Projected Rookie Contracts For 2017 First Round Picks

As we explained in May when we published the rookie scale salary figures for 2017/18, the value of the contracts for this year’s first round picks depend on where they’re drafted. The NBA’s rookie scale for 2017/18 – which won’t change between now and next month, no matter where the salary cap lands – will determine what each player makes.

Each first round pick who signs an NBA contract this season will ink a four-year deal with two guaranteed seasons and team options on the third and fourth years. Players are eligible to sign for up to 120% of the rookie scale amount, or as little as 80% of that amount. However, virtually every rookie contract comes in at 120%. In fact, the new Collective Bargaining Agreement even alters the rules so that cap holds for first round picks count as 120% of the rookie amount now.

So even though the rookie scale amount for the No. 1 overall pick in 2017/18 is $5,855,200, Markelle Fultz‘s cap hold for the Sixers will be $7,026,240 — that’s 120% of his rookie scale figure, and the amount he’ll almost certainly receive in year one of his new NBA deal.

Listed below are this year’s top 30 picks, along with their projected rookie salaries, assuming they sign for 120% of their rookie scale amount. The total value of these contracts assumes that the third- and fourth-year team options will be exercised.

Additionally, we’ve listed the figures for players like Anzejs Pasecniks, even though he’s not expected to come to the NBA immediately. The rookie salaries for first round picks who are stashed overseas will look slightly different if they sign a year a two from now.

Here are this year’s expected rookie scale contracts:

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Salaries for 2017 draft picks

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