Nuggets Trade Wilson Chandler To Sixers

JULY 6: The trade is now official, according to a press release from the Nuggets.

“We want to thank Wilson for seven years in Denver,” Nuggets president of basketball operations Tim Connelly said in a statement. “As good as a player as he is, he’s an even better person. He will be a great addition in Philly and we will certainly all be rooting for him.”

JULY 3: The Sixers and Nuggets have agreed to a deal that will send Wilson Chandler and draft considerations to Philadelphia, league sources tell ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link). Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link) first reported that the two teams were close to a deal involving Chandler.

It’s a swap that makes sense for both teams. The Sixers have cap room available to absorb Chandler’s $12.8MM salary for 2018/19, and the deal will net them a solid veteran forward who had a down year in 2017/18 but has averaged 13.3 PPG and 5.6 RPG with a .441/.351/.753 shooting line during his last five seasons in Denver.

Chandler is on an expiring contract, so he won’t impact the 76ers’ cap flexibility for 2019. Meanwhile, the team will also receive draft considerations in the deal. According to Jake Fischer of (Twitter link), Philadelphia will acquire the Nuggets’ 2021 second-round selection, as well as the ability to swap second-rounders with Denver in 2022.

As for the Nuggets, the only incoming asset they’ll receive from the Sixers in the trade itself is cash, per Fischer. However, shedding Chandler’s salary and using only a second-round pick to do it represents a big financial win for team ownership — with new deals for Nikola Jokic and Will Barton set to hit the books, Denver’s team salary was projected to be way over the tax line.

By moving Chandler, the Nuggets’ projected tax bill will drop by approximately $37MM, and the team will also avoid paying Chandler’s $12.8MM salary, creating nearly $50MM in total savings, tweets ESPN’s Bobby Marks. The Nuggets still could end up over the tax threshold, but has a much easier path to get below it now, if they so choose. Kenneth Faried ($13.76MM) and Darrell Arthur ($7.46MM) are still candidates to be traded or stretched.

The Nuggets will also create a trade exception worth Chandler’s salary ($12,800,562) in the deal. They’ll have a year to use it.

Although the move will eat up most of the Sixers’ remaining cap room and likely take them out of the market for major free agents, the team still has plenty of trade options. As Marks notes, Chandler could even theoretically be included in a trade package right away, since CBA rules don’t restrict a team immediately flipping a player if he was acquired using cap space. However, the 76ers like Chandler’s two-way ability and are planning to hang onto him, tweets TNT’s David Aldridge.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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36 thoughts on “Nuggets Trade Wilson Chandler To Sixers

  1. Coach Him

    Another move to spin your tires in the mud. The NBA shouldn’t even have a 2nd round of the draft. Other than the Spurs all these 2nd rounders just fill up roster space and keep the bench warm.

    regular season means nothing and Sixers won’t compete for a title any time soon. Simon’s will move on to LA and Embid wont be around forever with the pounding that guy takes.

    • joemoes

      How is this star chasing? They weren’t signing anyone else they can still get Kawvi. If you have cap room might as well use it

      • justinept

        He’s making fun of Browns comments about being in the business of star chasing while acquiring non-stars like Chandler.

        What he’s ignoring is that because the 76ers are using their current cap space to acquire role players on one year deals, they can easily create enough cap space next year to acquire both Butler and Irving – two guys who are reportedly intent on signing with the same team in a year.

        So this move is perfectly consistent with what Brown said…

    • DannyQ3913

      What was the other option? Trade 3 picks and 2 players for a guy who may sign? Smoke some more weed…

    • Interesting; Or the spurs take Wilson’s expiring to get off money next year, while accepting young, cost controlled pieces like Fultz, Saric, etc

  2. Coach Him

    jamesW you named guys that won what??? Nothing.

    The NBA blows.
    what ever happened to guys wanting to beat the best.
    Bird vs Magic
    Dr. J vs bird and magic
    Isaiah Thomas vs Jordan
    Barkley vs Jordan
    Kobe vs Wade

    Leagues so watered down and only 4 teams tops with a real shot.

    • Its funny that you complain about the league being watered down when you listed Jordan, Bird, and Magic since their teams basically dominated their conferences at those players’ peak. From the 1979-80 to the 1988-89 seasons (aka the Bird/Magic years), at least one of the Celtics or Lakers appeared in the Finals (including appearing against each other three times). In those 10 years, a Lakers or Celtics team won the Finals 8 times. Definitely seems balanced though.

      The Bulls won the Finals 6 times in 8 seasons during the Jordan era. The only two times they didn’t was the two seasons between their three peats when Jordan went to play baseball and then made a mid season comeback to the NBA (and I believe that a full season Jordan-led Bulls would have made at least one of those two missed Finals years, if not both). Sure those Bulls played 5 different teams in the Finals, but the Bulls still easily won all 6 series. A playoff domination that would be similar to what the Warriors basically did to the Cavs three out of the last four years.

  3. Philly Fan

    Draymond and Ginobili are both second round picks who were integral parts in helping their teams win multiple titles. Your idea is stupid

  4. formerlyz

    Not sure I like this for Denver. He is more of a 4 now, but he is also their best defender at the 3 as of now. I guess they couldn’t move Faried or Arthur’s money

    More versatility for Philly, although I’m not sure where he plays for them, unless they’re really sticking with Simmons at the 1, instead of where he should be at the 4. I guess that makes sense. It does create interesting mismatches. Simmons, Reddick, Covington, Chandler, Embiid?

      • formerlyz

        I’d assume Saric would provide scoring off the bench, while they start the Korean defensive lineup

    • Simmons is the 1 (and not the 4) because Saric is really limited to just playing the 4 (or a small ball 5, which is moot since they have Embiid). Also, throwing out the lineup of Embiid, Saric, Simmons, and Covington basically allowed them to switch everything. Saric was surprisingly not as big of a liability on defense as I think some people might have thought so they were able to get away with that. Adding in Chandler to that lineup basically allows the 76ers to switch everything.

  5. I give no fox

    chandler will be coming off the bench. he will back up RoCo and possibly see time at the 4 in smaller lineups if i had to guess. Saric is locked in starter at the 4

  6. bobo678

    not a bad deal for the sixers…..still need to sign a backup center…I like o”quinn, id also be ok with amir Johnson back

  7. Detlef kempf

    Chandler is a good player, he can do a little of everything and he is a good ball mover which is what the sixers want. He is a solid defender and 3pt shooter and to get him without giving up a player is great. Simmons reddick Covington/chandler, Saric embiid that’s a big solid lineup. Chandler, fultz/McConnell and the rookie off the bench thats a solid 8 man rotation for the playoffs

  8. Good move Philly! Adds depth as a replacement for RoCo & Dario. Only thing I am a bit disappointed they couldn’t get a 1st rounder for him instead of 2 2nd, though it would be late firsts as Denver projects to be in the playoffs for years to come.

  9. Z-A

    Nice depth move if they keep him. Do not think it’s worth trading for Butler or Leonard if they don’t trade for a player on a multi year contract to entice them to stay.

    When the trailblazers suck this year, and Fultz is only so so… deal for Damian Lillard. Include more draft pick compensation to not take back salary. RoCo, Chandler, Bayless to match money + 2019 Kings or Sixers, 2021 Miami, 2023 Sixers 1st.

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