Knicks Sign, Waive Phillip Carr

OCTOBER 3: Having secured his G League rights for Westchester, the Knicks have now waived Carr, the team announced today (via Twitter).

OCTOBER 2: The Knicks have signed Phillip Carr, according to the team’s Twitter feed. Ian Begley of reports (Twitter link) that the contract is likely an Exhibit 10 deal.

Contracts with the Exhibit 10 clause are worth the league’s minimum salary and don’t come with any compensation protection. They can include a bonus in the $5K to $50K range for players should the team waive them and they sign with the team’s G League affiliate and remain there for 60 days.

Carr is likely to spend most of his 2018/19 season with the Westchester Knicks. The forward played for Morgan State over the past three seasons, scoring 13.4 points per game. He was not selected in the 2018 draft.

Having signed Carr, the Knicks once again have a full 20-man roster. That means that reported agreements with John Jenkins and Jeff Coby remain on hold for now.

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17 thoughts on “Knicks Sign, Waive Phillip Carr

    • Luke Adams

      In this case (and most others), it’s just to ensure that they’ll have his G League rights for the coming season — a team can name up to four “affiliate players” from among its preseason cuts for its G League team.

    • Grant

      Teams do this in the preseason while there are 20 roster slots available to get an up close look at prospects they have their eyes on and claim their G League rights. Each team can designate I believe up to 3 or 4 players they cut for their GLeague team

  1. Bob Knob

    Thank you Luke, for your explanation !
    Just to get a ‘visual’ on NBA teams …they have the following groupings and number of players ?

    A – NBA Squad …12 on team
    1 on reserve
    B – G-League ……… _________ ?
    C – “Affiliate Players” ….4 on list

    Are there categories or players I’m missing ?

    • Luke Adams

      Generally it’s…

      Standard roster: 15 (at least 2 inactive per game)
      Two-way contracts (G League players who can spend up to 45 days in NBA): 2
      G-League affiliate players (NBA preseason cuts; the NBA team retains their G League rights, but NOT their NBA rights, so they can be signed by any NBA team): 4

      The rest of the G League roster is made up of players whose rights the team acquired by other means (ie. G League draft, claimed off G League waivers, etc.).

      • jump shot

        Obviously, players under contract with their NBA team that are “sent down” to get some run with the G-League affiliate aren’t available to be signed by any other NBA team, but are players on Two-way contracts allowed to be signed by another NBA team while playing in the G-League? I would think not, but…

        • Luke Adams

          You’re right, they aren’t. That’s one reason some players/agents don’t love two-way contracts — they pay better than a basic G League contract, but don’t offer much flexibility.

          • jump shot

            Wow. Somebody “down-voted” my above comment/question about the 2-way contract and availability. I hope their day gets better Lol!

            • x%sure

              Not me, but I think you either said the same thing twice, or implied that “affiliate” players cannot sign elsewhere when they can.

              Luke listed 2 ways to get sent down; there could be a third I suppose, just a regular later-alligator. But they are available to sign elsewhere also. Only the 2way contractees are not. Unless they were exhibit10ed, which is not necessarily public info. Wow.

              I’m seeing 5 different G-league statuses as they relate to the NBA, and two NBA-only statuses.

              Two-way, affiliate, affiliate w/exhibit10, FA, FA w/exhibit10, NBA active, NBA inactive. Wows

              • jump shot

                Respectfully, I didn’t mention anything twice and certainly didn’t imply “affiliated” players can’t be signed anywhere else.
                I had said players (NBA roster players) sent down to get some run cant be signed by any other team but I was looking for confirmation whether (or not) 2-way players could be signed by any other NBA team. I was thinking they couldnt and Luke Adams confirmed that (above), as well.

                • x%sure

                  Okay… so another G-league status category: the sent-down.
                  Unless that counts as NBA inactive. Maybe both. TMI

        • Bob Knob

          ….just smile …
          I got a downvoted because I asked the original question…
          …and you guys were simply trying to explain to me the actual number of players on each team and where they were categorized ….

  2. Bob Knob

    Excellent !
    …so the math looks like 23 under each team in various degrees …
    Thank you !
    Betcha quite a few of ‘big-time’ hoop fans never knew this (and were afraid to ask) !!!

    • Luke Adams

      The G League affiliate players and other guys on the G League team aren’t really considered to be under control of the NBA team, because they can be signed by any other NBA team at any time.

      NBA teams generally control 17 players (15 standard, 2 two-way) + any players that the team has drafted and not signed over the years.

    • x%sure

      Way to go mr ostrich! Yes, I haven’t seen that spelled out before, not that I have searched HR-desktop-sidepanel for it.

      Players probably like the “affiliate” status even though there may not be any finiancial gain from it.
      It’s probably good for G-league fans too, to keep the names sorted. I wonder if these categories stabilize rosters year to year, or if that’s even an objective?

      • Luke Adams

        There actually often is a financial gain for affiliate players — a lot of them signed Exhibit 10 contracts, which ensure they’ll get a bonus (usually $50K) if they stick with their NBA team’s G League affiliate for at least two months. Since the base G League salary is only $35K, that bonus is a pretty big deal.

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