Lakers Sign Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart

3:14pm: The Lakers have officially signed Ball and have also announced the signings of their other two first-round picks, Kyle Kuzma (No. 27) and Josh Hart (No. 30). Kuzma’s four-year deal will be worth about $8.65MM, while Hart’s will be worth approximately $8.475MM.

9:40am: The Lakers will formally sign second overall pick Lonzo Ball to his first NBA contract today, reports Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter link). Like other rookie deals for first-round picks, Ball’s pact will feature two guaranteed years followed by two team options.

As our chart for this year’s rookie scale shows, Ball is in line to make about $6.287MM in his rookie season. Assuming he plays out his full four-year deal, he’ll earn more than $33MM over the life of the contract. The UCLA product will be eligible for an extension in 2020, and would otherwise reach restricted free agency in 2021.

In past years, teams have been patient when it comes to signing first-round picks, since cap holds for those draftees counted for 100% of their rookie scale figure, despite the fact that virtually every player signed for 120% of the rookie scale. The league’s new CBA adjusted those cap holds to count for 120% of the rookie scale figure, so there’s now little incentive for teams to wait.

Jayson Tatum (Celtics), Jonathan Isaac (Magic), Malik Monk (Hornets), Luke Kennard (Pistons), and Bam Adebayo (Heat) are among the other first-rounders who have already officially signed contracts with their new teams.

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20 thoughts on “Lakers Sign Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart

    • yoyo137

      Honestly I can’t wait to see Ball play that’s gonna be awesome. I feel like every vet in the league is gonna go at him HARD though he might get bullied for a little while before he adjusts.

      • D-NBA

        He can hold his own, he’s def adding a few pounds of muscle before the season. I expect him to average 14 ppg with like 8 apg, Ingram will take a nice leap also to probably 18-20 ppg.

        • liamsfg

          Yeah this guys got promise thats for sure.

          Never thought I’d be excited to watch a rookie play like this since LeBron was drafted.

          He’s a different type of player but I’m intrigued by that.

  1. mcase7187

    This is about the signing but with the dad trying to get that big endorsement deal with Nike or someone if he had wouldn’t that have cost his 2 other sons the NCAA career isn’t there rules about that just wondering

    But on the signing this kids going to be a bust he doesn’t have a NBA shoot and he’s going to turn the ball over a lot and to make things hard for him his dad and him self have put bullseye on him because all that crap they talked so everyone will step up harder against him

    • Retired NFL Player

      I can’t wait til he stumbles at the beginning of the season and his dad has stupid excuses. It’s entertaining. I also hope the Lakers trade him someday just so he has to play away from LA and make his dad mad.

      • yoyo137

        Wow you have a very strange amount of hatred towards people you don’t know at all, are you ok dude? CTE got you mad or what?

        • liamsfg

          Definitely angry people. Its ok, its normal for people who feel inadequate to act this way.

          There’s doubts about him for sure but these comments are simply malicious.

  2. Byoung5

    76ers made a mistake by drafting Fultz……IT SHOULD HAVECBEEN LAVAR!!!!!

    • cjelepis

      First of all, stop yelling. Secondly, you are wrong as hell. Fultz fits the system perfectly, unlike Ball, who is a glitz and glamor turnover machine. Thirdly, stop yelling. And spellcheck.

        • supermusicgenius

          I hope he flops cuz his family is annoying. He should be able to hold his own though. No playoffs is also what I’m hoping for so his dad can stfu.

          • Flyboyroy

            So your mad at him because you dislike his father? Let the kid ball first clipper fan

          • liamsfg

            Why would you judge someone for their family?

            You can’t dump family especially for something as trivial as speaking their mind.

            He’s been quite mature for a kid his age in this position. I like him even more because he’s nothing like his father and he deserves to be recognized for that.

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