And-Ones: Lakers, Mozgov, Okafor, Wojnarowski

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak didn’t want Timofey Mozgov to be tempted by other offers and that contributed to the team handing him a four-year, $64MM deal, a source tells Ramona Shelbourne of Shelbourne adds that Luol Deng, who signed a four-year, $72MM deal with Los Angeles this past offseason, had other offers for his services, but no team gave him more than a three-year deal. Both Mozgov and Deng were recently relegated to the bench.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • The Lakers would need to attach a young prospect, such as Ivica Zubac or Larry Nance Jr., to Deng or Mozgov if they want to move one of their free agent additions, Shelbourne writes in the same piece. She adds that the contracts of Deng and Mozgov are not problematic for Los Angeles right now, but they will be soon, as Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell will be eligible for extensions over the next couple offseasons.
  • Jahlil Okafor, who we profiled as a trade candidate, is making the most of his increased minutes, John Reid of The Time-Picayune writes. Okafor was the subject of trade rumors earlier in the week with the Pelicans being the latest team to show interest in him.
  • The Long Island Nets, Brooklyn’s D-League affiliate, have acquired center Prince Ibeh and waived forward Lazar Hayward, according to a team press release.
  • Adrian Wojnarowski of the Vertical is close to joining ESPN, multiple sources tell Kevin Draper of Deadspin.
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21 thoughts on “And-Ones: Lakers, Mozgov, Okafor, Wojnarowski

  1. rgreen

    16 & 18m per year for the next 3 years.any gm taking those contracts for either Nance or Zubac should get fired 10 minutes after suggesting it.

    • lakersfan27

      Nance and Zubac are good players. especially Zubac, he’s still a teenager. Those are bad contract but when the young guys start really stepping into their potential(probably in the last year) a big expiring deal will be worth something to a team looking to clear cap.

      • reggie green

        Theyre not worth those contracts.theyre role players,not worth taken the 50 or 56 million thats owed to them beyond this season.

        • reggie green

          Or 48 & 54,whatever.still not worth guys who might become borderline starters.

            • reggie green

              As far as me not knowing what im talking about,i know those contracts are stuck in La.Sam Hinkie wouldnt take them w/o getting a 1st,Russell,Randle or Ingram.Nance and Zubac arent even lottery caliber i said,maybe they can become 4th/5th option type of starters.maybe.

              • thebighurt619

                LOL the lakers dont need to attach russel ingram or randle to clear mosgov or deng. Nor do they need to trade a 1st. And this article isnt even talking about the lakers trading for okafor.

                You look around the league there are plenty of teams that need help at center esp back up center and mosgov represents an upgrade for some teams as a starter and many as a back up. The pelicans could trade asik for mosgov to upgrade their center position without giving up any talent or picks. Lakers free up $10 mill + in that deal. Toronto could use a capable back up to valanciunas- lakers may chip in some cash but certainly dont need to part with talent and could realistically save half on his contract and pay half.

                • Yes there are many teams that could use a decent backup center like Mozgov, but not at his price. Why trade for Mozgov when they can go get someone like Hibbert who is cheaper this year and a free agent at the end of the year (and will be cheaper than Mozgov in future years). Lakers have to throw some value, I agree not on the Russell/Randle/Ingram level, but maybe a really in the future first rounder (with protections) or Nance/Zubac/multiple second round picks.

                • rgreen

                  I never said anything about the Lakers acquiring Okafor.mentioning Sam Hinkies name dont imply that,especially considering he dont work for them anymore.

                  And the Lakers cant simply trade half of Mozgovs contract.they cant just take back half of his salary and pay the rest.that would make exceptions and kickers pointless.salaries have to match up regardless.

                  • rgreen

                    And yes,New Orleans is looking for an upgrade at center.but theyre trying to dump Asiks contract in a deal to save salary to resign Jrue.if they bring in a significant contract,its gonna be someone like Brook Lopez,to offset the possible loss of Jrue.same thing in Toronto.they’re not taking Mozgovs contract when theyre gonna have to resign Lowry.

  2. Z-A

    I think everyone was shocked that Mozgov got that kind of contract. Best deal they could make…

    Mozgov + Zubac + Calderon + this year’s 1st if it’s Top-3 for Brook Lopez

      • Z-A

        Consecutive years right? B/c the pick will transfer to the Sixers no matter what next year.

        • rgreen

          Yes.their 1st tradeable 1st would be 2 years after 6ers get theirs,and its looking like that might not happen til next year.

  3. Mozgov+every 2nd round pick we have just for someone to take his contract. He can help a team, but not a rebuilding one

    • Z-A

      I don’t think anyone will take on his contract for 2nd round picks. What would it take to move Omer Asik’s contract? Mozgov is a more expensive version of Asik.

  4. Z-A

    Like the Sixers can take any contract and they usually cut the guy, but there’s like 3 years left on these deals. I mean if the Nets move Lopez, they’d have the cap space and the need for a veteran center. But they want 2 1st round picks or equivalent.

  5. Gucci7383

    The Lakers need veterans I have no problem keeping both players one more full season until the 2018 offseason.
    But they could try to trade Lou Williams for a first round pick since a he’s under contract next yr and attach it to one of these contracts to move it

  6. JIM O.

    here is 2 trade ideas 1) mosgov for asic straight up 2) mosgov and 2-2nd rdc for Monroe from bucks or l.deng and 2nd rdc. for Monroe

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