Grizzlies, Dwight Howard Agree To Buyout

AUGUST 24: The Grizzlies have officially waived Howard, the team announced in a press release.

AUGUST 23: Dwight Howard and the Grizzlies have completed the buyout of his contract. The move will allow Howard to officially sign with the Lakers once he clears waivers.

Memphis had no intention of bringing Howard to training camp, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of (Twitter link), so allowing him to move on was best for the franchise.

Memphis made out well financially as a result of their experience with Howard. The big man was scheduled to make $5.6MM this upcoming season, but he agreed to give up nearly $2.6MM as a part of the buyout arrangement.

Earlier in the summer, Memphis acquired Howard in exchange for C.J. Miles, who is making $8.7MM for the 2019/20 season. The trade netted the team over $3MM in savings, which brings the franchise’s total savings in the series of moves to roughly $5.6MM.

The Grizzlies have the option to keep Howard’s remaining $3MM on their books this year or use the stretch provision, as Bobby Marks of tweets. Memphis is approximately $7.4MM below the luxury tax line.

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21 thoughts on “Grizzlies, Dwight Howard Agree To Buyout

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Now they can give Iggy a buyout so he can sign with a contender like the Rockets.

    • IslandFlava

      Rockets are only contending for the role of bigger clowns in the league, they will be real lucky to go past the first round of the WC, keep it real dude!

      • Jason Lancaster

        Absurd. Still one of the top teams in the conference. They may have some spacing issues from time to time, and they will need to work out sharing the ball, but they’re a better rebounding team with Westbrook and he’s a great passer too.

        Defensively they’re no better than before – probably a little worse – but still good enough to contend.

    • AJ Sport

      Iggy has already stated he wants to go to the Lakers.
      If or when the Grizzlies buy him out. The Lakers can waive Boogie to make room for him. Also, with Iggy, I don’t believe the Lakers will keep Dudley. Which leaves room for Carmelo if they want.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The last time the Lakers made the playoffs was when Dwight Howard played for them in 2013, and they were swept in the first round.

  2. I know it wouldn’t happen but what if the Rockets traded Eric Gordan and a second round pick to the Clippers for Maurice Harkless and Jerome Robinson.
    The Clippers then have Beverly Gordan George and Leonard. That’s 4 really really good 3 point shooters and 3 really really good defenders. Gordan is an improvement over Harkless for them and with Lou Williams off the bench the opposition can’t rest.
    The Rockets tho get a more natural fit player for the 3 in Harkless and is a good floor spacer and won’t ask for the ball off Westbrook and Harden. Harkless is also a decent defender and would work well with Tucker at the 4. Off the bench you’ll get Jerome Robinson who is a solid role player who can do work on both ends particularly offence. Gordan is on an expiring deal so what you really get is a better fit and a long term piece in Robinson

    • miguel trucha

      Would love to have Gordon back with the clips but that would make the clips even smaller. Size is probably their biggest weakness.
      Also, we have no idea what Robinson is yet. Hopefully he’ll be what you said but we haven’t had an opportunity to see that.

    • They would lack a little bit in size but they would be fine. Beverly at 6’1 would guard the opposing teams best guard and Kawhi 6’7 would guard the other teams best forward. Then you still have Paul George 6’9, JaMychal Green 6’9, Montrez Harrell 6’9, Ivan Zubac 7’1 and Landry Shamet 6’5. Think they have a hole at centre that they need to fill but that’s about it. I really like the roster.
      I think Aaron Baynes would be an awesome pick up because he a vet that plays hard and can play good minutes if needed.

    • Rewane

      Harkless is not a good floor spacer. If he was, Blazers wouldn’t give up on him.

      • Yeah he’s not consistent at all but the year before last he did average 41%. The Blazers passed up on him because they have Bazemore and Hood who are better and they needed to bring in a centre and they got Whiteside.

  3. mcdusty49

    Dwight put up 12 points and 9 rebounds per game last season in 25 mins per game…between him and JaVale splitting time at center along with some smaller rotations with AD at center, I’d say the Lakers are in good shape…the thing with Dwight has always been his attitude and his inability to let go of not being the focal point of the offense…now he’s coming to a team with 2 superstars that are still putting up big numbers…I’m sure he’s been talked to and told what is his expected role is and has finally agreed to be “a” main cog instead of the “the” main cog and chase that ring

    • Jason Lancaster

      And I’m sure he’s said all the right things before, but maybe this time will be different.

      But I’m not assuming that.

      • x%sure

        I think they should sign Noah too, in case of that… But then so should any team!

        • paladin

          Lakers would have to waive Boogie (DPE) or use final roster spot they are trying to save for Iggy. Not that I disagree they should sign Noah. They should have signed Noah because he is a hard worker, good defensively with good team attitude if nothing else. When Disabled12 comes up lame, what then Rob?

  4. luvthedayankees74

    If Howard comes in plays good defense and puts up 10/10 and he stays healthy I think this will be a great year for the Lakers. As for u Rockets fan y’all going to need two basketball. The Rockets remind me of the Fresh prince of bel air episode when Will and Carlton was fighting for the ball to take the last shot!!

    • jjd002

      Wasn’t the same thing said about the Heat when LeBron went there or the Warriors when Durant went there?

      • x%sure

        James and Durant played different positions than Wade or Bosh or the GSW trio.

        Paul has the smarts to adjust but Russ operates by his instincts & impulses.

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