Heat’s Jimmy Butler Sign-And-Trade Deal To Include Clippers, Blazers

7:58pm: The 2023 first-round pick being sent from the Heat to Clippers will be lottery-protected through 2025, then unprotected in 2026, tweets Anthony Chiang of The Miami Herald.

5:00pm: The Clippers will receive a protected 2023 first-round pick from the Heat in the deal, according to ESPN’s full report.

4:17pm: The sign-and-trade deal that will send Jimmy Butler to the Heat and Josh Richardson to the Sixers has been agreed upon, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe (Twitter link).

As Wojnarowski explains (via Twitter), the trade between the Trail Blazers and Heat that will send Hassan Whiteside to Portland is becoming part of the transaction, with Maurice Harkless being re-routed to the Clippers to make it a four-team deal.

The Clippers will also receive a future first-round pick from Miami, according to Wojnarowski. Since the Heat have already traded their 2021 first-round selection to the Clippers and can’t give away consecutive future first-rounders, the next one that is trade-eligible would be the 2023 selection, tweets ESPN’s Bobby Marks.

As part of the four-team swap, the Sixers will send the draft rights to 2017 second-rounder Mathias Lessort to the Clippers, reports Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer (Twitter link).

As of now then, this is what the deal would look like:

After acquiring Harkless, the Clippers will still have a maximum-salary slot available in the event that Kawhi Leonard decides to join them, tweets Marks. It would be a tight fit though, notes ESPN’s Zach Lowe, who tweets that the club might have to renounce a couple of small cap holds. Obviously, if Leonard decides to go elsewhere, that wouldn’t be necessary.

As for the Heat, they had let Goran Dragic‘s camp know that they’d likely to need to move the point guard in order to complete the Butler acquisition, but that shouldn’t be necessary after all, tweets Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

Still, as Marks points out (via Twitter), Miami will have to make an additional move to make sure it gets below the hard cap $138.9MM that applies to teams that acquire a player via sign-and-trade. Waiving and stretching Ryan Anderson‘s contract looks like the most logical path for the Heat.

We have more details in other stories on the Butler/Richardson aspect of this deal, as well as the Blazers’ Whiteside acquisition.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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41 thoughts on “Heat’s Jimmy Butler Sign-And-Trade Deal To Include Clippers, Blazers

  1. The Knicks couldn’t find 11.5 mm of their 70 mm to pick up Harkless, and get a 1st-? Guess not.

  2. stretch123

    Ugh losing another 1st rounder… but at least we get to keep Dragic (who I think should be flipped for other players so we can let Winslow run the point).

    Or maybe Dragic, Winslow, Herro, Bam, Derrick Jones Jr and a future 1st for Beal and Ian Mahinmi?

      • stretch123

        In that case, Ryan Anderson and one of Waiters, Olynyk or James Johnson would need to go to Wizards. I would do it for the sake of getting an All NBA caliber talent in Beal to pair with Jimmy Buckets. Hopefully Wall can come back strong. Skeptical that the Wiz would actually trade Beal though.

        • victorg

          the wiz are not going to trade beal with the east so wide open even more so if kahwi leaves.

          • stretch123

            Wizards are going nowhere. Other than Beal, they have no one of significance.

          • Chris

            Wizards would probably be best served tanking but the new rules even make that difficult.

            • whoneedsfacts

              Wiz are screwed, might as well try and get assets and start over. But if they move Beal they will want draft assets more than anything, they will suck regardless for years so they can Dea with Walls salary they would want those first round picks.

  3. x%sure

    Clippers so made out; and all while Kawhi has them stuck in a holding pattern.

    • imindless

      Kahwi has told clips they are out of running. Its down to lakers and raptors.

          • SocraticGadfly

            I looked at Woj’s Twitter for the last full 36 hours. Also looked at ESPN’s NBA page. Woj says nothing of the sort, Gary and Mindless (which you likely are). Oh, for the “Rumors” network giving us back a downvote button for this shîte.

  4. Skip, Tampa

    Agree completely on a big moan for another lost 1st.
    Will take glass half full look.
    Whiteside could have cost a 1st to move to begin with.
    So Butler for Richardson is a real steal of a deal.
    Yes, can certainly see a Beal and Wall to the Heat. Riley had a Wall deal made in January before he got hurt. So it’s very possible. Also helps take the bite out of assets needed to get Beal.
    Never count Riley out of dealing.

    • Chris

      Butler is certainly a superstar compared to Richardson but I think it’s a trade that benefits both squads. Allows Tobias Harris to take on more of a role while also getting someone to basically replace Jimmy’s production in Richardson without his pedigree

  5. Skip, Tampa

    Yepper, Clippers made out like bandits big time.
    Bet Mark Cuban is in somebodys grill for blowing this opportunity up. Wow, what an easy score.

    • CursedRangers

      Was thinking the same thing. I’m a Mavs fan and this one stings.

  6. goldenmisfit

    All of this so butler can go to Miami and then a year and a half later will be screaming he wants to be traded.

    • stretch123

      The Miami Heat culture is perfect for a player like
      Jimmy Butler. Same thing for Bosh, Wade, LeBron, Ray Allen, Eddie Jones, etc. Players that work hard day in and day out and cut from a different cloth. Players like Whiteside; Embid and Towns do not embody what it takes to be a Miami Heat for a long time and to win here.

      • Chris

        Jimmy is not gonna take losing well and their current roster isn’t really set up to compete. I liked them more more with Whiteside

        • kingcong95

          Whiteside has been telling everyone except his hairdresser that he didn’t want to be there.

      • AndyMeyer

        “Embiid and towns do not embody what it takes to be a Miami heat”
        Embiid just does what it takes to beat the Heat

        • stretch123

          Yeahh only the role players we used to have. Now he’d have to face off against Jimmy and the Heat. And maybe Beal. Everyone hypes 76ers up as the team of the future but Simmons can’t shoot. Horford is 33 and is not a power forward in today’s NBA. Harris is a good scorer and JRich will be good for them but I don’t see how 76ers will be able to get past teams like Indiana, Boston, Milwaukee and out West, Lakers, Nuggets, Blazers and yes, still the Warriors.

  7. x%sure

    There are so many followup stories to post on all these crazy deals. The whys. Why did Butler want to turn down millions for the Heat. It’s not all of $51MM because he will be up for something 4 years from now, but it won’t be for 51 or even half that probably.

    • stretch123

      Not enough shots to go around in Philly and the chance to be the bonafide #1 (or #2 down the line) option for a franchise that has proven to be a winner throughout its history with great ownership and management. He also was enamored with the way the Heat treated Wade on his way out and I have to imagine the Heat have a plan to bring in another big free agent next offseason (if not trade for one this offseason or during the season).

      • Chris

        Winner throughout its history is a stretch. Heat won with 2 of the biggest free agency/trade moves in NBA history: Shaq trade and Lebron sign and trade. They’ve had some really good years beyond that but it’s always been D-Wade AND an MVP level player making the difference

  8. jeremyn

    As a Heat fan of over 20 years.. I have not been this “wow’d” by a transaction since 2005… when the Heat sent an aging Eddie Jones and “parts” to Memphis in a 4 team trade that netted them Antoine Walker, Jason Williams, James Posey, and the 2006 NBA championship…. Flipping Hassan Whiteside (who only 24 hours ago was thought of as untradeable) for Jimmy Butler and Meyers Leonard is just… wow

    • jeremyn

      I forgot J-Rich is also in this trade.. my wow is more on the fact that they were gonna lose Dragic or KO / DJJ before this.. now all three will remain heaters (for now)

  9. West sensed his former teammate had an issue, and came to the rescue. For an historically high price, of course. A lightly protected 1st for selling 1 year, 11.5 mm of space, and a decent player at that.

    In the shell game that is multi-team trades, the 1st round pick always seems to wind up under the Jerry West shell.

  10. nentwigs

    Bulls trade Butler to Timberwolves
    Timberwolves plans get screwed when Butler wants out.
    Timberwolves trade Butler to 76’ers.
    76’ers plans get screwed when Butler wants out.
    76’ers trade Butler to Heat.

    (See the handwriting on the wall??)

    Heat’s plans get screwed when Butler wants out.
    Heat trade Butler to (to be determined – stay tuned)

    • stretch123

      Players in Heat organization are not soft like the players in the Wolves and 6ers organization. He wanted out of Chicago because of a rebuild.

    • kevin

      Lakers I finished the last part for ya . or and then LBJ kills the Lakers and Butler wants out … lol

    • SportsBum

      The 76ers never wanted to sign him long term. They didn’t like his fit with Embiid and Simmons and between him and Harris, they wanted the younger guy.

      • stretch123

        Actually, it was reported that they offered him the 5 year max and he turned it down to come to Miami.

        • x%sure

          I’m thinking Butler wants to be the cock of the walk and Embiid had dibs on that in Philly. The promenade is clearer in Miami… It might have been Richardson and Whiteside but they were pulled away.

  11. Archie M.

    Whiteside to the Blazers is huge. If Nurkic makes a successful recovery, Blazers frontline will be scary.

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