Sixers Sign Greg Monroe, Waive Justin Patton

APRIL 4, 11:18am: The Sixers have officially signed Monroe, according to a press release from the club. The team’s roster is now back to 15 players.

APRIL 3, 4:10pm: The Sixers have officially waived Patton, the team announced today in a press release.

APRIL 3, 12:49pm: Philadelphia will be the next stop for Greg Monroe, tweets Jordan Schultz of ESPN, who states that the Sixers will waive center Justin Patton tomorrow and sign Monroe for the rest of the season.

Monroe became available when his 10-day contract with the Celtics expired last night. Boston passed on an opportunity to re-sign him, preferring to keep a roster spot open for other options.

The 10-day contract won’t prevent him from being eligible for the playoffs, notes Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link). Only players waived since March 1 lose their postseason eligibility, and Monroe hasn’t been waived — his 10-day deal with Boston simply expired.

Monroe will provide a veteran presence in the middle for the Sixers, who have been seeking backup help at center. Philadelphia will be his fourth stop of the season after beginning in Toronto before being traded to Brooklyn and then waived. He averaged 4.8 PPG and 4.1 RPG in 38 games with the Raptors, but played just five total minutes in two games with the Celtics.

Philadelphia won’t be on the hook for much salary with Patton, who is entering the final week of a $2,667,600 contract. Injury problems have limited him to just four games in two NBA seasons after being selected with the 16th pick in the 2017 draft. His 2019/20 option was declined by Minnesota last fall.

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20 thoughts on “Sixers Sign Greg Monroe, Waive Justin Patton

  1. D$!LLKU$H-og

    Alright BK give Patton a shot. We need the front court depth. Maybe a rest of season deal with a non guaranteed deal next year.

  2. hiflew

    Even though the word “bust” gets thrown around WAY too much, I don’t think there is a better word to describe Justin Patton. A #16 overall pick that is looking for team #3 after playing 4 games in 2 years. Hard to imagine a mid first being wasted as badly. Except for maybe Royce White.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      You can’t really label him a bust if he hasn’t even played. You can’t control injuries. He played like 6 minutes for the wolves and only 3 games for the 76ers. Needs a chance.

      • nentwigs

        Regardless of the professional sport, some players are just “Tin Men” who NEVER seem to be able to stay healthy. In the NBA, Patton is one of them AND HE IS A BUST. But what else can you expect, look at who drafted him (Thibs) and for what team was he drafted? The forever snakebit since their inception, Minnesota Timberwolves. SIGH

        • fishy 9 dogs

          Thibs also drafted Okogie, so I don’t know what your argument is there. Also, when someone is a tin man, that’s for their whole career. Patton has barely been in the league. Look at embiid. Not saying Patton is anywhere near that level, but it’s very possible for players to come back strong after being derailed by injuries.

      • Z-A

        Greg Oden is Top-3 all time bust… bc of injuries. Markelle Fultz is Top-3 Bust bc of “injuries”. Patton is a bust. No better than a wasted draft and stash that never showed up, except you drafted that dude 16th.

        • hiflew

          I don’t know that I would call Oden or Fultz top 3 busts. The top 3 are easy choices.

          1. Gene Melchiorre
          2. Anthony Bennett
          3. LaRue Martin

          I’m sure most are familiar with Bennett, but the other two are old timers. Martin was a lot like Bennett. His game just did not transfer from college to the pros. He was not good at all.

          Melchiorre goes way back to the early 50s. He was drafted #1 overall, but before the start of his rookie year, he was banned from the NBA for life due to point shaving in college. He is the only #1 overall pick to never play a game in the NBA.

          Fultz may break into the top 3, but it will be hard. Then again before Bennett, I never thought there was a chance of an overall #1 being even close to as bad as Martin. If Fultz doesn’t improve, you might have to expand it to a top 4 because these 3 were just bad bad bad.

          • Z-A

            This isn’t like a just my opinion thing, it’s a media wide thing that Oden is one of the biggest busts. NBC Sports ranked 3rd biggest bust, seatgeek #1, BR #4, Fox Sports #2. Just ab everyone has him in there as at worst a top 5 all time bust. From the 1951 draft, 6 players never played in the top 16 picks so… dont really count that guy anyway. Martin had no shot due to the Blazers roster Lloyd was better and they drafted Walton in his 3rd yr. I think Dr J and Mcadoo went after him but Bowie had MJ right after.

            Bennett, Fultz, Oden, and Bowie. Gotta look at who went right after them too.

            • hiflew

              Bowie wasn’t even a bust. He played 10 years in the NBA. Just because the guy after him turned out to be better than him doesn’t make him a bust. If that’s the argument, then the entire top 12 of the 1996 NBA Draft were busts because Kobe Bryant was a better player than them.

              I am confused as to the logic of you calling Oden a bust because of injuries, but not calling Martin a bust because he had “no shot.”

            • hiflew

              Besides, I DO consider Oden to be a top 5 bust of all time. BUT we were talking top 3. BTW, my 4 and 5 are Oden and Kwame Brown. Too early for Fultz and Bowie was not a bust.

        • fishy 9 dogs

          Lol there are so many other players that deserve top 3 bust over those guys. Hasheem Thabeet, maybe?

        • hiflew

          It’s not like he died in a car accident, he died from a recreational drug overdose. I’d say that qualifies him as a bust. It’s really no different than other players (Washburn, Tarpley, Bedford) drafted that same year busting out due to drugs. Well it was different since those 3 lived, but in basketball terms, they are basically the same.

          • Thuggababyy

            Well what even is a bust then? He never played a game. When I think bust I think like Darko at no.2 over all those other guys, Thabeet, Bennett etc. High draft picks that actually played, but sucked. Nobody knows what Bias would have done because he went and snorted a bunch of coke and had a heart attack and never played a game.
            Confused how you can be a bust if you literally just die immediately after being drafted.

  3. Patton is worth picking up for a team with an open roster spot, or that can easily create one, assuming he’ll go for a min deal with a team option for next year.

  4. Monroe given minutes is a beast, really excited by the Sixers picking him up, way better than Marjanovic anyway. Way to go great pick by Philly.

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