Draft Notes: Knicks, J. Jackson, Suns, Lakers

There are a number of potential player/team matches in the top 10 of this year’s draft that might make sense on paper, but should be avoided in reality, according to the staff at The Ringer. Danny Chau identifies De’Aaron Fox as a less than ideal fit for the Sixers, while Jonathan Tjarks makes the case for why the Knicks should steer clear of Dennis Smith Jr.

Other picks to be avoided, in the views of The Ringer’s NBA writers? The Mavericks and Lauri Markkanen; the Kings and Jayson Tatum; and the Magic and Jonathan Isaac.

Here are a few more draft-related items from around the basketball world:

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14 thoughts on “Draft Notes: Knicks, J. Jackson, Suns, Lakers

  1. showty

    I think the Lakers would get ah more consistent scorer if the drafted bacon rather than ball… ball isn’t ah consistent scorer

    • Corleone

      Suns need a Big Trade

      Bledsoe Knight Dudley and Chandler

      For Picks

      Fox Tatum or Jackson and Drummond

    • yoyo137

      Lakers don’t really need a scorer yet they just need to build a good young team that plays defense and moves the ball so Paul George can come in and be the main guy on a contender. Any rookie they draft is not gonna come in and take over the offense, no way. Ball is a great 3pt shooter and has amazing court vision, athleticism, passing, and rebounding ability. I’m sure people would be a lot higher on him if he wasn’t Lavar’s son. Ball will put everyone else in position to succeed in LA especially because you don’t have to worry about him trying to do everything by himself.

      • bravesfan88

        I agree you can’t pass on Ball if you are Magic and the Lakers. They can sign a couple of veteran free agents to round out their roster, but they really need to take this season to see what core they are going to build around and move forward with.

        Personally, I would build around Randle, Ingram, and Ball, but that’s just me.

        In my opinion, they need to just unload the contract of Mozgov, draft Ball and a PF/C, then they need to sign JJ Reddick and a guy like Javele McGee, and call it an off-season.

        Then they’ll have the following roster:

        Guards: Ball, Russell, Reddick, Clarkson, Ennis

        Forwards: Ingram, Randle, Deng, Nance Jr., and Robinson

        Center: McGee, Draft Pick, Zubac

        To me, that would set them up nicely for the 2018 off-season, where then they can unload Deng’s deal, trade away any extra assets, and they can go after Paul George in Free Agency.

  2. Corleone

    Ball isn’t a Bust but lakers is mitt he best place for Ball.
    I think Ball to suns is the better fit.


    A dream Starting Five

    With a Bank


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