2016 Rookie Scale Contract Extension Recap

During the days leading up to the October 31 deadline, it appeared that uncertainty about the terms of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement may suppress the number of rookie scale extensions signed in 2016. A few players had already locked in new deals, but there was speculation that a handful of extension candidates taking things down to the wire may opt for restricted free agency next summer instead.

On Monday though, a flurry of players inked last-minute deals before the deadline of midnight eastern time, bringing the total number of 2016 rookie scale extensions to eight. In 2015, seven extension-eligible players signed new deals, while nine did so in 2014, so this year’s total nestles right in between those figures.

Here’s a breakdown of the eight rookie scale extensions agreed upon on or before October 31 this year, sorted by total value:

Based on the numbers we know are official and those that have been unofficially reported, these eight extensions will total nearly $665MM, which would easily dwarf the totals in past years for rookie scale extensions. That doesn’t come as a real surprise, based on this year’s salary cap increase and record-setting free agency period.

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With those eight fourth-year vets locked up, that leaves the following players, who had been eligible for rookie scale extensions, on track for restricted free agency in 2017:

Meanwhile, there are a few other members of the 2013 rookie class who were former first-round picks but weren’t eligible for extensions because they had previously been waived or had one of their team options declined. They are as follows:

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