Stein’s Latest: Lakers, GM Openings, Sixers

Marc Stein of the New York Times released his latest newsletter today (subscribe here) and it’s filled with a handful of nuggets on coaching and front office movement. We passed along the latest on the Timberwolves’ management earlier today. Here’s the rest of the highlights from Stein’s latest newsletter:

  • The Lakers have interest in nabbing Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle to the same position, Stein writes. Los Angeles is widely expected to let Luke Walton go at the end of the season.
  • Tyronn Lue is believed to be a top candidate for the Lakers‘ job, Stein hears from coaches within the league, citing Lue’s “presumed acceptance” from LeBron James. Lue coached James for two-and-a-half seasons in Cleveland, helping to bring the franchise its lone NBA championship.
  • Mike Zarren of the Celtics and Bucks executive Milt Newton are two names to watch out for with GM positions opening up, Stein hears. Zarren figures to be considered by the Pelicans (currently being run by interim GM Danny Ferry), and could also be a candidate for the Wizards, should owner Ted Leonsis decided to dismiss longtime executive Ernie Grunfeld.
  • The Sixers would be smart to keep the core of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, and Tobias Harris together if they win the Eastern Conference, though Stein believes the chatter to break them up will intensify if they fail to reach that goal. Both Butler and Harris will be free agents this summer.
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43 thoughts on “Stein’s Latest: Lakers, GM Openings, Sixers

  1. 13morg13

    Sixers would be wise to keep the core of 4 together. No matter what happens this post season.

  2. Reflect

    Why on earth would Carlisle leave the Mavericks after all these years just to coach somewhere else?

    • CursedRangers

      No doubt. Mavs have two young future superstars. The Lakers on the other hand…

    • johnstodder

      Lakers’ owners and top brass are living in a kind of fantasy 70s world.

      When they say things like “we’ll get Carlisle to coach” they remind me of a 50-year-old divorced guy who shows up at a singles bar and thinks he can pick up where he left off at 23.

      Nobody cares what a hot number the Lakers were in 1980.

    • x%sure

      Why on earth would the Laker leaker throw that name out, and Walton under the bus?– Again! Walton should consider quitting if it happens a third time.

    • jump shot

      Carlisle is a GREAT coach but he comes with a 3 year expiration date… after that he gets on player’s nerves, they tune him out, and it becomes more them trying to co-exist without killing ea other rather than a coach/player partnership towards winning. Cuban would let him walk.

      • MFFLinDC

        Please share with us how you know that Carlisle gets on players nerves, etc. You sound like a P1 on the Ticket. Give me a break with your (not)hot takes. P.S. He was just signed to an extension by the Mavs.

        • jump shot

          I get it…. I know how noone on this sight likes anyone to “sound” like they know more about something than someone else. Its ok. Just sit back and watch how things play out. Then tell yourself I just had a great guess instead of actual knowledge. lol

          • MFFLinDC

            “Knowledge.” So you hang out with the players, work for the team, are an agent, the team pilot, etc. You’re literally just spitballing an opinion. That’s awesome.

            I repeat. Carlisle just signed an EXTENSION with the Mavs this month. So, I too, am looking forward to seeing how this “play(s) out.”

              • MFFLinDC

                I am being neither aggressive or emotional. Simply pointing out that you have zero “knowledge.”

                Call it what it is, an opinion.

                • jump shot

                  Lol… zero knowledge. I can’t believe I keep responding. U have no idea who… nevermind. Enjoy the Playoffs!

                  • MFFLinDC

                    Same. You’re just a person sitting in an office or their parent’s basement giving (not) hot takes.

                    Calling it like I see it. Opinion not knowledge, “jump shot.”

                    • jump shot

                      Lol Man! All these harsh responses lol. There’s a million things going on in basketball today and I have a lil “knowledge” on ONE and you respond as if I claim to be Red Auerbach, Jerry West, and Pat Riley all rolled into one. I hope you get some help for your insecurities before sumn bad happens. Enjoy the Playoffs!

  3. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    I thought they headline at first was: There is a Head Coaching Opening concerning the 76ers.
    Alas, I was just being wishful and reading too fast

    If I am the Sixers, I would keep the core and fire Brown!

  4. bennyg

    Why tf would Lakers want to hire Lue. They NEED a strong, older, experienced coach.
    I’d look at poaching Pops.

    Philly – Simmons, Embiid, Harris are the core to build around, I do not see Butler sticking around playing second/third fiddle (even though that’s how I believe he is more suited to doing) – he’ll chase the $$

    • bennyg

      Having said that re Lakers coach….
      Someone like Larry Bird would be beautiful addition, with his knowledge, insight, experience and most importantly, his close friendship with Magic. Will make the recruitment process quicker and easier

      • bobaganoosh5

        Larry would never dawn the purple and gold – even if it’s as a coach! He is a CELTIC and his blood still runs green. He still has his pride. That will NEVER EVER happen!

    • bowserhound

      I’ve been a Laker fan for 30 years but if they hire Lue, I’m out.

      • SheltonMatthews

        Why would that take you over? I’m not saying he’s a great coach, but he does have a championship as a head coach. Doesn’t seem like that is the reason to bail haha.

  5. Danthemilwfan

    Sixers aren’t getting passed Toronto let along beating Milwaukee to get to the finals

    • bobaganoosh5

      They won’t get past the Celtics either if they run into them …..

  6. Z-A

    Sixers will need to keep Harris, Butler, and Redick. Can’t replace any of them otherwise. They can only improve with great drafting at this point and a MLE/Vet Min guys. Maybe you get a D-Rose, Jeff Green, or Dedmon to take a veteran min deal?

    They’ll need to go back-up Center, PG, SF in the draft. Currently at 25, 33, 34, 45, 56. One of those picks I would use on Tacko Falls. I thought they should have taken Gobert. You shouldn’t pass up on someone that big when you have that may picks it’s worth the gamble in the late 1st or 2nd round.

    Looking at Bol Bol, Jontay Porter, Matisse Thybulle, Cam Johnson, Ty Jerome. Really depends on who gets overdrafted and who falls.
    Like Kevin Porter’s and Tre Jones draft stock has plummeted. Also have injury guys – Do you take a flier on Azubuike?

    • x%sure

      There is so much variation in prospect rankings.
      When they do the broadcasts of the draft, the commentators will be able to say about almost any of the players taken, that they rose, or that they fell!

      • Z-A

        All we see are rankings from like 4 opinions really. Tankathon, Draftnet, CBS and ESPN. Not as much as the NFL just from what I see leading up to the draft.

        • x%sure

          It’s amazing, the gap DraftExpress left, and how slow it has been to fill. There are some other minnows in the pool, but you wonder if all anyone wants is to get onboard espn or whatever. The “mothership” says Dan Patrick.

  7. kenleyfornia2

    I get Lue is a puppet and definitely dont want him to be the Lakers coach. But with that being said a title was won a with him as a puppet which people seem to ignore

  8. metnoxious

    These “experts” are still living in 1990. They think the Lakers job is the only job. Not a Mavs fan but Carlisle has a nice gig in Dallas . Why would he go work under LeBron.

  9. Carlisle has the best team Dallas has had in a long time about to be here next season. Yes coaching Lebron is a huge selling point and every coach wants that, but Dallas will in the playoffs next year and a top four seed. (Save it. Screenshot it. Go ahead)He’s staying.

  10. greg1

    Pop is not leaving San Antonio, period. He will coach the Spurs in 2019-20, then coach Team USA, and finally retire afterward.

    Why would he want the LeJob next year in his last season.

  11. Yep it is

    I hope they sign Lue. Just dump the entire gas can on the fire that Tragic and BRON , BRON have started.

  12. Guest617

    walton was doing fine the past two yrs with the young core until the coach killer arrived.. end of story

    • SheltonMatthews

      Well the main part of the young core (outside of BI) is only in their second year, so not really accurate and not the end of the story. I think he could be a good coach with the right team, but this doesn’t seem to be it.

      • SheltonMatthews

        But you can’t blame him for the injuries or any of that. It just doesn’t seem like the right fit this season with this squad.

  13. Philly is a lock for the ECF vs Bucks. That is a fact. With that core, Boston & Toronto are a joke of teams, that cannot put enough star power on court to match them, yes they are deeper… but that doesn’t matter in the playoffs & only 5 at a time on court, so Raps & Celts are already has beens in the EC!!!

  14. david

    i am a Mavs fan. please take carlise, he is trash. Kidd and Terry pretty much coached the team to the 2011 run and so did our two assistants (dwane casey and Terry Stotts). Carlise has done nothing expect piss off Rondo, DSJ, Jason Kidd, Marion, Tyson Chandler and the list goes on….. please LA, Take Carlise

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