Latest On Michael Porter Jr.

As previously reported this weekend, the Knicks, who have long been noted to have significant interest in Michael Porter Jr. and hold the No. 9 overall selection in this month’s NBA Draft, will send “top-level” officials to Chicago this upcoming Friday for a workout with Porter.

Now, according to Ian Begley of ESPN, several teams with picks ahead of the Knicks (Suns, Kings, Hawks, Grizzlies, Mavericks, Magic, Bulls, and Cavaliers) have reached out to members of the Knicks’ organization to gauge the team’s interest in possibly trading up to draft Porter.

Per Begley, there is no indication that the Knicks have reached a consensus as to who they would pick at No. 9, but opposing teams are aware that certain members of the Knicks’ organization are big fans of Porter’s game.

In other Porter Jr. news, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer noted in his story that we reported on earlier today that the Clippers, who hold both the No. 12 and No. 13 picks in this month’s draft, are interested in possibly trading up for the chance to draft Porter or Luka Doncic.

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12 thoughts on “Latest On Michael Porter Jr.

  1. Z-A

    #10 + #26 to get up to #5, #6, #7, or #8 if he’s there. NBA trades typically are based on the depth of the draft class, this being a super deep draft it shouldn’t require too much to move up. If this was a 3 or 4 player draft, then it would cost an arm & a leg to move up.

        • Z-A

          lol exactly, what draft going INTO it was 9 deep before as you say. I’d say it’s more like 13 to 15 tho. A lot of contributors after that too.

  2. NBA draft trades are first and foremost based on whether the team moving up is getting a player in a higher tier, deep draft or not isn’t independently relevant. Teams have their own tiers, but they’re generally very similar. Going from #10 into the top 5-6 is rare and would generally cost more than a late 1st regardless of moving to a higher tier, and, in this draft, I think almost every team has a tier that likely ends around 5-7.

    • Z-A

      To move from #12 (Saric) to 10 (Payton), Orlando gave up a 2nd.

      Chicago gave up cash, a future 1st and 31st pick for #7 Loul Deng.

      Utah traded #6 #27 and a future 1st for #3. But that’s a top-3 pick, which isnt what we are discussing.

      Dallas traded #9 #19 for #6 (Dirk).

      Just some draft day trades without involving any players. The Sixers trade last year was just dumb and that GM may have traded on his father’s name for the last time.

      • Good work.

        On Utah, I would say getting a top 3 pick from #6 in that draft is pretty equivalent to a top 5-6 pick from #10 in this one.

        On Saric, that’s wrong. Philly also got back the contingent protected 2017 1st round pick it gave to Orlando in the Howard/Bynum deal. The 26th pick they hold in this draft is their own, BUT it would have gone to Orlando’s but for that 2 spot trade up. A lot to move up 2 spots, but the picks were remote.

        The Chicago-Phoenix swap wouldn’t happen today, as the $$ were primary in that deal. Phoenix was in bad shape financially. The Knicks bailed them out cap wise with the Marbury trade, but they were still trading things for cash or cap relief through the draft. Different rules on cash today, and a much higher value on picks, particularly high ones.

  3. Luckylefty2

    It’s so funny to me to see 4 big man get picked in the top 5, but during the finals none of those guys would even play more than 10 minutes. The way the NBA is going teams will regret passing up on porter.

  4. Definitely that would be a very good pick for NY, even having to trade up, they would have their franchise player the face of the team for years to come… just they would need to build a team around him to compete.

  5. The fact that the bigs didn’t play is simply because the 2 teams in the finals are wanting for 1. They do have a weakness at the 5. Do you think if Philly/Boston made it Embiid/Horford wouldn’t play? or NOLA/Minny made it AD/KAT wouldn’t play? It’s just that this 2 teams have got no decent 5, probably even any of those 4 in top 5 you mentioned would have played more in the finals than TT or Zaza, Javale… man they are absolutely garbage, can’t wait to see again a team with a star 5 in the finals.

  6. I don’t see the Knicks being able to sanely trade up for him unless Orl doesn’t want him, and Chi and Cle have no interest in trading up to get him. The Knicks aren’t in a position to outbid teams in front of them.

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