George Hill Trade Between Cavs, Kings Not Imminent

Despite multiple reports earlier this week suggesting that momentum was building toward a trade that would send George Hill to Cleveland, the Cavaliers and Kings are further apart than initially believed, writes Joe Vardon of According to Vardon, there are still “significant hurdles” to clear before a deal can be completed.

Reports on Tuesday indicated that the Cavs and Kings were making progress on a trade that would include Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye, and perhaps Derrick Rose and/or a second-round pick. However, one source tells Vardon that the two teams were speaking “conceptually” and weren’t on the verge of pulling the trigger. Another of Vardon’s sources said that the Cavs wanted to change the parameters of a potential deal.

As I noted on Tuesday, a deal involving Hill, Shumpert, Frye, and Rose would make sense for both clubs. Shumpert, Frye, and Rose have a combined cap hit of $19.23MM this season, which nearly matches Hill’s $20MM cap charge. Both Frye and Rose are on expiring contracts, which would appeal to the rebuilding Kings, who would subsequently be on the hook for Shumpert’s $11MM player option for 2018/19 instead of Hill’s fully guaranteed $19MM salary. The Cavs, meanwhile, would add a veteran guard who has had a down year but would be a good fit in their rotation if he can recapture his previous form.

The Cavs still have two weeks until the February 8 trade deadline, so there’s plenty of time to work out the specifics on a trade for Hill. If the two teams can’t reach an agreement and the Kings don’t find another taker for the veteran guard, a buyout isn’t out of the question, according to Vardon, who writes that Sacramento is ready to move on from Hill.

As they weigh the merits of a deal, the Cavs are also making changes to their lineup in the hopes of busting out of their current slump. Head coach Tyronn Lue said today that Tristan Thompson will replace Jae Crowder in the club’s starting lineup, per Dave McMenamin of ESPN (Twitter link).

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3 thoughts on “George Hill Trade Between Cavs, Kings Not Imminent

  1. bravesfan88

    During his early years, LeBron was able to carry teams by hisself with complimentary pieces, but he couldn’t ever get over the hump and win a championship, until he had at least two top 25 guys, Wade and Bosh, Irving and Love.

    Right now, LeBron is NOT that same player he once was back then, he is older. Honestly, it just looks like cannot sustain carrying a team on his back for a full season anymore..

    Not to mention, K-Love is not the top 25 guy he once was either. He’s had to make so many sacrifices, and alter his role with the Cavs so often, his game is all over the place.

    To be an elite player in the NBA, you HAVE TO make those around you better. Early on, and when coupled with other stars, it looked like LeBron was always able to do that…Now, that he is on his own again, I honestly don’t think he can do it by hisself anymore..At least not for suchoosing a long period of time, over a full NBA season..Idk if he’s coasting, but he looks uninterested, and seeing his smile, shaking hands with guys that just blew him put by 20 points isn’t what I would want from my team leader when going through such a brutal slump…

    Their “offense” looks absolutely stagnant and terrible. More often than not, it’s a bunch of isolation plays, with too much dribbling, and guys standing around stagnant, looking quite frankly bored. Until they get a kick in the rear, idk if there are any realistic personnel changes that can help this Cavs team snap their skid..

  2. bitterpadresfan

    A buyout seems more logical if the cavs aren’t kicking in a draft pick. The Kings wont want any of the players coming over.

  3. x%sure

    Turns out that Hill is having a terrible year defensively perhaps due to a toe injury from last year. The Cavs may be looking more closely, and Sacto like other teams may not be able to trade 2 more players for what they think they should get. Teams are not moving their draft picks.

    K.Love is going to like the lineup change, moving back to his preferred position. It may stabilize the team also.

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