Bulls Sign Luke Kornet

JULY 17: The deal is official, Charania tweets. It is fully guaranteed for both seasons with a total value of $4.5MM.

JULY 2: The Bulls will bring in Luke Kornet, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets. The pact will be for two seasons.

Chicago will get a chance to further develop the 23-year-old big man. Kornet saw action in 46 games for the Knicks last season, starting 18. He also spent time on their G League squad, averaging 18.8 PPG, 8.8 RPG, and 3.6 APG with a blistering .514/.485/.730 shooting line in 11 games for the Westchester Knicks.

The Bulls have had an eventful offseason, adding Thaddeus Young and Tomas Satoransky over the past 48 hours. It’s unclear how much opportunity Kornet will see in Chicago, as the team has a full roster of bigs, led by Wendell Carter Jr.. and Lauri Markkanen

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14 thoughts on “Bulls Sign Luke Kornet

  1. bully6789

    That dude killed the Bulls one game I mean he was hitting shots from every where t

  2. PickleRiccck

    Bulls roster last 10 games of season for tanking.
    PG Arcidiacono
    SG Mokos
    PF Kornet
    SF Benny the Bull
    C Gafford

    Bench – whatever G-leaguers they can claim off waivers or sign.

  3. bravesfan88

    I actually really like the Bulls off season thus far. They have made some really intelligent moves in free agency, and they filled two significant rotation spots with two young talents in the draft. Both White and Gafford have pretty high-floors, but they also have the potential to develop further into above average NBA starters.

    From the moment White steps onto an NBA Court, you will immediately notice his speed, his shooting stroke, and the fact White can easily rotate between playing the point or the two guard spot, offensively and defensively. White should immediately add a scoring threat from the PG position, help the Bulls improve their pace of play, and he should help the Bulls improve their transition offense. Those are three areas where the Bulls really struggled with last year, so, regardless whether he is used as their starting PG, or as their lead guard off the bench, White should come in and make an impact from Day 1.

    Gafford’s role will be extremely clear from Day 1 as well, and he should be put in a really good position to succeed and show off his strengths. Gafford’s ceiling is somewhat limited, due to his lack of an offensive game, but look no further than Rudy Gobert to see the kind of impact a great, big man defender can have for a team. Clearly, Gafford is no Gobert, but Gobert was the player he is now when he first started his career either. The Jazz brought Gobert along slowly, putting him in a position to succeed, by allowing him to play to his strengths….Rebounding, defense, and rolling to the basket for lobs and/or easy baskets. That will be exactly how the Bulls will use Gafford. Gafford’s back-up role will likey start out small, and his minutes played will likely fluctuate, primarily focusing on match-ups. Even so, hopefully we can see Gafford gain confidence and comfort as the season goes on and as he gaims more experience. His defense and athleticism is excellent for a big man. If he even comes close to reaching his ceiling, I could easily see Gafford carving out a nice NBA Career for himself, somewhere along the lines of a Tyson Chadler, Javele McGee, etc…

    Add those two, Thaddeus Young, Luke Kornet, and Tomas Satoransky, and the Bulls have now created a very well-rounded, versatile, and very promising young and upcoming team!! They have a couple shut down defenders at each position in Kris Dunn, Hutchison, Young, Carter Jr., and Gafford. They have players that are reliably capable of knocking down threes in Satoransky, White, LaVine, Porter Jr., Young, Carter Jr., Markkanen, Arcoadono, and Kornet. They will also have multiple play makers on the court at all times, LaVine, White, Satoransky, Dunn, Porter Jr., Markkanen, and Carter Jr..Versatility, rebounding, solid interior defense, and excellent ball movement and passing should be the identity of this team moving forward. Personally, I strongly believe this Bulls team is more than capable of making the playoffs this season. Now, idk how far this team can go and will eventually get, but I’m willing to bet they will definitely outperform their expectations.

    • x%sure

      “They will def outperform their expectations”.
      Right. All of them, because you say so, because they play for your team. For all of that above, not more than that.

    • raz427

      Good analysis. However this is what I see from this team for the foreseeable future. Tomas and White will likely be the PG’s rest of Boylen’s tenure. Dunn has fallen out of favor with both his coaching staff and his front office. That’s not a great sign. His game reminds me of CJ Watson. LaVine needs to prove that he can get better as an all around playmaker. Scoring is great but if you can’t get your teammates involved and also be a better defender, you’re getting paid 100M to score. Not enough in my mind for a rebuilding team. OPJ, he played out of his mind after the deal. Nothing states that his progression will level to even a Deng type game. He is likely to have the same stats he did throughout his career. He’s going to be the Harrison Barnes of this team. Bad contract for a below average player. Markkanen will need to improve his game as a passer. I don’t see anything that shows that he is a capable all around player. He’s more suited off being a 6th man like Niko was. Also, he needs to gain bulk to be a much better rebounder than his career numbers indicate. Finally, WCJ, I was against this pick last year, really wanted Kevin Knox. I think he has a Noah type ceiling but he needs to be healthy. It’s not a good sign he’s already having injury issues. I like his potential as the anchor of this defense, but he needs to stay on the floor and actually be an asset to his team. I like White but I doubt Boylen will let him play his game. The coach is atrocious and too old school approach. This is a player’s league and players have sensitive egos. He needs to adjust this year or he is gone. I say given the amount of talent and moves + coaching staff, this team is going to win 33 games and be sitting out once again. That is if everyone stays healthy. Eastern Conference everyone has gotten better with the exception of the Cavaliers. Let’s take off the reservations for Grant Park in June soon and realize this team has more issues than your original post was said about.

  4. stevep-4

    Thanks for the term paper dude. Now go to the student union and have a beer!

  5. Averagebro

    With the exception of the massive overpay for Satoransky the Bulls have made some great deals this offseason.

    They’re gonna be in strong contention for that #9 playoff spot.

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