Greg Monroe Waived After Trade To Nets

7:31pm: The Raptors and Nets have confirmed that the trade is done. Brooklyn received Monroe and Toronto’s 2021 second-round pick in exchange for cash, then waived the veteran center. The second-rounder is unprotected, while Toronto received $110K in the deal, per Scotto (Twitter links).

2:15pm: The Raptors are trading veteran forward Greg Monroe and a second-round pick to the Nets, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets.

The Nets plan to waive Monroe after the deal becomes official, according to The Athletic’s Michael Scotto (Twitter link), who adds that Brooklyn will send cash considerations in the trade. The Nets will receive Toronto’s 2021 second-round pick as part of the deal.

For Brooklyn, this deal represents the only trade the team made on Thursday. The Nets will keep its current core, which has gone 21-9 in the past 30 games, as they begin to focus on reaching the postseason this April.

After this agreement and an earlier trade with Memphis, Toronto has reduced its roster size to just 10 players. The team is expected to sport an intimidating starting group consisting of Kyle Lowry, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Pascal Siakam and Marc Gasol to compete in the East.

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18 thoughts on “Greg Monroe Waived After Trade To Nets

  1. jeremy

    Nets improving while trading nothing but will the nets keep him or release him

  2. Nebraska Tim

    For around an hour, Monroe was the highest drafted player on the Raptors @ 7th overall in 2010.

    Now their highest drafted player? Kawhi Leonard @ 15th in 2011.

    I believe everyone else is in the 20s or later.


      • Nebraska Tim

        I believe that the Nets are getting the 2nd pick, and giving up nothing – or at least that’s currently how the trade has been reported.

        So they added a 2nd round pick for nothing.

        • The Nets are sending cash to the Raptors. Can’t do a trade without both teams sending something in return so usually its cash, swap rights to a pick, a heavily protected pick, or the rights to some random, foreign player that is unlikely to ever play in the NBA in these types of deals.

        • tux249

          well as is they have 10 people on there roster and they got rid of Richardson
          and I wouldn’t believe them giving up monroe for nothing they either got quite a few players in this deal or there’s more deals just about to surface

          • Nebraska Tim

            They 100% gave up Monroe for nothing – and to save tax $$$ and give them roster slots/minutes as they try to attract players from the buyout market.

            Moose is a great teammate and a solid rebounder, but he’s just too slow on D and doesn’t finish at the rim often enough.

  3. Nebraska Tim

    Looks like this is just to save tax money?

    Strange to see Toronto dump two 2nd round picks just so teams will buyout their players. Raptors are owned by a suuuuuper rich media group, so there really isn’t any reason for them to give up future assets just to save a little cash.

    • I mean money is money. I’m sure the owners are fine with saving some money. 2nd round picks have value, but they’re easily obtainable. If the Raptors spot a guy they want in the second round and don’t have a pick, they’ll just offer cash.

      • Nebraska Tim

        True… but it looks like 2nd round picks are becoming more difficult to acquire on draft day. I could be wrong.

        Raptors have had some success with undrafted players (mostly with VanVleet), but their roster depth seems to have made it harder to get those guys in the last couple of years.

        • Teams are more wary of just straight selling the 2nd round picks in the 30s for just cash so I agree there. Those are the value 2nd rounders. But 40-60? Most teams, especially teams that have a bunch of 2nd round picks stockpiled, would be ecstatic to move a 2nd rounder for cash or future 2nd rounders.

  4. padam

    Toronto’s defense is insane compared to the rest of the league. The east has suddenly risen with Toronto, Milwaukee and Philly being serious contenders.

  5. Baileyg3rd

    Monroe will get pick up by Boston. We need a big who can score down around the rim

  6. Great job by the Nets. Monroe was making minimum (1.6 to the team). This has to be lowest cap hit taken on to get a future draft pick. Actual dollars, Nets just have to pay Monroe the balance due under the contract (about 1/3rd of the total), and pay the Raps 110K. I believe any team under the tax line could have taken this deal. Going back, teams may have paid less $$ a 2nd, but usually only for a very low 2nd on draft day, not for a pick a couple of years out.

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