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With training camps around the corner, the NBA rumor mill has sprung back into action today, as word broke that four-time All-Star Jimmy Butler is seeking a trade out of Minnesota. Butler even has a few specific destinations in mind, having reportedly told the Timberwolves that he’d have interest in being dealt to the Nets, Knicks, or Clippers.

In his full report on the Butler situation, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski provides several more tidbits on the All-NBA wing, so let’s dive in and round up the highlights…

  • Butler’s list of preferred landing spots could expand based upon the willingness of the Timberwolves and rival teams to negotiate a deal, league sources tell Wojnarowski.
  • For now, Tom Thibodeau and the Timberwolves have little interest in dealing Butler, preferring to keep him and attempt to make a deeper playoff run in 2018/19, says Wojnarowski. Thibodeau’s “tenuous” status with team owner Glen Taylor may play a part in that stance, according to Woj, who notes that it would be tough for Minnesota not to take a step backward in the short term by trading Butler.
  • Butler is into the idea of playing a central role for a big-market club, per Wojnarowski. The Lakers are a less appealing option now that LeBron James is on the roster, since Butler would be playing second fiddle there.
  • The Clippers, Nets, and Knicks have varying levels of interest in Butler, each “prioritizing him in different ways,” writes Wojnarowski. All three teams will have substantial cap room next summer, so acquiring Butler (who will have a $30MM+ cap hold) could hinder their ability to pursue other stars.
  • According to Wojnarowski, the Heat are another team with interest in Butler. Going after him in free agency likely won’t be an option for Miami, since the club doesn’t project to have cap space in 2019.
  • While initial reports suggested that there were teams with whom Butler would be willing to sign an extension, Wojnarowski clarifies that the former Bull wants to be sent to a team that would plan on re-signing him to a five-year max contract as a free agent in 2019. Such a deal is currently projected to be worth nearly $190MM — it remains to be seen if any team would make such a huge investment in a player who will be 30 years old when he reaches free agency.
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22 thoughts on “Latest On Jimmy Butler

  1. nentwigs

    How in the world can Glen Taylor be such an astute and successful businessman when he consistently hires losers to be the GM’s and Head Coaches of the Timberwolves? This team has been snake bit ever since it came into existence. Whatever moves they make as far as drafting, trading or signing players, you can be assured that it is WRONG. About now the trio of Levine, Dunn and Pick #7 look a lot better than Butler and Patton. Go ahead Glen, Fire everybody again but this time around, junk the jinxed “Timberwolves” name and start over with something else that references both Minnesota and you. “Loons” comes to mind.

  2. Tough to see them trading him. Although they will lose him in the offseason and probably won’t be any better this year than last. Tough to see them getting a good enough return for him

    • dimitrios in la

      Exactly. A disgruntled non-team player in a place that has a whole host of challenges already (roster, ny media). Keep him away!!

  3. imindless

    I find it funny that he doesnt want to go to the lakers because they are “lebrons team” a report came out last week that he would be interested in going there because of lebron lol. Lets just wait and see before we talk about this non sense most thought lebron wouldnt go to the lakers and guess what?!

  4. Freddie Morales

    I would love to see him on the Nets as long as a deal doesn’t involve Levert or Allen. A deal involving Crabbe, Dinwiddie, and Denver’s 1st could be enough imo

  5. Z-A

    Please send me to a lesser team so I can be the man. Does he remember what Chicago was like? If you want to be on a playoff team you need to have good players on your team. The one man team is just LeBron. No other 1 man show is in the playoffs.

  6. paladin

    While Jimmy is a very good/great player (depending) he is not a guy you move heaven & earth for. He thinks it is automatic some team will go all in for him on a 5 yr max. Jimmy might be ”Looking for Cash in all the wrong places” If Thibs is going to get fired he may as well do it with Jimmy so that he might make playoff and go down swinging. So I dont think a team will offer a very good package for Jimmy ”Almost Super Star” Butler to entice Thibs to make a deal.

  7. wright0525

    He’s a good player, but not a number 1 option. It makes me laugh that he won’t consider the Lakers, because of LBJ! None of the teams will be any good in the next 5 years.

  8. The NBA has a new trend. Kyrie doesn’t want to play with LeBron, so he forces his way out of Cleveland. Kawhi forces his way out of San Antonio. Jimmy says I don’t want to play with Karl or Andrew any more, I want to go where Kyrie or Kawhi goes. Paul George says he wants to go to the Lakers, but gets sent to OKC. Then he tells the Lakers forget it, I want to play with Russ. CP3 says I want to play with Harden. So the Clippers decide to blow it up. Kind of looks like the All Pro guys get their pick.

  9. LivingUnderDaBridge

    Lol he doesn’t have a no trade clause or anything. What does minny owe Jimmy. Send him wherever the heck you want.

    Would be funny if both him and Lenard end up on Toronto. Try to force their respective teams to send them to x or y when they have no pull.

    Good lark and would be super fun Toronto team to watch.

    • Rewane

      But if Wolves send him to some places he doesn’t want to be, Wolves would not get as much assets because the other team knows Butler only has a small chance to resign if it is not his preferred landing spot.
      Just trade him to whatever team offers the most assets, albeit it will likely be one of the 3.

  10. SilvioDante

    Aww, Jimmy’s all about championships … clearly Brooklyn, Clippers and Knicks are just a Jimmy Butler away from capturing the Larry O’Brien trophy!! LMAO What a diva!

  11. hiflew

    Gee, he wants to go to big markets New York or Los Angeles. What a shock. I am absolutely floored that he doesn’t want to go to Memphis, New Orleans, or Portland.

  12. abcrazy4dodgers

    Yes, the “second fiddle” term was associated with the Lakers, who aren’t in most discussions as title winners this season… BUT…. being more concerned with being the aforementioned “second fiddle” versus *pursuing* a championship in whatever role that is, is mind numbing. Of course, his “thoughts” were relayed by linked author, so there’s that.

  13. It’s only me or seems that all the lesser stars are always very concerned about been “the man” in a team, like Kyrie, Butler, Kawhi… while the real stars like LBJ, CP3… they don’t mind, they know who they are & what they want, which is usually winning. Wanting to be the number 1 shows lack of confidence & the need for pampering.

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