Spurs are try to have room for lamarcus. If Kwai takes anywhere near the max they won’t have a chance

  7. Christopher Pearsall

    Keep in Mind that Max Player Salary this year is probably at about 22 mill to start, but Next year it will be about 29 mil, so getting Dragic at 18 per and Bosh at 21-22 mil per will prove to be very valuable going forward. Great Deal in my opinion.

  8. Dexter

    dragic should take less money if he REALLY wants to play with wade. someone who isn’t an all star but has potential should take less if he REALLY wants to win!

    • Never say a man should take less money. His family.more important than playing with Dwayne wade, would you take less money at your job?

  9. ashish

    lowry singed a deal for 4 year worth 48 million dollars. Hes better than Dragic

    • Z.....

      As much as I like kyle lowry, I totally disagree. That being said, that is obviously a very good value in comparison, but it’s a totally different market a year later

  10. Norman

    Groan is a genuine playmaker and really made the Heat better last year. He’s not a king… He’s a king-maker and that will serve the Heat well. EXCELLENT signing I my opinion.

  11. This was actually a good deal I was worried he was going to get max but this deal down the road is going to be a bargain.

  12. Z.....

    It actually ended up being $85 million, which is pretty much right at the numbers I mentioned previously. Great deal

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