Draymond Green Addresses Durant Confrontation

Speaking today to reporters after the Warriors‘ shootaround, Draymond Green issued his first public comments about the on-court and postgame confrontation between him and Kevin Durant – and other teammates – that took place on Monday.

Green, who didn’t take questions after making a statement, said that he has spoken to Durant and that they’re moving forward, and while he accepted responsibility for the altercation, he didn’t exactly apologize for it (video link via Anthony Slater of The Athletic).

“I think there’s no secret that I’m an emotional player,” Green said. “I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I play with that same emotion. Sometimes it gets the best me and doesn’t work in my favor. I’m going to live with that. Because it works to my favor, in the good, as my résumé speaks and my team’s résumé speaks, more so than it doesn’t. I’m never going to change who I am.”

Dismissing the idea that the incident was the beginning of the end of the Warriors’ dynasty, Green told reporters that the club isn’t going to “crumble” — it’s still on the rest of the league’s 29 teams to knock off the Dubs, since they won’t beat themselves and this week will only make the team stronger, Green said. However, he also acknowledged that he wouldn’t stand in the way if Durant or Klay Thompson or anyone else decides to leave Golden State when they’re eligible for free agency.

“At the end of the day, as I’ve said before, whatever Kevin decides to do, whatever Klay decides to do, whatever (anyone) decides to do, we had great years together,” Green said. “I support everybody wholeheartedly, 100%, because as a man, as a human being, you’ve got the right to do what you want to do with your life. I’d never question that.”

Here’s more on the Warriors’ drama-filled week:

  • Head coach Steve Kerr also spoke to reporters today at shootaround, suggesting that he’s “extremely confident” in his team’s ability to work through the Green/Durant drama (video link via Mark Medina of The Bay Area News Group).
  • A source tells Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated that – with the help of the players’ union – Green plans to appeal the Warriors’ decision to fine him a $120K game check. We learned on Wednesday that Green was surprised by the suspension and fine, a point reiterated by Spears.
  • In a pair of articles published before Green spoke to reporters today, Chris Mannix of SI.com wrote that the incident won’t impede the Warriors’ quest for a third straight championship, while Tim Kawakami of The Athletic took a deep dive to explain some of the nuances involved in the relationships between various Warriors players, as well as between the team and those players.
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15 thoughts on “Draymond Green Addresses Durant Confrontation

  1. dionls

    KD is the winner here. He literally hijacked a dynasty and when he leaves and takes the titles with him, history will see the Durant Dynasty years, and not gsw.
    Rmeber, gsw, needed KD to beat lebron. And if KD joins lebron, history will look kindly on his results IF they are championships

    • dionls

      The warriors will instantly be the team that hasn’t won in NOTHING in 5.5 years (without KD)

    • cba93

      Warriors won 1 ring against 4 teams without they’re starting point guards. Then crumbled and lost. Then added the 2nd best player in the world and act hard. Pretty funny to watch grown men act like 14 year olds on the play ground

  2. I can’t believe he would appeal the fine.
    He acted unprofessionally, verbally abused a teammate and has more money than he’ll ever need.

    He’s the kind of guy who counts his pay in front of the boss he’s worked for for ten years. No class.

    SURELY he can see that it’s an accumulative fine. In other words, the organisation has turned the cheek countless times; enough is enough.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Based on the contract the union has with the league, the suspension may not be allowed. Appealing it costs nothing, and could put $120k in the guy’s pocket. He would be stupid not to do it.

    • Reflect

      That’s not really what happened. He made a dumb basketball play and half his team abused him for it. He had every right to defend himself. This is clearly a political move about favoring Durant.

  3. natsfan3437

    He’s right he won’t question it, he’ll just scream about it for everyone to hear.

  4. So he didn’t apologize about anything, and only complimented himself on his strong personality bringing the “Dubs” championships. Holy narcissism…

  5. x%sure

    link to twitter.com

    “three days later, Kevin Durant remains in a very sullen, quiet mood”

    The full transcript of the statement is here too. Luke paraphrased “he wouldn’t stand in the way if KD or KT leaves GSW”. It was in part–

    “I’ve read a lot about. . . did I ruin it? Did I force Kevin to leave?. . . whatever [any teammate] decides to do, we had great years together. I support everyone wholeheartedly. . . ”

    Between KD, KT, DG, and Cousins, Green is the last in line to re-sign. He couldn’t object too much if one of them leaves instead. (Iguadala 34 & Livingston 33 also have 2 yrs left but likely will not draw much capspace. Green will be 30 in 2020)

  6. woodstock005

    See what happens if green uses those language against cousin???

    WW 111

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