Warriors Notes: Curry, Livingston, Cauley-Stein, Cook

Warriors All-Star guard Stephen Curry is confident he’ll mesh his skills with D’Angelo Russell, who was acquired from the Nets in a sign-and-trade, according to an ESPN report.

“The chemistry will develop quickly. We’ll be really purposeful about that and trying to set the tone for how we’re going to play this year,” Curry said.

He’s also looking forward to being in an underdog role for a change with Kevin Durant signing with Brooklyn and Klay Thompson expected to miss a large chunk of the season.

“I’m excited, to be honest with you,” he said. “Five straight years in the Finals and we’ve accomplished a lot, and three championships. There’s a lot to be proud of. But everybody wants a new challenge in terms of how do you get back to that level.”

We have more on the Warriors:

  • The Warriors are likely to offer Shaun Livingston a role in the organization if he opts to retire, Marc Stein of the New York Times tweets. The veteran guard was waived this week before his $7.7MM salary for next season became fully guaranteed.
  • Willie Cauley-Stein was courted by Curry, Draymond Green and coach Steve Kerr and that made his free agency decision easier, as Anthony Slater of The Athletic relays. Cauley-Stein accepted a salary slightly above the veteran’s minimum in order to join a perennial winner after the Kings rescinded his qualifying offer. “It honestly just came down to situation. I know I had said something about getting paid at the beginning of the year,” he said. “But by the end of it, it was no longer about getting paid. It was about staying secure and building off that security.”
  • Guard Quinn Cook harbors no ill will toward the organization, though he was surprised it pulled his qualifying offer in order to clear cap space, as he told Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News. Cook wound up signing a two-year, $6MM deal with the Lakers. “It was tough for me with how everything went down, but no hard feelings,” Cook said. “We’re family forever and champions forever.”
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18 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Curry, Livingston, Cauley-Stein, Cook

  1. Strike Four

    So excited to see what a WCS-Looney-Green-Curry-Russell starting 5 looks like, then in the second half WCS-Green-Thompson-Curry-Russell is going to score 120 a game lol

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they started Evans or Mickinnie at the 3 spot. Then use Looney as the Iggy of the team. He’ll play more minutes than WCS and just about as much as Draymond.

      • Strike Four

        Yes, WCS-Looney-Draymond all seeing time at C this year, I can see GSW getting a lot of production from that position this year, way more in past. Whole new world.

      • Gary

        Evans is absolutely not ready. He is so not ready they’re trying him at the point and he can’t even dribble left handed.

  2. towinagain

    Bring Shaun back to the Clipps! Actually with SGA leaving there is a need.

  3. x%sure

    I recall commenting that Stein’s aspirational remarks at the start of the year about being “ready to get paid” sounded like they came from some life coach figure outside of basketball. They were kind of out of place in NBA terms and he was criticized. Impressive that he’s owning up to what he’s infamous for and tackling it.

    GSW often makes people look good (though Cousins might disagree) so WCS may “get paid” in the end.

    • Strike Four

      I think WCS has gotten better each year and will continue to get better with the team change. He’s in his age 26 season, that’s a really common timeframe of C’s starting to take the next steps. I think he would was surprised a lot of people no matter what team it was.

      • Gary

        I think you’re right Willie cauley-stein is going to be fantastic for the Warriors this year. Athletic 6-11 guy? Wow I can’t wait. A younger better JaVale McGee.

  4. Down with OBP

    It’d be cool if one time an athlete with a new teammate was all like “naw, this isn’t going to work and there’s no point trying. Let’s go out there without trying to be purposeful.”

  5. arc89

    I am with Curry on this being the under dog will be a fun season next year. So many experts are saying GSW will be lucky to make the playoffs so be it. Now none of the haters can say anything like GSW bought a championship when they win next year. Most of the bandwagon fans went off to Lakers and Clippers so now the true GSW fans live here.

    • goldenmisfit

      Not a Warriors fan but I have no idea why they don’t see this team a playoff team they are still a top five seed they probably get in I would say probably as a five behind Lakers, clippers, Blazers and Rockets they are definitely going to be in the tournament they probably will even get through a round maybe two. It kind of all depends who they are paired up against in the first round.

      • arc89

        i think you can put up to 7 teams with a chance at the #1 spot this year. So many teams changing personnel there is no clear cut favorite.

      • upandcomerballplayer1087

        I’d say they’d be a top 3 seed if people like Jacob Evans III, smailegic, and cauly-stein step it up, they could be pretty big threats

        • Strike Four

          Strong agree. Most or all of Looney, WCS, Spellman, Evans, Poole, Paschall or Smailagic really might turn heads next year. I really think the bench got a lot better.

          Losing KD hurts but they still replaced him with a 23 year old superstar with a lot to prove on the best team for him to do it. (I don’t think they flip D-Lo unless its for Embiid or Giannis.)

          • Gary

            All you guys are a little bit off base with the Warriors bench strength.

            Veterans vs. Rookies is such a huge spread it’s not funny.

            Burks will help tremendously in that regard. They were very fortunate to land him. WCS and Looney have been in the league a few years so there going to be good.

            Evans is not ready. Allen Schmalaigic will spend most of the year, if not all of it, in the G League. Paschall is one young guy who I think might be ready to contribute in the NBA.

            The jury is out on pool. They say they’re confident he can defend, but he’s a gunner who I hope his shooting percentage holds up enough you can keep them on the floor. Losing veterans like Iguadala, Livingston, Jerebko.. not to mention Durant and Klay Thompson, really hurts in the grand scheme of things.

    • Strike Four

      You keep reading about how there’s all these “superstar duos” but when GSW comes up, its the slash bros. Um, Draymond is an elite level talent with 3 rings. And now D-Lo?

      No other team has a stronger 3rd than the Warriors, who when Klay comes back will have 4 superstars (no other team has more than 2). The bench, while having lost a lot of old guys past their prime, got younger and WAY more talented.

      It’s buck wild to me to think this isn’t a championship level team right off the bat.

      • Gary

        Yes it’s definitely a different story with a healthy Klay Thompson. He is a huge part of what the Warriors do on the floor offensively and defensively. He makes Curry better and vice-versa of course. With him out I think the Warriors are a 6 seed. If Klay Thompson comes back early ish like they say maybe February? Then the Warriors will be fine. 4 seed or perhaps.

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