Pacific Notes: George, Ball, Perry, NBA Draft

While a snub from the All-NBA teams cost Paul George the chance to receive a super-max deal this offseason, the Pacers All-Star is more focused on winning than money, USA Today’s Sam Amick writes.

George, 27, is one year away from free agency but is keeping his eye on joining his hometown Lakers. Amick notes that George idolized Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and despite the gap in dollars, George is “more focused on legacy than ever.” Also, with the Lakers not having made the playoffs since the 2012/13 season, George “believes he can lift the Lakers out of the darkness,” Amick writes.

The Lakers could entertain trading for George but would run the risk of surrendering their No. 2 overall pick in the NBA draft this year. Also, the team reportedly feels confident it can lure George to Los Angeles in free agency next year, but run the risk of Indiana trading him elsewhere, which could lead to George re-signing with his new team. In either case, Amick paints a picture of a man who wants to be in Los Angeles sooner than later.

Here are additional notes around the Pacific Division:

  • The Lakers should trade their No. 2 overall pick to the Pacers and acquire George this offseason, Marc J. Spears of the Undefeated opines. Spears points out that acquiring George, a four-time All-Star, is the biggest upgrade any team can make this offseason. While such a deal could also appeal to a club like the Celtics, the growing belief that George wants to end up in L.A. makes it less viable for other suitors to roll the dice — still, the Lakers may not want to take the risk of letting him land elsewhere.
  • With point guard Lonzo Ball the likely No. 2 overall pick by his hometown Lakers, his outspoken father, LaVar Ball, figures to come with the package. Head coach Luke Walton believes somebody in the organization will reach out to UCLA to gauge just how involved the elder Ball will be, Alysha Tsuji of USA Today relays. Speaking on Friday’s Dan Patrick Show, Walton expressed more concern with how Lonzo Ball would help the team, saying, “I’m mostly concerned with what player can help us win more than 26 games the most.”
  • Despite no playoff appearances since 2006 and a slew of disappointing draft picks, new executive vice president of basketball operations Scott Perry is optimistic on the Kings’ future. Speaking to Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, Perry wants to bring a winning culture back to the team.“I am very excited about this opportunity to help Vlade and ownership to get the Kings back to the culture they had a while back,” he said. “There is a lot of young talent in the fold. Through the draft, we can create some pieces. It’s an exciting time.”
  • has the full list of prospects scheduled to participate in a pre-draft workout with the Kings this upcoming Monday. Among the scheduled participants are Pittsburgh’s Jamel Artis, Georgia’s J.J. Frazier, Vanderbilt’s Luke Kornet and more.
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10 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: George, Ball, Perry, NBA Draft

  1. josc2

    So if he wants to don the purple and gold at any cost, why would they trade for him this year and move valuable assets? Spears contradicts his own argument…

    • Chris

      He literally said that the Lakers take the chance of him getting traded to another team and re-signing there. If he got traded to Boston and they beat the Cavs, would he go to LA? If he makes an All-NBA team next season and Pacers offer the super max what happens then? Hence, the point of this article.

      • Smugger7

        Yeah I agree with you and if Boston don’t get Hayward and/or Butler then I can see them coming hard at PG13. They have the number one pick so they can make some good trades. Boston won’t beat the cavs until maybe 5 more years. LBJ is still in his prime and he and he has very good role players that will play well around him.

    • Luke Adams

      I think our wording might’ve misrepresented Spears’ argument a little, so I’ve tweaked it to make it clearer. (Though I think I agree with your general point).

    • D-NBA

      If the Lakers trade the pick to Indiana the Pacers will probably draft Josh Jackson

  2. Supercollider

    If winning is any kind of priority for George, why would he go to the Lakers? There were only two teams in the league worse than the Lakers this year. If he wants to go to LA, fine. Just don’t lie and say that it’s about winning.

  3. Point

    Nothing wrong with PG wanting to be the reason why his hometown team is winning again. If the #2 is or isnt included in a trade for him this summer. Getting him along with possibly signing Blake Griffin is helping that team win. Is it coming out of the West? Doubt it. But its progress.

  4. Eric Bishop

    Paul George not going nowhere sorry lakers fan . Paul is watching the Cavaliers very closely. He know the pacers was the only team in the the east that give cavs problems in the playoffs 3 games pacers could have won. Think about if pacers would have played Boston Celtics first round maybe y’all be watching the Indiana pacers in the eastern finals right now. Remember when they use to play the heat. Pg13 see what’s going on i guarantee he stay sorry lakers fans

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