Multiple Prospects Withdraw From Draft

This Wednesday is the deadline for players who are testing the draft waters to make a final decision. Several players have made a decision today, opting to withdraw from the draft. Here are some players who’ve decided to stay in school (all decisions are reported by ESPN’s Jeff Goodman unless otherwise indicated):

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5 thoughts on “Multiple Prospects Withdraw From Draft

    • GuruGray

      Still have two days to withdraw and still keep their college elibility. Plus there are other avenues including the d league and Europe for talented young players

    • SuperSinker

      Going to be a lot of guys making money playing basketball. They already lost a year of earnings potential.

      • OCTraveler

        By getting at least one year of a FREE college education! Education is a better long term investment even for “ballers”.

        • Luckylefty2

          Half these guys are graduating with a degree that they don’t even know. Get your money now invest and then you can go back to college and by that time they will know what they want to do.

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