Suns Acquire Saric, Johnson From Wolves For Culver

JULY 6: The Timberwolves have officially acquired the draft rights to No. 6 pick Jarrett Culver in exchange for Saric and the rights to No. 11 pick Cameron Johnson, the team announced today in a press release.

JUNE 20: The Timberwolves and Suns have reached an agreement on a trade, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who reports (via Twitter) that Minnesota is moving up to No. 6. In exchange for the sixth overall pick, Phoenix is receiving Dario Saric and the No. 11 overall pick, says Woj.

It’s the second trade agreement of the day for the Suns, who also reached a deal to send T.J. Warren and the No. 32 pick to the Pacers. Saric will help fill in the gap in the frontcourt created by Warren’s departure, slotting in as a stretch four alongside franchise center Deandre Ayton.

Saric, 25, averaged 10.6 PPG and 5.6 RPG with a .437/.365/.880 shooting line last season in 81 games for the Sixers and Timberwolves. He was part of the package Philadelphia sent to Minnesota in exchange for Jimmy Butler, and has now been dealt twice in the last year.

Meanwhile, new Timberwolves head of basketball operations Gersson Rosas, who wasn’t part of the front office when the team acquired Saric last fall, is showing right away that he’s not afraid to be aggressive. Minnesota is now in position to potentially draft one of the top point guards of the 2019 class — with the Hawks expected to draft De’Andre Hunter at No. 4, at least one of Darius Garland or Coby White should still be on the board at No. 6.

There have been rumors in recent weeks linking the Timberwolves to point guards, since Tyus Jones and Derrick Rose are headed for free agency and Jeff Teague is entering the final year of his contract. We’ll have to wait to see what Rosas has in mind for the No. 6 pick though.

According to Wojnarowski (via Twitter), Rosas had been trying to move up to No. 4 or No. 5 before ultimately reaching a deal with the Suns for No. 6.

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40 thoughts on “Suns Acquire Saric, Johnson From Wolves For Culver

    • JonnyLucas

      They’re a mess. I think they thought they were going to grab Hunter… then they got jumped. They should have just kept TJ Warren!!!!

      • imindless

        Thats exactly what happened. Saric is a bum they already have that other bust on there team bender thus guy is a clone. Lol

        • mcmillankmm

          Bender is a free agent….but also Saric is a good rebounder…and Suns are lacking there

    • formerlyz

      Ya, I no longer have the answer. My best guess is they’re targeting PJ washington at 11 for defensive purposes

  1. JonnyLucas

    The Suns are a mess. They should have just kept Warren, he’s better than Saric!

  2. aberdeen101

    I don’t like the way this is going for the Suns. Give away Warren and the 32nd pick for cap space and then trade down five slots and get Saric. I don’t think this is a good start. A good PG better be coming. They aren’t getting one at 11.

    • JonnyLucas

      Yeah. They blew it. They were all in on Hunter before the Hawks jumped them. They should have just kept warren, he’s better than saric!!!

    • formerlyz

      Rubio is a good fit as a FA, but I felt like they could have signed him, and used Coby White as a scorer off the bench

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      I think Cleveland might intervene. I think it comes down to Garland, White or Reddish.

      • aberdeen101

        The only good thing is PHX won’t be taking White. I would have thrown up with that selection at six. Maybe we get Brandon Clarke at 11.

  3. kingcong95

    Saric has already been through one Process. Can’t be too excited about another one with a much worse GM than Hinkie.

    • JonnyLucas

      It must be that they think they are going to flip him for something else. These moves make no sense.

    • stretch123

      Very idiotic on their part. Even if they had taken Hunter or Culver he would’ve fit nicely with Ayton and Booker.

    • hiflew

      Maybe they just don’t see him as a starting PG in the NBA. Instead now they can try to make a run at Russell or Rubio and you have the makings of an interesting starting 5 with a vet PG, Booker, Ayton, Saric, Jackson (for now).

      Dumping Warren seems puzzling right now, but if they can use that money to get a Russell, then it might be worth dumping him for nothing.

  4. murwin

    I like it – Suns needed a stretch 4. Warren was hurt and no defense in crowded wing area.

    • aberdeen101

      Saric is terrible. He only continues the problem in Phoenix. Not worth passing on Garland.

      • murwin

        Disagree. Almost won rookie of the year in philly with Monty Williams. He will return to that player with this team. Garland not a great match for what suns want to do at guard.

      • cesc

        Saric is way better than TJ, shoots better, rebounds better, defends better & doesn’t need so many shots which is great when you have Booker & Ayton. That is such a great move from Phoenix!

  5. Not crazy about Saric, but the idea is right, get rid of a ball dominant iso guy at PF and replaced him with a high IQ ball movement guy. Now, get a high IQ, veteran PG, who can make sure Ayton gets his touches. To maximize an elite two way C, you need ball movers in the middle of the floor at 1 and 4. Time to win games, not draft day.

    • x%sure

      I can see that, but the Suns needed a defensive guy there. Maybe Saric can be that guy… I doubt it… but IDK that he can’t.

  6. Pablo

    Stupid move by the wolves now… garland going to be surrounded by crap in Cleveland

  7. dust44

    Suns r puzzling. They dump Warren (even tho they have 3 dudes who r the same type of player) then trade down and select a guy no1 though would b off the board that quickly. Who’s older and had injury concerns. Just to get Saric. Trey Lyles is a free agent. Pretty close to the same dude as Saric. Could of sat at 6 and took Culver or Hachimura

  8. nentwigs

    Thankfully the T-Wolves were able to retain the rights to Henk Norel, he’s just beginning to blossom !!

    • fishy 9 dogs

      I’ve been really excited about Norel. Gonna put up numbers this year.

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