Sixers Trade Nerlens Noel To Mavericks

8:48pm: The trade is official, according to a press release from the Sixers. The announcement suggests that if the 2017 first-round pick from the Mavs isn’t conveyed, Philadelphia will receive Dallas’ second-round picks for 2017 and 2020.

11:58am: According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe and Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News (Twitter links), if the Sixers don’t receive the Mavs’ first-round pick this year, they’ll instead receive 2017 and 2018 second-round picks from Dallas. Since that first-rounder is top-18 protected, it seems very unlikely to change hands, so the conditions on the pick make the deal look even better for the Mavs.Nerlens Noel vertical

11:30am: There are still some moving parts to sort out in the deal before it becomes official, according to Jake Fischer of, who tweets that the trade may expand to involve a third team so that the Sixers don’t have to waive a player.

10:46am: The Sixers are in agreement with the Mavericks on a deal that will send Nerlens Noel to Dallas, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical (via Twitter). According to Wojnarowski, Philadelphia will receive Justin Anderson and a first-round pick from the Mavs. ESPN’s Marc Stein adds (via Twitter) that the Sixers will also get Andrew Bogut‘s expiring contract.

According to Stein (via Twitter), the first-round pick heading to the Sixers in the deal will be top-18 protected in 2017, which makes it unlikely that it will change hands this year. As our 2016/17 Reverse Standings show, Dallas currently projects to have the No. 7 overall pick, though Noel should help improve this year’s team. Future protections on the first-rounder have not yet been reported.

Noel, who will turn 23 in April, was frequently mentioned as a trade candidate earlier this season, particularly after he publicly questioned the Sixers’ decision to head into camp with a logjam at center. However, the former sixth overall pick had played well as of late, averaging 8.9 PPG, 5.0 RPG, and a career-best .611 FG% in less than 20 minutes per game for the season.

Recent trade rumors had focused more on Jahlil Okafor than Noel, so it will be interesting to see if the Sixers end up moving Okafor today as well. In his full report on the trade, Wojnarowski suggests Okafor is now likely to stay put. However, as Jake Fischer of notes (via Twitter), the Sixers have been “steadfast” this week in their efforts to move Okafor, so it would be a change of direction to hang onto him now.

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For the Mavs, Noel represents a substantial upgrade at center, giving the team the sort of athletic, rim-protecting big man it had been seeking. As Wojnarowski tweets, Dallas has “long been intrigued” by Noel, and will look to lock him up this summer. The Kentucky product will be a restricted free agent, so the Mavs will have the opportunity to match any offers he receives from other teams.

From the Sixers’ perspective, the move represents a chance to pick up a young player and a draft pick while also potentially not having to worry about reaching the salary floor. Anderson has yet to make a real impact in his two NBA seasons, but he’s still just 23 years old and won’t be a restricted free agent until the summer of 2019. Meanwhile, the combined salaries for Bogut ($11MM+) and Anderson ($1.51MM) are worth approximately $8MM more than Noel’s salary, allowing Philadelphia to surpass the salary floor.

However, if the Sixers were to flip Bogut in another deadline deal, that could change the equation, and the team has yet to decide what they’ll do with the veteran center, per Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated (Twitter link). ESPN’s Chris Haynes reports (via Twitter) that Bogut and the Sixers are expected to engage in buyout talks, with potential suitors like the Cavs keeping a close eye on the situation. However, TNT’s David Aldridge (Twitter links) suggests Philadelphia could reroute the former No. 1 pick to another team, with the Celtics as one possibility.

A couple final bookkeeping notes on the swap: Assuming it’s completed as reported, Dallas should have the opportunity to create a pair of trade exceptions in the deal. One would be worth about $6.64MM (the difference between Bogut’s and Noel’s salaries), while the other would be worth approximately $1.51MM (Anderson’s salary). The Mavs should also now comfortably avoid the luxury tax this season, having previously been about $1MM away from the tax threshold.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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92 thoughts on “Sixers Trade Nerlens Noel To Mavericks

    • D-NBA

      Dude why would the Mavs get Okafor? They don’t need scoring, what they needed was a rim protector and Noel fits the bill.

  1. bhannah8213

    They’re so advanced that there are no more details to share other than they are advanced?

  2. D-NBA

    Wow they needed a center too, Barnes, Noel, and Curry are great building blocks. Mark Cuban just made a really good move.

      • D-NBA

        Cuban calls the shots dude, he wanted Barnes and he got him. He believed in his potential as a wing scorer and look at him now. Mark just got a gem in Noel, he will be unleashed under Carlisle’s coaching.

        • XFLbetterthanNFL

          Cuban is a smart basketball guy. He talks too much so ppl don’t think he is, but he knows what he’s doing in business and basketball.

  3. pretty fair trade. I am just surprised the 76ers traded Noel and not Jahlil. Noel plays better with Embiid and is a better fit. Especially if Simmons comes back

    • D-NBA

      I would not be shocked if the Sixers move Okafor also, they can just move Simmons to the 4 and Embiid at the 5, plus Covington and Saric can both be small ball 4’s when needed.

      • JDonovan

        I think “move” Simmons to the 4 is the wrong word considering he hasn’t played anywhere else yet. Maybe “place” him at the 4 sometime in 2018 when he decides to play. I am so glad I am not a Philly fan.

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Finally right about something
    Didn’t know Noel would be traded to the Mavs, but I was right about him being traded!!
    They will probably keep Okafor or at least that is my guess.

  5. Giannis_Gains

    This, too me, sounds like a great move for both teams depending on the Pick protections for future years. If the Mavs land a solid PG in next years draft this team could really take off, while the 76ers continue to build pick assets and acquire a backup wing.

  6. JPSonOfJohn

    I feel like the Mavs are all over the place on what they want to do. They need picks, not give them away. ugh.

    • JPSonOfJohn

      Just saw it was top 18 protected, so that makes me feel better. This was really just Anderson for Noel. Seems like the pick and Bogut were throw ins just to make it seem better.

      • TheFrenchFreak

        of course it isn’t just anderson for noel, the pick has protection in 2017 but we don’t know in 2018

    • They are all over the place. Cuban wont do a full rebuild though, so a young center and the pick this year will have to do.

  7. Solid move by Mavs. Pick wont go this year which is a plus, just hope it has solid protection in future years.

  8. KCelts

    Here’s to hoping Bogut gets bought out and signs with Boston.

    Pretty decent trade on both sides actually.

  9. I guess it makes sense. Noel is a free-agent this year, and it could compromise cap space for Sixers in upcoming off-seasons when they are ready to seriously compete. They could also get better value for Okafor in the off season when free agency plays out a bit.

    • D-NBA

      Doubt they keep Okafor past the deadline, he does not fit what so ever alongside Embiid, they would get smoked on defense. Okafor needs to play alongside a agile 4 who can shoot and play defense, in Boston alongside Horford he would be deadly.

      • The Sixers can just roll with him as the backup C until they can trade him in the off-season. After the initially wave of free agency shakes out, they can flip him to a team who actually needs a post scorer and can help mask his defensive liability. They can move him at the deadline, but all reports indicate is stock is real low at the moment.

  10. Noel will cost more than he’s worth after the season. Okafor is still under contract, therefore, it’s a smart move. I didn’t want the sixers to pay a backup center $80+ mil. Got to see how/if this pick is protected in the future. Love the move bc the sixers weren’t matching what teams will offer Noel.

  11. Maybe Sixers move Jah plus this new Denver Pick/Lakers pick to Bulls for Butler…. Embiid/Saric/Butler/Simmons. Nice core 4.

  12. For all those hoping Bogut gets bought out keeping dreaming. Teams have been offering assets for him this entire deadline season. He will be flipped before the deadline is my guess.

  13. Dutch

    Foolish trade by Colangelo. This deal does not impact Okafor leaving. He’s gone too. He cannot play with Embiid and they are not paying big bucks to a backup center. Noelle could backup Embiid and play power forward with Embiid at center. The Colangelo’s hiring was a horrible idea and this is the start of the reverse process.

    • And you realize Noel is a free agent at the end of the year and will likely get a contract worth $13 million (on the low end) annually. Is it really smart to pay a guy upwards of $50 million to be a backup?

      • Michael N

        I would of gave 80 million to Noel to be the backup. And yea he would be totally worth it. He’s basically a better version of Biyombo. He has more offense, better defense and can shoot better. It would’ve been totally worth it because Embiid as much as we want him to be healthy he’s just not all the time. So Noel in my mind would be the perfect backup. He can start and log big minutes if Embiid goes down. And he’s just a overall better fit considering the current players then say Okafor.

  14. giantboy99

    Awful trade by sixers…only way they win this trade is flipping Bogut for 1st rounder.

  15. Michael N

    What the hell. They better be trading Okafor also. Because as a Sixer fan i would keep Noel.

  16. Noel has a PER rating of 20.9 this year – that’s pretty good, why is everyone saying he is only a backup center?

    • JPSonOfJohn

      Noel is 16/10 per 36 min guy this season. I think he’ll be good in DAL.

    • rct1123

      He only plays 20 minutes per game and it has yet to be seen if he can play much more than that.

    • gammaraze

      Because Joel Embiid basically came out of nowhere to play at an All-Star level cementing his place as the team’s starter… and if you’re not the starter, you’re a backup

  17. The bad side of this deal… Dirk will not get to attempt to jump for the opening tip anymore :(

  18. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    So if the Mavs make the playoffs, the Sixers get a 1st round choice. They could draft a guy like Bembry from SJU
    That would be bad.

    • Its top 18, so the Mavs have to win a 1st round series or have a better record than 4 playoff teams. I see no way this happens.

  19. Just when the sixers started being decent they start another rebuild

    Noel for anderson and two second rounders lolol trust the never ending process

  20. Michael N

    WTF are you kidding me. So its either a late 1st round pick that might not change hands or it could be 2 2nd round picks.

    As a Sixer fan its time to fire Colangelo and bring back Hinkie! Whats he doing keep loading up on 2nd rounders.

    • Yeah changing to 2 2nds (which is most likely) is pretty bad. That makes this trade look a lot worse for Philly.


        Ohh yea….at first they posted a 1st in 18 but now I see the two second rounders I was like WTF


          I would of rather had a first round in 20 and a 18 second round over that deal….Phili got the rear end treatment

  21. Great trade for the Mavs here. Sixers? Not so much. Maybe they can just collect every Center with an expiring contract in the league.

  22. Bryan

    The Kings screwed up the market for big men. Orlando in a way too with what little they got for Ibaka. The market for big men is trash right now. Sixers are the losers, but this is what the market is for bigs.

    • Reggie Green

      Tryin to justify it,huh….are you Bryan Colangelo? If so,please resign immediately.

  23. smittybanton

    2nd rd pick for Ish Smith?

    Relationships brought in three suspect free agents, beat out for starting jobs by UDFA TJ McConnell and Nik Stauskas.

    Scrambling for a powerforward now after trading Jerami Grant, member of US Select Team.

    Value of future first round picks squandered by not trading them before Embiid and Ben hit the floor.

    Nerlens Noel for a bag of beans.

    Adam Silver and the rest of the owners are getting exactly what they bargained for when they installed that snake into the Sixers organization. Squander every asset Hinkie acquired!!!


  24. Reggie Green

    Noel and Ilyasova for Justin Anderson,3 2nd rd picks and a swap of picks in the 50s.


    • Don’t even throw Ilyasova into that. What did you expect for him? A star point guard? A first round pick? A couple of second rounders is what Ilyasova is actually worth.

      • Reggie Green

        Im throwing Ilyasova in there.

        Id rather have him through the rest of this season than 2 mid 2nds for the summer league.

        • Reggie Green

          Not even 2 mid 2nds.1 mid 2nd and a swap of picks in the 50s.

          A swap of the Knicks pick for Brooklyns 2nd wouldve been good.

    • MiggyCabby24

      Feel bad for Ilyasova. He’s been passed around more than a box of Cracker Jacks. He’s been traded 3 times this year. Good player, hope he sticks in Atlanta.

  25. hdtrip

    I like this trade *if* they also trade Okafor and flip Bogut for some value. Embiid and Richaun Holmes are a great 1-2 at center. Would like it better if the pick was only lottery protected.

  26. weezlur11

    I don’t get why 76ers did this. They basically sent Noel to mags for two second rounders and the chance to meet the salary floor. “The process” is garbage, I feel sorry for philly fans. This is just getting depressing, what good is getting high draft picks if you trade them two or three years in and never see them develop.

    • StillMadAboutGame6

      The issue was that with the logjam at C in philly, Noel wasn’t going to resign with them. That being said, he was worth more than expiring andrew bogut and two second rounders

  27. StillMadAboutGame6

    6ers didn’t have a lot of options here because there was no way he was resigning with them, but man, the Mavs really made off like bandits, especially with the protections on this year’s first round pick.

    • AjBronx7

      Negative he was set for restricted free agency, Sixers could’ve matched any offer now the mavs have that power

  28. Joeycalexc

    Bottom line it’s all about embiid Simmons and draft picks. Any other player is irrelevant to the process. Holmes will be better than Noel

  29. Reggie Green

    Best thing ive heard all day,
    Philadelphia police department sending a tweet to the Dallas police department saying,
    Hello,we’d like to report a theft.


      Somebody should try…I have 16 but his rating was higher and no way a trade like that would happen ….would love to see if someone has 2k 17 could swing that trade

  30. So it’s Anderson and a 2017 2nd bc the 2018 has protection as well. I think it’s a good move since Noel isn’t worth 80M as a backup and Anderson will be a serviceable backup. The 2nd rounder they can likely use to move up into the late 1st and/or draft and stash. The market for Noel shrank with his continual injuries. Preseason would have been the best time to trade him or during the draft.

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