Blazers Notes: Hood, Kanter, McCollum, Aldridge

Shooting guard Rodney Hood surprised the Trail Blazers by accepting the $5.72MM taxpayer mid-level exception, Jason Quick of The Athletic reports.

Portland was hoping to bring back center Enes Kanter at that number, but he balked. Blazers GM Neil Olshey thought Hood wanted more in free agency but was pleasantly surprised by Hood’s decision.

Olshey then shifted gears to finding a starting-quality center and got involved in the Jimmy Butler sign-and-trade to Miami, winding up with Hassan Whiteside by dealing Maurice Harkless and Meyers Leonard.

We have more on the Blazers:

  • Backcourt partners CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard are now locked up long-term after McCollum signed a three-year, $100MM extension and they’re excited about that prospect, as he told Quick in a separate story. “It’s a special time,” McCollum said. “(Lillard and I) talked about being in Portland, making a staple here and winning a championship here, and all those things. We’ve crossed off a lot of goals individually and collectively, but I think that both of us being here for the long haul, and both of us being able to grow together and win together is something that people will remember for a long time.”
  • Pau Gasol, who recently signed with the Blazers, said former Spurs teammate LaMarcus Aldridge has spoken highly of Portland and may want to play there again, Sean Highkin of Bleacher Report tweets. Aldridge said last season he and Lillard had spoken about the prospect of becoming teammates again. Aldridge’s $24MM contract for the 2020/21 season is not guaranteed, so it’s conceivable that could occur as soon as next summer.
  • If you missed the details on McCollum’s extension, you can find it all here.
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17 thoughts on “Blazers Notes: Hood, Kanter, McCollum, Aldridge

  1. I’d rather have Collins playing at the 4 and having minutes to develop instead of a mid 30s Aldridge

  2. Tazza

    Think the Blazers did a pretty good this off season. They swapped Harkless and Leonard who haven’t improved at all really for season for Whiteside on an expiring deal. Whiteside not only fills the centre void but He could be a 20-15-5 centre again if he works his butt off, if not then his deal expires allowing the team to reinvest that money next season. They got Hood to return on the cheap, they got Bazemore who is a consistent 3 and D player that’ll stretch the floor for Evan Turner who needs to the ball in his hands to create and work. They Drafted in Nassir Little late in the draft for an absolute steal. If he bounces back from his 1 bad season at college to his high school self he could be an all star and top 5 player in his position.

    I think what they need to do now is get a couple vets on the min who can contribute when needed. (I’d suggested Jerryd Bayless and Lance Thomas) I think an issue for this team could be with Collins and Whiteside at the 4/5 there isn’t much spacing at all. Maybe you can try do a deal like Mike Muscala for Skal Labissierre. Thunder are in more of a young rebuild mode whereas Muscala can be used from the 4/5 and play a bigger role streching the floor.

    1. Lillard
    2. McCollum
    3. Bazemore
    4. Collins
    5. Whiteside

    1. Bayless
    2. Simmons/Trent Jr
    3. Hood/Little
    4. Thomas/Hezonja
    5. Muscala/Nurkic

    • khopper10

      You’re missing Gasol and Tolliver. Muscala literally just signed and Skal won’t get you anything in a trade.

    • Victor Gunzales

      I agree with Tazza I really liked what they did and would not be shocked to see them win 60 games and maybe the #1 seed.

  3. x%sure

    Even a hopeful roster is weak. They are already loaded with guaranteeds, and are over the cap, tax and apron lines (Basketball Insiders). They would not be much better if they did have Thomas & Muscala.

    It’s Simons not Simmons.
    They were lucky Hood took a discount. Blazers will start out weak fitting together all the many new pieces, and end weak due to poor depth. This is not last year’s team.

    It’s a mix of 2 star guards, other team’s rejects, and unproven prospects. Little looked lost in Vegas, confirming the results of his only college year. Bazemore is undersized at the 3 and expecting double the minutes or more from Collins is risky.

    They seem to be almost counting on a Love trade. It may require a third team but not McCollum.

    • For The Best Purp(ose)

      Aminu, harkless, Leonard weren’t misfits? What are you talking about. K-love is a d-bag. Portland has improved a lot this offseason.

    • myaccount

      I hate Portland but this take is awful. They didn’t make the WCF minus Nurkic on accident.

      • x%sure

        It’s not the same team as that one! They lost multiple key players. The whole frontline Aminu, Harkless, Kanter. Curry, Layman, Leonard, Turner. 6 of 10 players that averaged 15′ in the playoffs.

    • Tazza

      I know it hasn’t and probably won’t happen but Thomas and Muscala would make quite a difference. Obviously these two wouldn’t start much games at all but in certain line ups they give you good variations. Muscala could play the 4/5 and stretch the floor something no one on the team can do that well. Thomas would play the 3/4 and play some decent 3 and d. It would allow this team to play bigger line ups with Hood/Bazemore at the 2, Thomas the 3, Muscala at 4 and still have good shooters. Or with Lillard and McCollum on the floor they could have Hood/Bazemore at the 3, Thomas 4 and Muscala 5 to have a whole 5 of people that can shot it from deep.

      Secondly I don’t think they are waiting on KLove. Yes he would make this team much better but he isn’t that great. Hes just off a huge injury and hasnt played much. He is in a huge deal which owes him a lot of money for a while and that’s a risk in itself. If they were to make a big trade to get better with their limited assets I would think something like Bazemore and a first round for Aaron Gordan, or Bazemore and a protected first for Gallinari. Think if your looking to be successful these two players are both really good third scoring options and are both good enough to score in many ways. I don’t think giving up a first round pick is that much of a bad thing with this team because you are probably only one more really good player away from being a real big threat, plus you already have a few really good young players such as Little, Simons, Trent Jr, Libiss and Collins.

      • x%sure

        When Nurkic returns they will have Whiteside to trade. It was smart to bring him in shortterm at least to defensively cover inevitable miscommunication from all the new people.

        Gordon & Gallinari are soft and not much upgrade over Bazemore. Love is better, their best upgrade. I write Collins’health is risky, then his ankle gets reported.

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