Clippers Trade Blake Griffin To Pistons

11:46pm: The trade is now official, according to a press release issued by the Pistons.Blake Griffin vertical

“We are serious about winning, and this is a major move to improve our team,” Pistons owner Tom Gores said in a statement.Blake Griffin is one of the NBA’s elite players, and when you get an opportunity to add that kind of talent, you take it. … He is a great fit for our team and will bring a combination of toughness and athleticism that will elevate our team and excite our fans.”

5:20pm: The Clippers have agreed to trade star power forward Blake Griffin to the Pistons in a multi-player deal, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets. Detroit will ship forward Tobias Harris, shooting guard Avery Bradley, center Boban Marjanovic, a first-round pick and a second-round draft pick to the Clippers, Wojnarowski adds, citing league sources.

Forward Brice Johnson and center Willie Reed are also heading to Detroit, Wojnarowski adds in another tweet.

Detroit’s 2018 first-round pick is protected if it’s a top-four selection, according to Wojnarowski; It has the same protection for the next two drafts, then goes unprotected in 2021. The second-round pick in the trade will come in the 2019 draft (Twitter link).

The Pistons, long rumored to be active on the trade market, have been trying to shake up their team while nosediving down the Eastern Conference standings. They have lost eight in a row and now sit in the ninth spot in the East. Wojnarowski had reported just hours ago that Detroit was shopping Bradley and his expiring contract.

Griffin re-signed with the Clippers on a five-year max deal over the summer, so the Pistons are taking on an enormous salary commitment in order to pair him with current franchise player Andre Drummond. Griffin is making $29.5MM this season and he’ll be due another $141.6MM over the next four years, though the final year of the contract includes a player option.

The longtime Clipper will also receive a $860K trade bonus spread over the next four seasons, salary-cap expert Bobby Marks of ESPN tweets. The Griffin trade bonus is not voided because his current salary is slightly below the max, Marks adds.

The Clippers are in the playoff hunt at 25-24, so dealing Griffin certainly signals a change in the franchise’s long-term direction. It’s possible that this will be the first of multiple moves for the Clippers, since players like DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams have also been considered potential trade candidates.

Aside from Drummond, who is making approximately $23.8MM this season, Harris and Reggie Jackson are Detroit’s highest-paid players at $16MM this season. Bradley is making $8.8MM and Marjanovic is pulling in $7MM this season. Johnson is earning approximately $1.3MM and Reed has a $1MM contract this season.

Both teams are hard-capped and near the luxury-tax line, as Marks notes in a tweet, so it was crucial that each team sent and received about the same amount of money.

The Clippers will get cap relief in the long run as the contracts of Harris and Marjanovic expire after the 2018/19 season. Once this deal is finalized, Danilo Gallinari‘s contract will represent the only guaranteed money on L.A.’s cap beyond 2019.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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73 thoughts on “Clippers Trade Blake Griffin To Pistons

  1. Curtis Smith

    Clippers want cap space this summer.
    I expect Gallo and Jordan are also on the block

    • Chris

      I disagree. I’d say Clippers extend Jordan and maybe Lou Will. No way they can afford to completely start over with the hope that someone comes. They are still the Clippers

      • You’re right, but a DJ/Lou Will/hoping for a healthy Gallo led team isn’t enough to be a serious contender in the playoffs. They probably won’t blow it up because Ballmer will probably not sign off on it, but the team isn’t going anywhere with their core either.

      • DimitriInLA

        People will come because they’re REQUIRED to—provides they work out TRADES for Jordan and Williams, both highly desired players.

      • padam

        I’m still trying to get over the fact the clippers signed him to that deal.

  2. aarongill

    DJ and Lou would be traded too I’m guessing. Kevin O’Connor said the deal being discussed is Blake for Tobias, Bradley, Boban and a first round pick

    • cba93

      If the clippers get that much for Blake then good for them because I just don’t see him as much of an asset. Especially as a max guy

  3. hiflew

    Wow. Business just picked up. My guess for a fair return is Avery Bradley, Stanley Johnson, Luke Kennard, a 2018 first rounder and maybe a future 2nd rounder.

  4. Dionis

    Jerry West working the magic, great move for the Pistons though. This deal will likely make them watchable again.

  5. Thronson5

    Interesting. I thought for sure they’d trade Jordan but didn’t think they’d trade Blake. Are they going to go into rebuild mode or are they going to try to sign some max players next year and give it another try? Curious to see if this actually happens, been a lot of chatter and nothings come of lately.

    • This is a great trade for the Clippers. Griffin has taking them nowhere in the Last 5 Years. Even with Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan and various pieces the Clippers went nowhere…..and he’s always hurt!!! I love this for the Clippers.

      • MattyWil

        Absolutely agree, don’t like either team but Clips won this. Pistons trade 2 good players and more for a guy who fills the stat box but can’t stay healthy or win

  6. Thronson5

    Wow! And the Clippers got a center. Jordan next to go. This is crazy to me that the Clippers are making this move. Really trying to figure out what it all means for them. As a Basketball fan I’m shocked but as Lakers fan who have seen so many bandwagon Clippers fans come out of nowhere I’m happy to see CP3 gone and now Blake. Lol! Sorry guys but it’s the truth. I wonder how many Clippers fans will be around if they go years without being a good team again

    • Is it bandwagon fans or just closet Clippers fans lol? Either that or Los Angeles fans jumping ship from the Lakers to the Clippers. If we’re talking bandwagon fans in the NBA, you’re either talking what ever team LeBron is on or the Warriors (I know they had a large and loyal fan base before their dynasty, but I’d say a good 20-25% of their fans are bandwagon fans that hopped on once the Warriors started doing things).

    • Dodgethis

      Bandwagon fan has to be the most overused term on the rumors sites. Bandwagon would imply they won something. Literally every laker and Celtic fan fits the definition though.

      • Thronson5

        I’ve been a Lakers fan since I was born. I have pics wearing Lakers gear, Dodgers gear and 49ers gear every since I was a baby and all my family and friends are the same way their teams. No bandwagon crap. Clippers haven’t ever really had a strong fan base but they start winning when they got CP3 and all these “fans” come it of the wood work. My sister use to be a clippers girl and gave me free tickets to a game so I went and it was boring, the fans weren’t even that into it and the visiting teams fans were louder. Been to a ton of Lakers games and it’s electric in that place when they play even when they suck. If you ask me I’d say if all these people all of a sudden come out of nowhere just because hey are a playoff team that is definition of bandwagon. When they start losing again and are rebuilding they will be back to not having fans.

  7. Dionis

    I like it for the Pistons, they’ve been missing star power for a long-time. You have to figure Blake Griffin will be a much bigger star on the East, the pairing with Drummond in the front court will work wonders also since Blake can stretch the floor and make plays out of the post. Should make for a formidable front-court, I love the trade for Detroit.

  8. Hate to admit it. Good trade clippers you get 2 solid vets and a 1st for a injury prone
    max player!

    • TJECK109

      2 good players for a star when healthy? The pick has protection on it. Think this deal works for both teams.

      • moazetongue

        The protection is for only top four. Detroit is middle of the pack at worse. That’ll produce a first rounder for the clippers. The only way it’ll drop is if there is some catastrophe occur dying the blood moon and they lose every game for the rest of the season.

  9. stretch123

    This is a great deal for the Clippers. Also a great deal for the Pistons IF Blake stays healthy.

  10. Gary333

    Jerry West looking to next season when he signs Lebron since the Lakers have legit young talent and adding Lebron would screw them all up. Plus the Lakers are signing PG.

    • Wrong. The Clippers are not getting LeBron. As magic says, they’re still the Clippers LOL. Jerry West will build them through the draft like he did in Memphis and with the Warriors. That’s how you start building. Then a free agent here and there and you’re all set.

      • Gary333

        Just wait… they are clearing cap space, especially with Jordan on the trading block. So it’ll be Lebron and “friends” he wants to bring over, as they noted on the ESPN. So I’m not the only one that thinks Lebron is going to “still the Clippers”. Just wait and see…

    • hill


      I was under the impression Blake was the bridge to the future. More to the point I didn’t think Ballmer had the stomach for a tear-down, re-build which carries with it significant downside. Not only in terms of putting buts in seats at the Arena, but in dealing the best player in a trade. Tobias Harris is a volume scorer, Avery is an expiring, and The Pistons 1st round pick will be what, #20?

      Who does a #20 pick typically get you in the draft: Sam Dekker, Rashad Vaughn, Bobby Portis, John Collins, TJ Leaf sort of players? Yikes.

      • hatjuice

        Naw, Pistons suck man. Lost 8 in a row (about to be 9 or 10) and are currently sitting in the lottery with the 12- 13 pick. Griffin won’t make them any better, especially this year. As a Pistons fan, this deal blows. There’s no vets that can shoot on this team now. I mean we weren’t making the playoffs anyway, but SVG is trying to buy when he clearly needs to sell. 1st round exit at best with Blake just to have nothing to add to it next offseason. See ya Stan!

        • DVail1979

          I agree with you on the shooting aspect … my question … can Bullock step in for Bradley and knock down some outside shots?

      • Outside of Vaughn and Leaf (who its too early to tell), those are all solid rotation players…or at least should be. They’re not going to be stars but you need depth and that’s what they will be for. You can’t be picking outside the lottery and expecting superstar or bust.

    • joefriday14

      The man who blew his nose must have known this weird trade was about to blow through town.

  11. joefriday14

    This is the most bone blundering trade in the history of sports. The coach and gm are long gone and even the time is destined to reconsider moving back to Ft. Wayne. When a time does bad, go in debt and trade everyone

  12. Crazyman54

    Gives me the feels of the Billups for Iverson trade that killed the Pistons

    • How? Harris is a tweener who is a volume scorer. He’s exactly the type of guy that looks great in a video game but is inconsistent in real life. Bradley is solid, but not worth near-max money and is an expiring contract. Blake is a curious fit next to Drummond (although he fit next to Jordan) and the first round pick might come back to hurt the Pistons, but they got the best player in the deal.

  13. Bulls4life

    I m sure J. West knows what he is doing -clearly not a Doc Rivers type of move- but still a head scratcher for me. Not sure what you do with Drummond and Blake in the lineup.

    • Priggs89

      The same thing the Clippers did with Blake and DeAndre in the lineup – have an excellent front court…

  14. Good move for Clips, as they were going nowhere. If they can spin off Bradley, and trade DJ and LW, they’ll get a head start on rebuilding.

  15. Z-A

    Wow I did not know Boban had All Pro per 36 numbers. Give this guy 30 mins a game see what happens.

    Trade DJ to the Mavs lol. If his 2018 was a lock that he’d opt-in it would be worth it for a team looking to make a push next season. Like the Suns. Who also have a large expiring contract they can deal.

    DJ to the Celtics
    Horford to the Suns
    Chriss and Monroe to the Clippers

    • Yeah Boban has been solid in his limited minutes. That’s why he got the contract he did after his time with the Spurs. People saw his per 36 minutes numbers and fell in love but he hasn’t really gotten a chance.

      I don’t see the Suns having much interest in that trade though. Monroe is a free agent at the end of the year so he might be more valuable on the Suns right now (to open up that cap space) than to take on another big contract. And while Chriss has been uninspiring in his career thus far, moving him for an expensive veteran isn’t a great move for them (it makes more sense for them to move him for another change-of-scenery player or a couple of picks). Also, the Clippers return seems a little light even with DJ’s impending free agency.

    • DVail1979

      Marjanovic has slow feet and isn’t the best defender … this guy can score but he gets scored on a ton also …. He’s a true wildcard

  16. Tommy313

    Just a typical move of a no show owner thinking this guy under 500 knows what he’s doing. BG is basically a’mare stoudimire, as in the guy who does something stupid every playoff and screws his team. Injury prone and sells feathers but the sea shore. Harris was all we had. Meaning the only player that has set plays for. Svg has never had a true power forward. I just hope he can utilize players strengths instead of being hellbent on his overrated coaching tactics. Whatever welcome BG, I just hope Svg doesn’t screw your career up like he does to our past three rooks. (Also side note does anyone who know svg think that if we drafted booker instead of Johnson, would he really be the player he is today?) the answer is no Stan doesn’t make players better. Tom gores is a joke

    • Harris is overrated. He’s a tweener volume scorer. Blake, if healthy, can do everything Harris can while also creating for his teammates more effectively.

  17. all in ad

    This move gets SVG fired. They need to sell seats in their new arena. Brilliant move by clips. BG is over paid…always hurt…not a leader. Maybe we will get details of the fight with the locker room attendant. He can’t shoot…Jerry West moves him out. Remember….LBJ calls West: Godfather!

    • moazetongue

      Hope you don’t mean that last sentence to mean LBJ is going to be a clipper next season as if that’s a good thing? I’m a cavs fan and will be grateful for the championship and the many great memories. But eVERy great player comes to the end of their career and it’s never pretty. Babe Ruth tried to play through it and people booed him the last few years, Jim brown made movies, Kobe bricked so much he’d be a champion brick layer. And I have the most respect for those people giving we fans some absolutely great entertainment. But James has maybe another two good years left. There’s a reason why Kyrie had the most usage on the cavs team last year and why it was Kyrie that made the shot. James is slower. Yes there are some games that he just still amazes. In a short 7 game series may still be the best on the planet. But he’s slower my man. Some nights it’s even to the point of sad. And I mean I love what he’s done for NE Ohio. But cashing it all in for LBJ I don’t see as a good move.

    • Djones246890

      Completely agree. I think the trend of making coaches serve as the GM, and/or Executive VP of Operations needs to stop.

      It’s too much for these guys….the stress load is a ton, and job duties are enormously time-consuming.

      To be a GM, you have to be a business savvy numbers guy, as well.

      Not saying SVG isn’t, but this move reeks of inexperience, and it reminds me of a little kid just getting his shiny new toy just because he wants it….almost like an impulse buy.

      It’s just too much power for one inexperienced (in the front office) guy.

      I also think Thibodeau is a prime example. Granted, you got Jimmy Butler. Great player and all, but his contract will expire in a few short years, you’re not going to win a championship in that time, and you’re more-than-likely not going to be able to afford him.

      It’s just an impulse buy of a familiar and favorite player. It isn’t necessarily what was best for the franchise, long-term. I mean, he basically handed the Bulls an immediate rebuild made of Gold, in Lavine, Dunn, and I’ll also include Markkanen.

      • kylewait89

        Except now the Wolves are fourth in the West. And might actually contend. Yeah, today they aren’t a championship team but give it another year and why couldn’t they be? Giving up three players with little to no future in Minnesota for a guy who has made them better makes a lot of sense.

  18. CobiEven

    This is Jerry West at work. Blake gets injured often and is not a difference maker for a max contract. I did not see this coming but it is the right move. I am the opposite of a Clipper fan but I can’t wait to see the others moves West has left.

  19. Djones246890

    Moving from LA to Detroit — the most depressing place on Earth. Good luck, Blake. Hope you have some happy pills. Lol.

    • bobbleheadguru

      The Pistons have 3 Championships and a proud loyal fan base … The Clippers have neither.
      Who are you calking depressing?

  20. halos101

    No words can describe the mix of anger, frustration and disappointment that the clippers have yet again payed on me. Blake was an icon to clippers fans who wanted to stay. they made clipper pioneer shirts, played a jersey retirement scene and dump him 6 months later. Clippers never fail to disappoint me man. I’ll mis every second of watching Blake :(

  21. x%sure

    Cobieven, allinad, tommy313 has convinced me who won… beyond the fact that SVG had to “do something” about the losing streak, which is not confidence-inspiring.
    Willie Reed could be a surprise factor for Detroit. It’s his fourth team in 3 years, but his prorated numbers are consistantly Boban Marjanovic-like! (Outstanding)

    • moazetongue

      Sorry. Spell check. Right? lol

      Lots of diverse thinking on this thread tonight. I believe the clips did what they thought they need to do moving forward realizing they have to start over. Avery IMHO is elite when talking D on the perimeter. Was hoping my team would’ve got him. Although he’s not the alpha a team needs to win the ship. Harris and the Center have some upside. The picks won’t be that great, but when you gather a lot of picks sometimes you can turn those around to get one lotto pick it just pick smart like the warriors did with clay Thomas as an example.

      I also thought Detroit’s move was good in that their front court, if for anything more, should really rock in the east. Should at least be fun to watch if you understand the expectation.

    • kylewait89

      Honestly, that wouldn’t happen unless he extended. Jordan is a FA, Fox is a rookie on a rookie deal.

      And Jordan for Melo makes no sense as they then have Jordan and Adams. Two redundant pieces.

  22. padam

    That moment when Griffin asks his agent what happened to the no trade clause in his new contract…

  23. Phillies2017

    I don’t love this trade for the Clippers. Hopefully, they use the picks correctly because none of the players are really under extended control.

  24. GreenNasty

    Blake putting on his new Pistons jersey … oh no, he threw his back out! Another few months and he should be fully recovered to injure himself again.

    But hey, what is playing time when you get paid anyway? Pistons=suckers.

  25. x%sure

    The Clips will see what they have before going into a rebuild. Trading stars is just too difficult to plan for and there are 2 of them.
    It was a big boy trade; both teams have the playoffs in mind.

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