Cavs Pursuing DeAndre Jordan, Lou Williams

6:30pm: Stein added in a later tweet that the Cavs have similarly inquired about Lou Williams. David Aldridge of TNT confirmed Cleveland’s interest in the former Sixth Man of the Year but notes that talks with the Clips have stalled due to L.A.’s request for the Nets’ 2018 pick.

6:13pm: The Cavaliers are pursuing separate deals for both DeAndre Jordan and George Hill, Marc Stein of the New York Times tweets. While the latter was reported earlier today, the fact that the Cavs are now more aggressively seeking a Jordan deal comes as news.

About a month ago, the Cavs were said to be “sniffing around” the 29-year-old Jordan. Now, third in the Eastern Conference and losers of nine of their last 13 contests, the team could be more desperate to make a bold move ahead of the deadline.

Given that Jordan is owed $22.6MM this season and holds a player option for $24.1MM next season, the luxury-tax-bound Cavs would have to get creative with outgoing packages if they planned on somehow netting both Jordan and Hill.

One of the major assets that the Cavs could offer in exchange for the 2017 NBA All-Star is the famous 2018 Nets pick they acquired from the Celtics in the Kyrie Irving trade. The team, however, has been said to be reluctant to deal the first-rounder.

The suddenly red-hot Clippers won’t be looking to give Jordan away for peanuts at the deadline, but there’s reason to believe that the club could be motivated to make a move. In 41 games for L.A. this season, Jordan has posted 11.8 points and 14.9 rebounds per game.

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51 thoughts on “Cavs Pursuing DeAndre Jordan, Lou Williams

      • cba93

        Why please don’t? Enlighten me as too how competing for a championship is a bad move?

        • Connorsoxfan

          It would basically be throwing in all your chips on this one year. Everyone is aging. Lebron’s contract is up. Isiah’s contract is up. Jordan and Hill combine for about 45 million next year I think. Resign Lebron and Isiah and you’re already over the cap. Not even a whole starting five. They don’t have many of their own draft picks. This lottery pick is hugely important if they have to kickstart a rebuild.

          • Rewane

            I feel like making a championship team better is worth a few more years rebuilding.

          • cba93

            Connor I think you are smart enough to understand that lebron is he most important figure in all of sports. So as a gm do whatever you can to keep him around and compete. Last 5 lottery picks by cavs (kyrie, Wiggins, triston, waiters, and who cares…) none of them will ever sniff a finals.. point being. Go for it now and go down trying or remember the hot chick you got with once 3 years ago…

            • JT19

              Kyrie and Thompson will never sniff a finals appearance huh? Must’ve missed the past 3 Finals.

              • hiflew

                Kyrie, I agree matters. However you could have replaced Thompson with me on the roster and not affected whether the Cavs made the Finals.

                • Thomas Swanson

                  Or Khloe Kardashian. I sure wish they’d trade Tristan. Kyrie is the reason for the Cavs poor performance this year without a doubt.

          • Chun

            Go for what the warriors will demolish the olds (Cavs). As far as the hot chick she’s now dating KD

        • JT19

          The Cavs shouldn’t move that pick unless its for a superstar. DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams do not qualify as either. I understand that they have to make a move to try and appease LeBron, but considering how he has them hostage with his future uncertain, you can’t move that pick (unless its for a superstar) without some sort of guarantee that LeBron is sticking around. If he commits to staying, then sure, move the pick for a couple of guys who won’t help them beat the Warriors. If he doesn’t, then keep the pick. The team is screwed if LeBron leaves, and a championship is unlikely to affect his decision. The team is going to torpedo through rock bottom if they trade that Nets pick AND Lebron ends up leaving.

          • hiflew

            What are the odds that the #7 or #8 player in the draft (where the Nets pick likely ends up) even becomes a solid starter, let alone a superstar. It ain’t 100%, I know that. DeAndre Jordan helps this team 100% this season. Besides if LeBron leaves, it’s not like the Nets pick is going to stop them from hitting rock bottom.

            • JT19

              Does DJ 100% help the team this season? He’s a rim runner clogging up more space (so unless the Cavs can convince the Clippers to take TT back, they’ll have too many of those guys) and he can’t shoot free throws meaning he’s a liability late in games. He’s a shot blocker but he’s not really a great defender and not a guy that can easily switch onto a smaller guy like Steph Curry.

              If LeBron leaves, the Cavs need to rebuild. The Nets pick is their best chance to slightly speed up that rebuild and get a potentially promising young player. I agree that no matter what, if LeBron leaves the Cavs hit rock bottom, but DJ and Lou Williams are not moving the needle enough for the Cavs to seriously compete with the Warriors. Why give up a potential lottery pick for another Finals exit? They’d have to let DJ walk at the end of the year anyway (if they want to reduce their luxury tax) so they’d essentially be renting DJ for a lottery pick.

  1. Kenleyfornia74

    Only way the cliipers do it if the nets pick is in. They dont need the Cavs spare parts

  2. bennyg

    Guess the Cavs have to put all of their eggs in the basket now or risk not only not making the ECF but losing LBJ for nothing.
    It’s now or never Cavs

  3. the dude

    Thomas for Hill. Clears cap room for the kings. Thompson and Smith for Jordan with the Nets pick.

    • Thomas Swanson

      Sorry on Thomas for Hill. Can’t be done because of cap rules. Paul George is only player the Cavs should give the pick for per ESPN.

      • JT19

        Or Anthony Davis or DeMarcus Cousins, both of whom are also unavailable.

  4. sameichel

    Lebron will only stay if they keep the pick, current roster is way to old

    • hiflew

      Yeah because Lebron has made a habit of wanting to keep young stars like Kyrie and Wiggins instead of getting vets he wants to play with.

  5. mcase7187

    LBJ is really putting this franchise in a vise they don’t have a lot to trade they don’t know if he will stay after the yr that’s just kinda BS from him

    • cba93

      Lbj is putting the franchise in a vice? By making them think about contending for a championship this year opposed to battling the 8 seed for 5 years? Come on case you’re smarter than that

      • Thomas Swanson

        LBJ is doing what Kyrie, Durant, Hayward, etc. did. The fans boo when they come back to their venues. Durant said their’s no such thing as loyalty in the NBA.

  6. David Rutkowski

    Why go after Jordan, Howard could be had for less and is doing better if not equal to Jordan production!

    • acarneglia

      That’s what I’ve been saying! With Kemba on the block they could do Dwight and Kemba for Frye, Thomas, Shumpert, Nets Pick, Osman

      • Thomas Swanson

        The media says Kemba isn’t necessarily on the block. Don’t expect him to be traded. He fills the seats in Charlotte. Like Alvin Gentry of the Pelicans said for the Celtics to get Anthony Davis it’ll take the New England Patriots and the 2 private jets they just bought..

  7. padam

    Wish the Knicks would offer Kanter and Lee for bad contracts and the Nets pick. Cavs can get their defensive perimeter guard and center, Knicks get another pick to continue the rebuild.

    • the dude

      They’d just be taking back former Knicks players lol. Smith, shumpert, rose, Calderon lol

      • padam

        Whatever it takes. I’d think Thompson’s ridiculous contract and either Smith or Shumpert would be the return.

    • Thomas Swanson

      Kemba won’t get traded, he’s their best players. Hornets are just seeing what the offers are. Michael Jordan knows better than that.

      • TJECK109

        What in his time as an owner would lead you to believe he knows better? All the banners in the rafters?

        • Thomas Swanson

          He’s a billionare, and the best player in the history of the NBA.

          • hiflew

            Neither of those mean anything when it comes to roster construction. You might as well say he has a nice smile too, because that has just as much to do with team building.

            • Thomas Swanson

              Jordan is one of the most respected people in the NBA. He’s made mistakes and is learning. He knows his primary responsibility is filling the arena. He is not going to trade Kemba Walker. All the major media outlets say so. Being a billionaire and being the best player in the history of the NBA has everything to do with roster construction. He lived through it with his championships.

  8. Dark14ry

    Jerry West knows exactly what he’s doing. No way he takes Cavs CRAP for DJ.

    Its the NETS pick for DJ or Cavs can stay the 3rd seed and get bounced in the 1st or 2nd round.

    Clippers have no expectations this year so realistically, they get bounced in the 1st round with DJ or they miss the olayoffs and improve their draft position without him.

    Lou Will can be had especially if they get picks or someone young with potential.

    • JT19

      Lol if you think the Cavs get beat in the first round. The only threat in the East (currently) is the Celtics. The Raptors stars'(DeRozan and Lowry) games don’t translate well in the playoffs and they tend to squeeze by the lower seeds and get manhandled by the higher seeds. The Wizards could be good, but their bench is a mess and their effort is too inconsistent. The Cavs don’t need the 1 seed to make it to the Finals. They’ll be fine as long as LeBron’s back is up for the task.

  9. wright0525

    I agree. Go after Kemba and DH. They won’t cost you the nets pick. Additionally, Kemba is signed for next year, which with the Nets pick, gives LBJ a reason to stay.

    • Thomas Swanson

      It would take a lot more than what the Cavs have to get Kemba. The Cavs offerings are not attractive. Kemba is.

  10. Thronson5

    If I’m the Cavs and if I’m serious about actually competing with the not only the Warriors but team in the East like the Celtics and Raptors I’m making a move to get Jordan and Williams. If you gotta include the pick then include it because S that roster stands right now there is no way they can beat the Warriors and I think they’d have a hard time getting to the Finals again honestly. They need the defense Jordan brings and the offense Williams brings would be huge for them.

  11. Burgeezy

    Once I read the Kings were sitting their veterans I thought the Cavs should give them a call. Their contracts complicate things, but Hill and Carter seem useful. Not sure what to expect from Randolph but maybe he is an alternative target from Jordan?

    Just keep that Nets pick though!

    • Thomas Swanson

      Sacramento has been losers for a long time. Don’t need losers.

  12. Z-A

    DH + Kemba > DJ + Louis Williams. However they are only trading guys in Charlotte to dump salary. Thompson to the Suns, JR or Shumpert and Greg Monroe and a non Nets pick to the Hornets and Kemba and DH to the Cavs.

    • hiflew

      You think the Hornets will give up their two best players for a really low first rounder and two bad contracts? Keep dreaming.

  13. Grant

    Or that the Suns will swap an expiring contract like Monroe for multiple years of Thompson? Why is it everytime one of you proposes a trade idea involving the Suns they get shafted and absorb salary. No NBA team wants to look bad in a trade

    • Thomas Swanson

      They could have had Paul Milsap last summer and Kyrie. Bledsoe for Monroe was even swap salary wise. Phoenix owner is like the Florida Marlins, he doesn’t want to spend any money.

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