Grizzlies, Suns Swap Kyle Korver, Josh Jackson In Multi-Player Trade

JULY 7: The trade is official, the Suns announced in a press release.

JULY 3: The Grizzlies and Suns have agreed to a trade that will send newly-acquired Memphis sharpshooter Kyle Korver to Phoenix along with Jevon Carter, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter). According to Wojnarowski, the Grizzlies will receive Josh Jackson, De’Anthony Melton, a 2020 second-round pick, and a conditional 2021 second-round pick in the deal.

That 2021 Suns second-rounder will only change hands if it falls between 31-35, tweets Chris Herrington of The Daily Memphian. Brooklyn will receive it if it lands between 36-60.

Because Korver is part of the Mike Conley trade with Utah that hasn’t yet been completed, this deal can’t be made official until after the one is finalized. Once both deals are done, the Grizzlies will pick up a former No. 4 overall pick (Jackson), as well as a second-rounder from last year’s draft (Melton), along with at least one future second-round pick.

In two NBA seasons, Jackson has been inconsistent for the Suns, averaging 12.3 PPG and 4.5 RPG but shooting just .415/.294/.650 in 156 total contests (25.3 MPG). He has also faced questions about his maturity and off-court behavior.

However, he’s still just 22 years old, so the Grizzlies will get the opportunity to see if they can continue to develop him and help him reach his ceiling. They’ll also have to decide by the end of October whether to pick up $8.9MM option for 2020/21 — at this point, I’d be surprised if they do.

Melton, the 46th overall pick in 2018’s draft, is another intriguing roll of the dice for Memphis, one the team has long had its eye on, per Wojnarowski (Twitter link). The former USC Trojan is considered a strong defender, and started 31 games for the Suns in his rookie season, averaging 5.0 PPG, 3.2 APG, 2.7 RPG, and 1.4 SPG in 50 total contests.

As for the Suns’ side, the move looks like it’s primarily designed to clear the cap room necessary to complete their other reported moves this week, including Ricky Rubio‘s three-year, $51MM deal. They’ll also be able to retain Kelly Oubre‘s cap hold, and will presumably see if Carter can earn some minutes in their backcourt rotation.

According to Wojnarowski (via Twitter), Korver is expected to be bought out by Phoenix before his $7.5MM salary for 2019/20 becomes fully guaranteed. Korver’s deal is only partially guaranteed for $3.44MM as long as he doesn’t remain under contract through July 7.

If and when Korver clears waivers, the Lakers, Bucks, and Sixers will be the frontrunners to sign him, says Wojnarowski.

As cap expert Albert Nahmad observes (via Twitter), the Grizzlies will be able to use trade exceptions to absorb Jackson’s and Melton’s contracts, generating two new trade exceptions worth $3.44MM (Korver’s partial guarantee) and $1.42MM (Carter’s salary).

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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83 thoughts on “Grizzlies, Suns Swap Kyle Korver, Josh Jackson In Multi-Player Trade

  1. realistnotsucker

    Complete steal for Memphis, PHX wasted Jackson’s development last year

    • fantasysportsadvice

      Yeah, and now my boy Mikal Bridges can finally breathe and get all the starter minutes.

      • Mike_Davis

        Bridges won’t be starting. Once Oubre is resigned, it be Rubio, Booker, Oubre, Saric, & Ayton starting.

        • hiflew

          Don’t forget about Cam Johnson. He is further along developmentally than most rookies. He has a lower ceiling than other rookies, but a high enough floor that he could start his rookie year.

          • aberdeen101

            Cam Johnson shouldn’t be the first pick for the Suns, when Culver was there for them at 6. Embarrassing move to get Saric.

            • hiflew

              Whether he should have been the pick or not is immaterial now. He IS their pick and IS their player. The time for “shouldn’t be” has passed.

    • MiserablePadreFan

      Josh Jackson is an absolute disaster with the ball in his hands. He’s also an idiot. We’ll just call it as it is – Suns draft pick bust.

    • JonnyLucas

      Jackson logged a lot of minutes for the suns. He had plenty of opportunity to show something.

    • jkoms57

      He’s not a prospect. He proved last year that he’s not starting quality.

      • Dude, he’s like 21. Our brains aren’t even fully developed at 21. He isn’t going to stay exactly what he was in his first two seasons in the league. The Grizzlies are acquiring him on potential.

  2. kenleyfornia2

    Jeez we know Jackson hasn’t lived up to his draft pick but thats selling extremely low. James Jones has no attachment to him tho

    • Mike_Davis

      Consistent off-field issues & missing sponsor events is likely the reason the Suns decided to pull the shoot now rather than at the end of next season. They have been trying to move him for a while & couldn’t find any takers. Time to reset the team with a new coach & players in place to go along with Booker & Ayton for the foreseeable future.

  3. Matthew Burdman

    I saw flashes of brilliance and loved Jacksons motor, PHX did indeed waste their time with JJ but I wish him well and feel he still has a high floor and high ceiling. Not sure how to feel about this now but glad to have Korver in the mix. Agree complete Steal for Memphis not sure who Carter is but hoping he has some upside. This stings!

    • khopper10

      Does it sting more knowing Korver will be waived? Horrible trade for Phoenix.

  4. jeremy

    so just add another young player to the what 3 other young guys they have. They went from gasol and Conley . Too having a pretty decent young team.

  5. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Suns giving up on Josh Jackson so soon SMH
    Also SMH at the Sixers bringing back Korver
    Oy Vey!

    The Sixers need to find a way to sign Boogie Cousins and trade for Kris Dunn

    • jeremy

      Why would cousin go to the sixers to come off the bench. When he can start for teams like the Mavs, clippers and Lakers

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        Mavs stink
        As for the Clippers and Lakers, do they have the money? Although the Sixers don’t even have a pot or a window to throw it out of

        Although Cousins would be perfect for an Embiid Cousins rotation. I would love to see it.

        • jeremy

          Yes if kawhi doesn’t go to the clippers. Clippers would still have something like 30 mill left and Lakers would have 32 mill left if no kawhi

        • slapnuts

          You’re exactly right! An Embid Cousins rotational. Wouldn’t work without Cousins

        • sportznut1000

          im not a mavs fan but id be hesitant to say the mavs stink. they are getting porzingis back. they should be in the playoff picture and if they added cousins i could see them being a 5 or 6 seed this year.

    • noahrnoahr

      The Sixers could probably trade Bolden and Zhaire for Dunn. I’m pretty much 100% sure Chicago would say yes to that trade.

      Cousins obviously isn’t going to the Sixers. It’s not just that he wouldn’t start for the Sixers. It’s also that they used their MLE on Scott, so they couldn’t compete with a bunch of other teams that can pay him way more than the minimum. For the minimum, he could start for a number of contenders.

      • Tazza

        I’d rather trade Zhaire Smith and Bolden and a second rounder for Jae Crowder. Memphis hopefully would accept giving them a lot of second round picks and even more young talent. But the 76ers could definitely do with Crowder. Crowder would be a great 6th man, he can shoot it, defend both forward spots and is a hard worker. It would also allow Embid to rest some time during the season where you play Horford at centre and start Crowder.

    • Luke Adams

      If the Lakers, Sixers and Bucks are considered frontrunners, I assume he’ll be getting the minimum.

  6. formerlyz

    Well, I have now completely lost the ability to tell you what Phoenix is doing. Theyve done a few contradictory moves. When you think theyve done something right, they then turn around a do something that doesnt fit into that. As I’ve said, their terrible coaching and misuse has had an adverse effect on their young players development.

    Javon Carter gives them another defender at the PG position, although Melton might have been able to provide that himself. Jackson still has every chance to be the versatile player he could be. He is mostly a 4, but could see time at any of the other 3 perimeter spots, depending on who is around him. Phoenox dodnt use him correctly. Thought he was poised for a good year next to their shooters, and Phoenix needs him defensively as well

    Memphis has some redundancy on their roster, and I could see them making another trade or 2 to add a couple of assets to fix that, and maybe add a shooter. They have a lot of athletes now too

      • formerlyz

        I mean they have a bunch of guys that are secondary and third playmakers at the 4 that defend, although a couple of those guys are also wings. I could see Kyle Anderson, Solomon Hill, Jae Crowder, or Iguodala being traded, or bought out with the latter 3, possibly 2 of them. I’m also curious to see if they retain Delon Wright or Avery Bradley. I think that probably depends on what happens with those guys. Right now, it feels like they’re not expecting to keep them, with the way the rest of the roster looks and the redundancy in a couple of areas.

      • formerlyz

        And I just remembered Brandon Clarke as well, although he is a bit of a different player than the others

    • x%sure

      Josh J never played the 4 & was listed as a guard. But then you said they never played him right! JJ started poorly and did not improve. A mistake pick.
      Memphis probably thinks with better management, a better player. Good luck with that I guess.

      Suns got rid of him, got a 2nd, saved money, and increased their productive focus. Good business I think. Like DXC said, “their collective BB IQ takes another jump.”

  7. kingcong95

    The salaries of Korver and Carter combined (4.86) should be enough to take back Jackson (175% = 8.6 > 7.06). Why not save the last 8M of the Conley TPE?

    • Luke Adams

      Korver can’t be aggregated right away because Grizzlies weren’t below the cap.

  8. stretch123

    Korver will definitely be a Laker once he’s bought out by Phoenix.

    • Coach Him

      He’s coming home to Philly where the Sixer’s are the favorite in the East!

      • formerlyz

        Ya I would expect philly as well. I thought they would grab Ellington before the Knicks did. It feels like their only area of need at this point is a spot up shooter at that 2 guard spot, and figuring out a rotation. Richardson can play anywhere at the 1-3 spots, and they have some versatile young guys that can handle guard duties, if neccessary

    • earmbrister

      The Bucks have been interested in Korver for quite a while. He’d look good in a green jersey while hoisting the championship trophy.

  9. D-NBA

    The Grizzlies have a future big 3 in Jackson,Jaren, and Morant. The Suns done messed up.

  10. joemoes

    Jackson had a rough offseason. Resisting arrest from an officer at a music festival and he is accused of getting his 5 month old daughter high from 2nd hand smoke of marijuana. The mother of his child is 41!

    • joemoes

      This all could be playing a part in this trade. Ownership might just be done. And let’s be honest Jackson is good but his production can be found somewhere else and made up for easily

  11. Tazza

    So really phx are giving up Jackson and picks for literally nothing. Memphis definitely win this trade and Jackson a former top 5 pick can still drop 15p5a5r and play good defense

    • Tazza

      As a 76ers fan tho I hope we can get Korver and trade to get Crowder also. That’ll give us a good bench of Korver, Ennis, Crowder, Scott and youngsters to fill out a really good team

  12. Socrates Curveball

    Suns Offseason continues to baffle. Full Room Exception on Kaminsky yesterday after picking up Dario Saric in the TJ Warren trade. Signed Ricky Rubio (likely bidding against themselves)… he’ll be great in pick & roll game with Ayton and provide perimeter D. Don’t hate that deal. Overdrafted Cameron Johnson for that wing / stretch 4 position while absorbing Aron Baynes $5.3M to backup center.

    Don’t think these moves are bold enough to get the Suns into the crowded Western Conference Playoff Hunt.

    • Did the prior 3 off seasons baffle you? Each led to a bottom 3 record in the league. Jones inherited the lowest IQ roster in the league. He’s supposed to do what? Draft Coby White, and smile for the cameras? Tell JJ he still gets ice cream after each game because he’s young, so it doesn’t matter than can’t play dead? He’s added guys that know how to play winning basketball (Rubio, Jerome, Saric, Johnson, Bayne, Kaminsky). He’s subtracted nobody who does (Warren, Daniels and now JJ). And it’s not like he mortgaged the future by trading all their future 1st’s. Now he’s trying to keep one of the clueless, Oubre, by retaining his Bird Rights and RFA status, so he can painlessly bring him back. But there’s a salary cap, so he has to move some $$ and he’s running out of time (July 6th). If he could move JJ onto someone else’s balance sheet for “nothing”, don’t you think he’d have done that? Maybe it’s down to the wire because this is the best he could do. Here’s why nobody wants him for “nothing”. The lucky team will have decide by October whether to exercise his 4th year option in October for 9 mm. (he won’t take the floor between now and then, so they’ll have to do that based on what he is – if they don’t exercise it, he’s worthless to them as a prospect, because he’s not their prospect)

    • Boston2AZ

      Or as Adrian Kronauer said in “Good Morning, Vietnam”: “Excuse me, sir. Seeing as how the VP is such a VIP, shouldn’t we keep the PC on the QT? ‘Cause if it leaks to the VC he could end up MIA, and then we’d all be put on KP.” :0)

  13. hiflew

    I am just happy that Josh Jackson and Jaren Jackson Jr. are on the same team. We now need to find PG Johnny Jackson, SG James Jackson III, and C Jason Jackson V and we could have a Memphis Blues version of the Motown Jackson Five happening.

  14. I want to have faith in this front office but I’ve got to imagine Jackson and Warren had more value than just a salary dump

  15. formerlyz

    Ultimately, I see where Phoenix is going, but it feels like they decided to pretty much reset, and disregard what it takes to get there, despite there maybe being more value there to utilize. As I’ve said, I think their coaching is responsible for how a few of their young players have turned out recently. For me, I dont see anyone necessarily crying about guys developing with other teams, based on the way they went. Pretty much, it’s kind of like an old school approach in that they didnt necessarily care about what it took to get there, as long as they got the guys they wanted. In the end, they still have issues defensively they need to figure out, but they may be able to see more efficiency, and consistency on offense in some areas, even though they weren’t really lacking offensively before

  16. x%sure

    For JoshJ, there’s no quality that two years of stats can bear out. Suns had a desperate need for a 4 but never looked his way. He did rebound well for basically a perimeter player.
    The new GM was with the team last year and got a good look at him… and found a taker.

    After being drafted he was annoying from the getgo in hinting he grew taller since being drafted. He did not, punked us all, ha ha… Punk. I never saw the point to him. It was unsettling when the Cavs wanted him, a first & Bledsoe for Irving– and the Suns rejected it!

    • formerlyz

      I think you are seriously under rating Josh Jackson’s talent level…

      • JonnyLucas

        He got 25 minutes a game for 150 games or so… he has had more than enough opportunity to prove something. Anything. At this point, he had to go. They want to give his minutes to someone else. Good riddance.

  17. Yep it is

    Just another DUMPSTER FIRE move by the Sarver Idiot Fire Dept. Hot in Phoenix don’t need anymore global warming.

  18. JonnyLucas

    The suns thought so little of Jackson that they were willing to pay someone to take him.

  19. sunsympathizer

    It’s simple – you can’t keep a guy who got his 5 month old daughter high and has had multiple run-ins with the law. Plus, he’s a 29% 3-pt FG, 41% FG, and 65% FT. Not much potential there. Extremely athletic but low basketball IQ. Bridges played better last year. Oubre played better last year. No room for him anymore. I’m glad they’re letting another team try to turn him around. Hopefully he gets his shit together.

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