Russell Unlikely To Stay If Irving Signs With Nets

D’Angelo Russell is highly unlikely to remain with the Nets if Kyrie Irving signs with Brooklyn, sources told Ian Begley of SNY TV.

The Nets are considered the favorites to land the Celtics’ point guard, though there’s no indication that other potential suitors have been ruled out, Begley continues.

The Nets can open up as much as $66MM of cap space to sign two major free agents if they renounce Russell’s rights. They can make him a restricted free agent by extending a $9.16MM qualifying offer but renouncing him would clear his $21MM cap hold.

The Pacers, who are shopping for a point guard, are keenly interested in Russell, Begley adds. The Magic, Timberwolves and Jazz are also expected to pursue him in free agency.

Begley’s story contradicts a previous report that suggested the Nets were willing to pair up Russell and Irving as their starting backcourt.

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43 thoughts on “Russell Unlikely To Stay If Irving Signs With Nets

  1. skrockij89

    I would like to see Russell with the T-Wolves. They would need to trade Teague first though.

    • hiflew

      It’s dangerous to trade the current guy without knowing for sure you can get the replacement. I know it says they are unlikely to match, but they still can. Then you’d have no Teague and no Russell and you’d basically be sitting where Phoenix has been.

      • fishy 9 dogs

        I’m sure they would wait I see if Brooklyn signed two max agents first.

        • hiflew

          But that is the danger on the other side. Wait too long and you might lose him. That’s the big problem with trying to sign RFAs.

  2. Z-A

    Sixers, will say it again & again… wanted him in the draft. I can deal w/the dumb off court stuff.

    • thegutsscrambler

      The dumb stuff off the court isn’t a thing anymore. He’s older now and seems to have learned from the past.

    • BRozay

      Yes!! I hope they seriously consider bring him on board. A line up of Simmons,Embiid,Butler, and Russell would be an excellent team.

  3. hiflew

    I know we had the story about sign and trades being on the decline, but RFAs seem like a better opportunity for the sign and trade to be used. That way the signing team could get the player, but the original team wouldn’t have to either match a contract they don’t really want or los a player for nothing.

    • x%sure

      The player has to approve. Why would the player involved help his old team take assets from his new team? Not a good way for him to start there.

      • Reflect

        Because that is the only path to the player leaving at all. RFAs cannot choose to sign with a different team if their old team makes a competitive offer.

      • hiflew

        RFAs are not in the same boat as unrestricted guys. I think they would rather have their new team give up stuff to get them instead of being stuck in a situation they may not want to be in. Guys get traded all the time and no one worries about what a new team had to give up to get him.

        Plus, I think you are putting too much stock into how much players care about their team’s “assets” anyway. They are not the roster nerds that sit around projecting second round picks and making weird trade proposals that we are.

      • Z-A

        It used to be simply about opening up necessary cap space for the team you want to go to.

    • x%sure

      Looking at the RFA list, the I-want-out candidates could include: Kelly Oubre, WCStein, Frank Kaminski, and if Vucevic doesn’t leave, Khem Birch.

      If Irving signs with Nets, I suppose you can add Russell, but– all these players are on teams that would NOT try hard to keep them and so are poachable free & clear to the best offer in the normal FA way. A bidding team wanting to lock him in with a lowball S&T will not get player approval.

      The Nets have nothing to offer legally to Russell to get his approval and the whole thing would be scrutinized.

      Oubre is probably the best candidate for S&T since the Suns have MikalB and could justify a wide range of offers, as could the market, and the league may not care much. This would be consistent with modern S&Ts: rare and low impact.

    • The only difference with a RFA is that the new team would avoid the offer sheet’s 2 day wait / uncertainty (as to a match). If the Nets sign KI, I don’t see avoiding those as a reason to pay anything. Alternatively, the new team and DR can just wait until the Nets renounce DR (which they’d need to do to open up 21 mm in cap space), making him a UFA.

    • Guest617

      nah, uncle drew’s doin business with jay z – boston shud run with rozier

      • Rozier is a career back-up on a good team or a starting PG on a bad team, so they’re not building around him in Boston.

        • dust44

          They aren’t building around Rozier. They would b building around Tatum and Brown if they resigned Rozier and Kyrie left my guy. Rozier is plenty good enough to be the 4/5th option on a playoff team. Rozier, Brown, Tatum, Heyward and Horford is easily a 3rd seed in the east. Plus Smart off the bench. And they have like 3 firsts this year they could either trade for some bench help or draft bench help. Celtics r in good shape either way they go. I think better shape if they let Kyrie walk

      • Lenny Bruce

        I agree with you, my learned colleague. Btw, where did you learn such marvelous texting skills?

  4. alonsoball

    D’Angelo and Kyrie playing together in the backcourt would be guaranteed buckets…for the other team.

  5. Luckylefty2

    Can’t see the suns going after D-lo. Guys over there are getting arrested etc & don’t need another baggage guy coming on the team.

  6. atlas bunts

    Pacers….. NO.
    Get Beverley & a wing, preferably Middleton, but Terrence Ross will work if ya can’t swing it.
    No Russell, he’s a cancer

    • Thuggababyy

      Terrence Ross is pretty trash. I guess he’s good if you watch him from a far …. but he just will go off every once in a while and be extremely mediocre the rest of the time

  7. victorg

    nets would be very foolish to let Russell walk for nothing , maybe a sign and trade? would love to see him on the Rox maybe for Tucker and Gordon.

    • I think losing Tucker isn’t worth the upgrade to Gordon. Adding another guard that’s a volume shooter with questionable defense doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade

    • The Nets have the right to keep him on their team at market (best offer) price. That can’t be leveraged to determine a S&T destination.

  8. Grimjac

    There are a ton of bad contracts in the league because the Nets wanted to burn other teams. 2016 broke some teams damn mind. Now, if someone tossed crazy money out at a one year wonder, the Nets will just have goodbye.

  9. david

    Russell wkth mavs would be cool. Russell can play off at the two guard if Luka wants to run point

    • GreenNasty

      I think that works, Kyrie is a super star, but Russell with Brown and Tatum? That would be worth watching. Maybe even some defense!

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