Lakers To Meet With Clint Capela

The Lakers will meet with Clint Capela today, David Aldridge of reports (Twitter link). Aldridge adds that the team is working on multiple scenarios in regard to its free agency planning.

The Rockets are also meeting with the big man today in Los Angeles. The center is widely expected to return to Houston, as the team has the ability to match an offer sheet he receives.

The five spot appears to be a position of priority for the Lakers, as they reached out to DeMarcus Cousins just hours after free agency began. While no date has been set, a formal meeting is expected to be held between the two parties.

President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson promised to bring top talent to the Lakers and he’s leaving no stone unturned in his quest to do so. However, the team has yet to reach an agreement with any of the top free agents. Los Angeles saw Paul George shun the franchise and though the Lakers are considered the favorites to land LeBron James, it’s no lock that he comes to town, as the Sixers are courting him and using the potential Kawhi Leonard pairing as a selling point.

Capela had his most efficient season to date during the 2017/18 campaign, making 65.2% of his attempts while sporting a player efficiency rating of 24.5. Only five players rank ahead of the 24-year-old in our 2018 Free Agency rankings.

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24 thoughts on “Lakers To Meet With Clint Capela

  1. theking24

    Much rather have Capela than Boogie coming off an Achilles injury but I highly doubt rockets let him leave

  2. formerlyz

    Losing Ariza makes it harder, but I’d still let him walk if I’m Houston

    • ldfanatic

      Good thing you’re not in charge then because he was just as important to that team as anyone last season.

      • formerlyz

        His skillset can be replaced. I wouldn’t pay him a big deal with so many bigs available. That being said, you have a lot of money taken up by Anderson, so there isnt much flexibility anyway right now, which makes it not as bad to pay him b/c it doesnt necessarily preclude them from doing other things…

        I also doubt how much money is out there for him in RFA, in this market. It really would make more sense to let him see what he can get, and either match a decent deal, or let him walk if someone poison pills him or maybe he takes the qualifying offer and you get him for another year before he tries again as an unrestricted free agent

  3. 1988wasalongtimeago

    Rudy Gay would be a good pick up for a steal. He had a bad season last season.

  4. Jason kapono

    If the west keeps moving toward a 50/50 split of a ‘big center’ / ‘no center’ then I guess this makes sense, but it’s difficult paying all that money knowing there are playoff series where he just can’t play because of the small ball lineups fielded by the opposition. Capela is good, but I think his game isn’t that unique and his skillset, while improving, isn’t worthy of what he will be paid.

    • For a natural 5, he’s more than capable of guarding smaller players. Obviously he’s not going to go out and lock down a guy like Curry every possession, but he’s not a defensive liability either. His ability to protect the rim (even when guarding smaller players) forces teams to try to shoot over him instead of just blowing by him. Tristan Thompson would be a perfect example. In a pinch TT is able to switch onto smaller defenders but because he’s not a signifcant threat to block shots, he’s still easily exposable. Guys like Capela and Gobert are athletic enough to cover the smaller players while skilled enough defensively to still be a threat at the rim.

      • Jason kapono

        your analysis isn’t wrong, I just don’t know if a true 5 is worth a max deal. I do disagree with the comparison between him and Gobert. Gobert is better. I know, I know, playoffs head to head, but come on Gobert is different he’s a legit difference maker defensively.

        Capela and JaVale McGee have easentially the same per 36 stats. In fact, in adavanced metrics, McGee on the floor holds opponents to a lower fg % and points per possesion. Gobert is the top player in both categories, by far.

        If 5 becomes a necessary position again, then Capela is above average, but I don’t think above average deserves 20+ in a league where above average wings are the most valuable asset.

      • Jason kapono

        Your assessment is valid, we just share a difference of opinion on the value of a pure center.

    • What makes capela good is that he makes Harden better.

      The double team comes on the drive and Harden flips the ball towards the rim and capela throws it down.

      Harden is so skilled at that play and capela has learned exactly when to roll and when to stay out of the way.

      An extremely effective tandem.

      • bennyg

        Ball will be able to do that… when he becomes more aggressive and drives to the basket. It’ll eventually happen!

      • CursedRangers

        Totally agree Gary. Harden and Capela are a well oiled machine. They are extremely in sync with one another

  5. dust44

    Capela fills the Lakers biggest need right now. He’s more valuable defensively and on the O-Boards then Boogie. If they get him and LeBron, they r a threat in the west.

    • Capela will not be the same on the Lakers. This is definitely a case of best fitin Houston with Harden.

      It’s like when people talk about Klay Thompson. He would be a lot less effective outside of Oakland.

        • No vision
          Not a playmaker
          No handles
          Not explosive going to hole
          Can’t take avg defender 1 on 1
          Doesn’t rebound

          Without Curry he wouldn’t be open as often and his % would drop drastically.

          Please know that I love Klay Thompson, I love him on the Warriors, he’s tough, plays great defense and is a perfect backcourt more partner for curry.

          He plays through pain, plays hurt, never complains, excellent locker room guy.

          I just think he’s perfect on the Warriors. I don’t think he would be as great on another team.

          • formerlyz

            Have you not watched Klay Thompson, specifically when they dont have Curry? He plays a role on this GS steam, and is awesome at it, but his skillset definitely translates. Obviously he and Curry make each other better, but that doesnt mean he couldn’t thrive elsewhere as at least a secondary option, and possibly a light 1st option. He has already showed he can do that in GS before they got KD.

  6. bennyg

    Capela vs Randle…
    Almost the same player. I’d rather keep Randle, I believe he’s about to have an explosive year and that’ll look bad if Lakers let him walk

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