Celtics, Cavs Complete Kyrie Irving Trade

The Celtics and Cavaliers have reached an agreement that will end the week-long hold-up of the Kyrie Irving deal, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com reports (Twitter link). In addition to the previously agreed upon bountyIsaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and Brooklyn’s 2018 first-round pick—Boston will also send a 2020 second-round pick to Cleveland."<strong

The additional pick on the move is Miami’s 2020 selection. Boston received the pick back in 2015 when the Heat attached it to Zoran Dragic in order to move his salary.

The two sides had an agreement in place eight days ago, but Cleveland had concerns over Isaiah Thomas‘ hip after examining the point guard during the routine post-trade physical. After the discovery, the Cavs re-engaged with Boston in the hopes of receiving either a young prospect or a future first-rounder on top of the players in the original offer, suggesting that the Celtics understated the scope of Thomas’ injury. However, Boston was firm on not giving up anything more than the second-rounder in the deal.

It was reported earlier today that there’s at least a slight chance that Thomas misses the entire 2017/18 season if his recovery doesn’t progress as smoothly as hoped. How IT heals and returns from his hip injury will be a major developing story as the season progresses for a bevy of reasons. The point guard can become a free agent at the end of the campaign. So can LeBron James. Both the team and James would certainly like to evaluate how Thomas fits alongside the four-time MVP before any future decisions are made.

For the Celtics, another excellent offseason seemingly concludes. A year after signing Al Horford to a four-year deal, the team made several additions that should help in both the short- and long-term. Boston landed the No. 1 pick in the lottery and dealt it to the Sixers for the pick that became Jayson Tatum – one of the most pro-ready prospects from the 2017 draft – and an additional future first-rounder. The franchise also agreed to terms with Gordon Hayward before trading for Marcus Morris.

Adding Irving to the mix only solidifies the Celtics as a true contender in the Eastern Conference. The C’s bested Cleveland and the rest of their conference rivals with 53 wins last season, though they were dispatched handily by the Cavs in the Eastern Finals as they watched an LBJ-led team dance into the NBA Finals for a seventh straight season.

The last team to win the East without LeBron? The 2009/10 Celtics. That squad, which was led by Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, beat James’ Cavaliers in the King’s last game before moving to Miami before reaching the NBA Finals. Boston will again look to get by James in 2017/18 in the hopes of landing the Eastern Conference crown and this time, the Larry O’Brien Trophy as well.

The Cavs and Celtics play each other in the league’s first game of the 2017/18 season. There’s plenty of time to get your popcorn ready for the October 17 showdown and the upcoming season.

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65 thoughts on “Celtics, Cavs Complete Kyrie Irving Trade

    • DetroitDave84

      You don’t lose the deal when you get the best player in the deal. Cleveland did well long term so when Lebron bolts they will have assets to sell and top 5 picks in 2018 and 2019 with tons of cap space. Both teams win eventually

    • Ace121

      BK’s top 5 pick next year & Crowder… That’s what Boston gave up.

      Boston had no interest in signing IT4 to any deal (which is the right move).

      – Both teams pretty much win

    • imindless

      Huge win? Still won’t be in the finals and gave up long term pieces lmao.

      • mcase7187

        How can you say there is no way they have a better chance now then they did LJ is one man yes the best but he can’t score all the points Love is good but not Kyrie if anything it’s 60-40 now

  1. Tramore

    I don’t know if it’s possible, but I feel like it’s a bad trade for both of them.

  2. Philly Fan

    Celtics avoid the risk that comes with giving a max deal to IT and receives a young star who is locked in for two years on a good deal and is reportedly willing to resign. Cavs receive a 30 ppg scorer, a 3&D wing, and a top 10 draft pick along with the 2nd rounder. Both teams cone away with a win

    • socalbum

      TBD. IT a FA after the season expecting a max contract which I don’t believe he gets from Cavs. Have you watched Zizic play basketball — a “project” at best who might become a 3rd string center. That leaves Cavs with 2 more years of Crowder, the Nets pick which could be out of lottery, and a 2nd rd pick in 2020. Obviously I am a C’s fan, but I believe it clearly won this trade.

        • bostonBen

          I said the same thing, up until a few days ago. A friend walked me through it. Just look at the east and the west. The west is going to be a blood bath, so bad teams are going to be really bad. The east? Meh. Brooklyn improved in the off season and if their players gel, they could make a run at the 8th seed, or at least be out of the bottom. They have no reason to tank at the end because they do not have their own pick. The playoff chance is a massive stretch, but seeing them contend for in the 10th spot looking in is not out of the question.

          • bosox90

            It’s completely justifiable to think that Brooklyn can easily finish ahead of Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Sacramento, LA, and Phoenix. I think LA and Phoenix are better than Brooklyn, but again, East/West factor. I think ultimately the pick will end up in the 4-6 range.

  3. stug14

    I was really looking forward to them to getting a draft and stash I’ve never heard of, from a country I can’t pronounce, that’s 7’1″ 200 pounds but has a 14′ wingspan and reminds everyone of Rik Smits.

  4. Wally-the-green-monster

    Way to stick it to the Celts! Cleveland GM showed he’s a BOSS!

    The 2020 2nd rounder will put the Cavs over the top…


  5. x%sure

    I hope Thomas (if he stays) is so compelling that I am not distracted by thoughts of the the Denver and Utah trade possibilities. I want to think, if Haultman had made that better trade with Murray/Harris/Barton/Faried/Mudiay/Donovan/Hood/Rubio/Favors or the other Hernangomez they call Juancho, we would never have had IT!

    Then there is that “stay tuned”. As it happens, the ex-Celts are now the most tradeable players the Cavs have!

  6. socalbum

    2nd rd pick in 2020; pretty much what many of us guessed several days ago. Cavs did not deserve anything, C’s paid a minimal extortion fee.

    • mcase7187

      Most 2nd rounders don’t even last a yr or so if there lucky so it wasn’t anything really

  7. irhene

    I think the Cavs will find a way to come back for more!!! Hopefully they can add another 2nd round piece, why not.

  8. Huge win for Cavs?!? Ainge couldn’t even give away his stash of 2nd round picks the last couple of years and the G-League team is already maxed out, so the 2020 pick is not even worth a box of Kleenex to the Celts.

    • Us and the media…

      Every third story on this site is about this trade.

      We’re all licking it up, and so are you. Look, you commented too :)

  9. AGAVE

    Hayward, Tatum, Horford, Irving, and a team full of players.
    Gotta admit its a nice core to build with. And I’m NOT C’s fan.

      • socalbum

        take a look at the rebounding stats for Morris and Bayne. Yubasele and appears to be a strong rebounder.

  10. hopper15

    Not surprised but I just don’t expect Thomas hip is going to hold up into June when the Finals begin.

  11. mcase7187

    What a surprise no post from KnicksCavsFan considering he was calling everyone dumb because they would say all the C’s would give is a 2nd if the cavs were lucky

  12. qbass187

    2nd round draft picks are pretty useless so this was just a waste of everybody’s time.

    • ohiodevil

      Not when you can use it to trade for a veteran on a non playoff team THIS year. Cavs will use it for a trade asset, they won’t actually use this pick.

  13. socalbum

    Deal is done, but another “black-eye” for Gilbert and Altman’s integrity called into question amongst his NBA peers. What is the value of integrity? For Cavs FO it is a 2nd rd pick in 2020 — pathetic.

    • trollymctrollerson

      Right… so when IT needs hip surgery in a month you’ll be here to call out Ainge’s lack of integrity?

      • socalbum

        Documented on this site that C’s were up front sharing all medical information with Cavs, I am convinced that its FO planned all along to try and get more from C’s — only 1 team in this trade that has questionable integrity and it isn’t the C’s

        • x%sure

          @socalbum – “Missing the start” did not accurately describe the situation. People will need more verification when Ainge says something. The negative legacy, if there is any, is his, even though he is technically covered.
          Altman did not ask for the things that posters on websites said he should ask for… he asked for compensation consistent with an NBA-wide consensus. You’re too screwed into this world.

    • trollymctrollerson

      Yep, like I said, worst fans in all of sports. Petty, pathetic, loser mentality out of the Celtics base.

      • socalbum

        Cavs lack of integrity makes it a loser already, Nets making it to the playoffs is well deserved outcome for that pathetic organization.

      • mcase7187

        Every fan and every city says the same crap the fans in Boston are great the Media on the other hand s ck they are so bad probably one of the worst in sports also one mans opinion doesn’t speak for all Boston sports fans

  14. The second may look useless on the surface, but it’s going to end up being attached to a vet like Shump or Frye in another trade to get something else the Cavs want/need.

    I can’t imagine the IT possiblly out for the year story is true. There is no way the Cavs lose that much this year with LBJ able to walk away at season’s end. It’s a win this season year, they must be expecting him to play.

    • socalbum

      Perhaps with Frye and his expiring contract, but it is going to take more than a 2020 2nd rd pick for anyone to take Shump’s remaining contract.

  15. Z-A

    If that pick, BK, ends up as 1 or 2 overall, Boston lost this trade. Top 4 it’s still Cavs won landslide.

    Kyrie and IT4 both healthy it’s slight edge to Kyrie for his lethal closing mentality and size.

    Crowder is a solid role player. And Zizic and the 2nd are probably packaged with Shumpert.

    Does KI put the Celtics in the finals in the next 2 years? I still think 70-30 Cavs

    • socalbum

      fair argument, but IT a FA after this season and I don’t see Cavs paying him a max contract that he openly stated he expects. Top prospects for next year’s draft are all teenagers and Boston moving from rebuilding to contending. Zizic? Watched him play in Summer league and he is VERY much a project.

      • mcase7187

        Kyrie is a better ball handler and leader but everything else is a wash Crowder is the big lose in the deal imo he was the heart of this team last yr and he is not a bad player people in Cleveland will soon see it

  16. Great trade by Boston (even if IT is healthy all year). In one move, Ainge acquires a true star (and best player) who is only 25 and ready to ascend to top 10 overall, and does it at a position that might otherwise have the team’s Achilles heal going forward, sells high on both an unsignable (and perhaps injured) PG and a remote draft pick, and balances his roster. If IT is healthy, then it’s only a very good deal this year, but still great after that. LeBron or not LeBron, IT or no IT, after this coming season, this deal assures Boston as the presumptive favorite in the East for many years.

    Cleveland gets a good short term deal for this coming year if IT is fully healthy the second half of the year and heading into the playoffs, and Cleveland can make it a great short term deal if they convert the Nets pick into a win now asset. But even if the Nets pick is highly unlikely it will be a KI level player and even if Zizic and Crowder are good, you don’t trade great for good (when great is 25). Cavs were hamstrung, and were never going to win a KI deal. I think they could have done better (if IT isn’t a playoff factor), but its probably the best deal if he is. This coming season has to be the focus for the Cavs, and this (potentially) keeps them a contender.

  17. x%sure

    There were worse trades… Wiggins or Melo… it should be fun seeing IT & LBJ work it out if IT doesn’t get traded again.
    Instead of having one big trade asset, Cavs have several smaller trade-positive assets… maybe they get help at C.

    Personally I don’t think Crowder will have that much effect on Durant. There is a Christmas-day game vs GSW following the Dec.15 trade window and we will see but if I were GSW I would sit Durant for that game to make them wonder!
    All players marking Durant may as well have “fresh legs” stitched on to the back of their jersey :/

    Brooklyn will likely get on a roll late, with no incentive to lose and with a more guard-based version this year. Scoreboard-watching may lead to disappointment. Boston will win the trade because of the importance of playoff matchups… Cavs should still win though!

  18. libbo

    Does anyone else find it a little ironic that the first pick of the 2011 draft was basically traded for the last pick of that draft? LOVE the deal for the C’s, we’re getting a good lottery pick from our pals in La La land next year and Irving is a KEEPER at guard, Isiah (though I love watching him play) IS NOT getting the Celts to the promised land Now with Irving, Hayward and Smart (yes someone needs to play defense) and hopefully both Brown and Tatum become as good as I think they can be in 2 years, all we need is a shot at one of the big boys coming out in next year’s draft – who might be their if the Lakers pick turns out to be 3rd or 4th …

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