Rockets Extend Qualifying Offer To Clint Capela

The Rockets extended a qualifying offer to center Clint Capela, making him a restricted free agent, Keith Smith of RealGM tweets.

Capela’s qualifying offer is worth $4,749,591. The move was a mere formality, since Capela has emerged as their most important frontcourt component.

Capela averaged 13.9 PPG, 10.8 RPG and 1.9 BPG in his fourth season. He was a finalist for the league’s Most Improved Player award.

The Rockets might have an easier time than expected locking up Capela. There aren’t many teams who are both looking for a center and have enough cap room to put together a serious offer sheet. The Mavericks, who are in the market for a quality big man, have their sights set on DeAndre Jordan. The Suns were a possibility until they drafted Deandre Ayton.

The Rockets also gave two-way player Markel Brown a qualifying offer, making the 6’3” guard a restricted free agent as well.

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9 thoughts on “Rockets Extend Qualifying Offer To Clint Capela

  1. D-NBA

    I expect him to get a 4-5 year deal worth 100 million. I could see someone offering him 120 million, he can defend guards out to the 3 point line and will only get better over his 4-5 year contract.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Nah. He’s too limited offensively for that kind of cheese.

      Four years, $65mil is the ceiling

      • yoyo137

        Nope, there are months old reports now that the Suns were completely planning on giving him a full maximum deal. It’s now up the the Rockets to decide whether or not it’s worth it to go over tbe cap for the player that defines their team. Losing Capela would be the biggest blow to the Rockets and their pick n roll offense. Somebody is going to pay Clint Capela more than 4 year/$65m. that’s basically Timofey Mozgov’s contract.

        • Clark K

          Yes months old reports meaning before they drafted Ayton. You don’t take someone number one then sign a guy that plays the same position to a max deal.

          • yoyo137

            True but my main point was some team was already planning on giving him the max. Being that he’s a RFA, teams will be motivated to break up the Rockets roster and will likely offer him a lot of money to ensure the Rockets don’t match. I think anyone can agree Capela deserves and will get more than Timofey Mozgov money

            • Chris Tschirgi

              Mozgov got his money during that couple year gap where the cap went up and ridiculous contracts emerged like crabbe and the 6’9 center that got paid from WAS or TOR like $16mil. Cant keep using the mosgov example. However i do understand the idea that somebody is gonna give him rover the top money because there R several teams already coveting him. I thnk he should be honest with himself and his abilities as well as limitations. Does he really think he is going to average 15 ppg if hes not catching open lobs from one of the best passers in the nba? Can he really guard a guard or be a lockdown defender if he is asked to do so? Or was he drafted, developed, and used for his specific skillset and fit with the rest of the team? Someone said here he can guard guards—no he cant. He led the nba in scoring % cuz he gets assisted 5 or 6 dunks or bunnies a game. Other teams will sign him and try to force him into what they want him to be. I love capella but a lot of his success comes from playing with james harden, who likewise was important to harden being the mvp. Its a good pair that should stay together and I hope capella doesent rake houston over the coals so we can remain flexible. If he gets max allowed from ATL lets say….hmmm…i was gonna say he would flameout but that would actually be perfect for their new “undersized” rookie PG. No!!!!!!! ATL when u awake u will remember nothing here

      • Someone is definitely giving him more than $16m AAV per year. I think the league has smartened up about giving non-superstar big men these insane contracts, but Capela is worth it on the right team. His performance in the playoffs showed that he could be played against smaller lineups and be played in a switch-everything lineup too. He doesn’t really clog up the paint, doesn’t demand or complain about his touches, rebounds well on both ends, can protect the rim, can switch out on guards in a pinch, and is a good rim-runner. He’s near perfect type of big man that championship contenders need/want. His only significant drawback is his lack of 3pt shooting but that can be hid on offense with enough shooters and he more than makes up for with his other abilities.

  2. I like how people say centers are gone out of fashion, no more important & so on, then Capela that last year hardly was a top 10 center, more likely on the 10-15 range, so a good center, middle of the table, but we are talking he probably will get a 100MM 4/5 year contract, so for an average center to pay all that money, tells me that centers are still very much relevant, this is a league for giants, they rule man.

    • Chris Tschirgi

      Like what u said except for going all the way to 15 as a possible range for him. How many can u name better?should be a simple exercise for u instead of just throwing out an arbitrary number range to fit ur argument. But ur point is understood.

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