2017 NBA Offseason Salary Cap Digest Series

As we approach the 2017 NBA draft and free agent period, Hoops Rumors has been examining each team’s cap situation, breaking down the guaranteed salaries, non-guaranteed salaries, options, free agents, and cap holds on the books for each of the league’s teams.

We’re also previewing each club’s offseason in more depth, but these salary cap digests provide a bare-bones look at where teams are at with their spending, how much cap room they figure to have this summer, and which players may not be safe, given their contract situations.

You can find the link to your favorite team’s offseason salary cap digest below. If we haven’t covered your team yet, we’ll be doing so soon. You can find this post anytime on our right-hand sidebar under “Hoops Rumors Features.”


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5 thoughts on “2017 NBA Offseason Salary Cap Digest Series

  1. formerlyz

    I haven’t had a chance to look into it recently, and can’t entirely remember what it is; could someone tell me what exception the Heat will be eligible to sign someone with this offseason? I’m pretty sure they don’t have their bi-annual, and I don’t think they have the full mid level

    • Luke Adams

      It will be tricky for them to stay above the cap, since they don’t have Bird rights for their key free agents. So if they end up using cap room (which is likely), they’d lose the mid-level and bi-annual exceptions, and would only have the room exception (about $4.3MM)

      • formerlyz

        So they obviously wouldnt be able to use that to keep Willie Reed or replace him with someone comparable. They could theoretically work something out with Ellington, instead of exercising the team option though, but his 6 million is already a good team deal…

        should be interesting to see if they end up using it. Obviously depends on how much it costs to keep waiters and James johnson. If they can get those 2 for $26 million or so, they can use half their remaining cap space to maybe keep Reed at $6-7 million, and ellington at his number, or bring someone in on a cheap deal to help the 3/4 spots


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