Recap Of Decisions On 2017/18 Team Options

In addition to being the deadline for teams to sign fourth-year players to rookie scale extensions, October 31 also represented the deadline for clubs to pick up 2017/18 team options on players in the earlier stages of their rookie deals. Earlier today, we recapped this year’s rookie scale extension action, so now we’ll shift our focus to those team options.

As we’ve discussed before, those team options for players on rookie contracts were always team-friendly, and became even more of a bargain this year, as the salary cap shot up to $94MM+. Under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, rookie scale contracts increase at a modest fixed rate, rather than being linked to salary cap increases, so players on rookie deals are taking up a smaller amount of their teams’ caps than ever before.

As such, most of this year’s option decisions were fairly straightforward, with teams simply exercising those options and locking their players in for another year. However, a handful of options were declined, and in some cases players were waived, rendering their options irrelevant.

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s decisions on 2017/18 options:


Fourth-year options:

The following players will be eligible for extensions in 2017 and restricted free agency in 2018.

Third-year options:

The following players will be eligible for extensions in 2018 and restricted free agency in 2019.


The following players will be eligible for unrestricted free agency in 2017.


The following players immediately became unrestricted free agents

Check out the full breakdown of decisions on 2017/18 team options sorted by team right here.

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