Lakers Sign Tyson Chandler

The Lakers have signed Tyson Chandler, GM Rob Pelinka announced today (via the team’s website). Chandler was waived by the Suns over the weekend and cleared waivers earlier this evening.

“Having observed our roster for the first 10 games of this young season, one of the areas that [president of basketball operations Magic Johnson] and I discussed with [head coach] Luke [Walton] that we desired to upgrade is interior defense and rebounding,” said Pelinka.

“In Tyson Chandler, we addressed that need, and so much more. We are excited that Tyson will bring championship-level experience to our Lakers team that will solidify our veteran leadership and help positively shape our young core. We are thrilled for Tyson to join us as we progress towards our ultimate goals as a team.”

The deal will be a one-year pact for the veteran’s minimum, per Marc Stein of the New York Times. He’ll receive approximately $2.11MM this season, which is the same amount that he gave up in his buyout agreement with the Suns. The Lakers’ cap hit for the deal will be about $1.33MM.

The news of Chandler coming to the Lakers broke on Sunday and LeBron James told local media members that he was thrilled with the reports. “We love the fact that we’re going to get another veteran. A guy who plays hard, who is very smart and another champion,” James said. Chandler previously played with James on the 2012 Gold Medal Olympic team.

The 4-time MVP added that Chandler “adds depth” to an area the team has “struggled” with at times this season. Los Angeles signed JaVale McGee during the offseason and he’s played well. However, the team lacks a reliable big behind the former Warrior.

Chandler is expected to make his debut for the Lakers on Wednesday against the Timberwolves, Jordan Schultz of reports (Twitter link).

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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22 thoughts on “Lakers Sign Tyson Chandler

  1. rbell1951

    Personally I think that this is a fantastic signing, now when JaValle goes out for rest our defense won’t suffer like in the pass. I know that Tyson isn’t a youngster he still has something left in the tank. He’s a champion and has a great locker room presence.
    Go Lakers
    Lakers Fan For Life!!!

      • rbell1951

        Considering what we have already at backing up McGhee Tyson is a improvement that’s are that I’m saying!!

    • Yeah I honestly don’t expect him to play much. If he is on the court a lot the Lakers are in trouble

      • rbell1951

        Right he’s a backup and better than Zubac at this point and the jury is still out on Wagner.

    • azentropy

      What makes you think he has something left in the tank? He certainly hasn’t shown it the last 2+ years with the Suns.

      • imindless

        When he plays behind booker its gonna be a long night. Booker is a bum who only plays one side of the court. Cant fault chandler when suns are a bad franchise, many thought mcgee would stink and hes having a great year.

        • Luckylefty2

          What does playing with devin booker have to do with him not playing defense ??

      • What’s your point other than Booker the suns hasn’t shown anything in the last 2 years!

      • rbell1951

        Nothing more than a feeling that I have, I’m just trying to be positive. I don’t expect Tyson Chandler to perform miracles at this point in his career. But he definitely won’t hurt our team considering what we have at back up center he will be an improvement.

  2. 1988wasalongtimeago

    This is a great pick up for the Lake Show. He’s a local guy too.

  3. rbell1951

    This is fantastic news and a great pick up, now when JaValle is resting on the bench Tyson can come in and defend. Now I know that Tyson isn’t a youngster anymore but I believe that he still has something left in the tank. He’s also a champion and has a great locker room presence.
    Go Lakers
    Lakers Fan For Life!!!

  4. east333

    I think having leaving LeBron more space to play on defense and offense now that there are two true centers playing the 5 this team will improve but only slightly. LeBron always needs a fellow scorer really too bad DeRozan didn’t get traded to LA. Kuzma and Ingram are getting better but Bron ain’t getting any younger either.

    • ChiSoxCity

      I feel sorry for the young guys on the Lakers roster. They’re development stopped the moment LeBron was signed. They’ll be relegated to the bench in favor of washed up veterans. Happens everywhere he goes. If Magic doesn’t get two more All-Star players to come to LA, LeBron will just blame the coach and teammates for his failure, and throw Magic under the bus on his way out the door.

  5. paladin

    Let us just think this thru for a minute. Just released by the Phoenix Suns most probably the worst team in the Western Conference and he comes here Pelinka/Magic are expecting this to ”add depth” to an area in which the Lakers have struggled! Indeed. Really !!!!!! As long as Lebrick remains AWOL on defense nobody else to going to step up and outshine ”The King” and earn His Majesties scorn. ”You don’t wanna be around when I loses patience” says The Chosen One….Or so the fairy tale goes. A fish always rots from the head down and this fish is a stinking mess. Jeanne Buss stayed silent during Magics ”admonishment” and I wonder if she thinks she made a major mistake!!! Ooooopps Too Late…Hole is too deep to crawl out now….Here is some high quality help Luke, he failed for the Suns but he is a champion now Win or Else…..

    • TJECK109

      He does add depth, adding any warm body is depth. Chandler is just not quality depth

  6. I’m good with this signing.
    We are just a few years late on him; But…whatever

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