Thunder Expected To Take Patient Approach To Trading Chris Paul

From the moment Chris Paul was traded to the Thunder, the expectation was that OKC would trade him elsewhere. That may be what ultimately happen, though some around the league envision the Thunder being patient as they navigate the trade waters.

Several executives, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst explains on The Jump, believe the Thunder will “put out the message” that they are not looking to trade CP3, talking up his veteran presence and all the positives about having him on the squad.

The franchise will attempt to regain some leverage in negotiations with other teams, as OKC doesn’t want to attach assets such as a first-round pick in order to move Paul’s $38.5MM salary. Paul’s contract is what makes a trade tricky; not his talent, as, even at age 34, he’s a good starting point guard.

It’s previously been reported that GM Sam Presti would be happy to have Paul on the roster all season and that the point guard views the team as a playoff contender in the Western Conference.

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26 thoughts on “Thunder Expected To Take Patient Approach To Trading Chris Paul

  1. Otogar

    Yep, OKC will be contending for a PO berth with Phoenix and Memphis.

  2. FromTheCheapSeats

    At this point, there’s no real reason for the Thunder to trade CP. They’re not going to get a contributor back, and they have too many draft picks already.

    With Westbrook and Paul George off the books, there are no long term salary cap issues. Why deal him?

    • Theone23

      No such thing as having too many draft picks, but I agree with the rest

  3. lannonrich

    If he plays well enough 1st half of season, playoff teams will look to trade for him at deadline. Best chance for thunder to trade him will be then.

  4. crazylarry

    Going to be “ Patient” because he is old and SUCKS and a locker room cancer. Can’t be “ Patient” with someone nobody wants.

  5. JonnyLucas

    They do have to field a roster… they owe it to their fans to try and put something interesting on the court. They have to pay somebody something. They should keep him, buy him out in 2021 when he’s really worthless.

    • dust44

      They still got some young dudes who can ball. Best of all happens to b a PG. y keep Paul all year when SGA needs the time. Dudes a damn good player and is def the future piece to build around.

      • justinept

        how does Paul being on the roster keep SGA off the court? No one is forcing them to play Paul. They only have to pay him.

        • Gary

          A 40 million-dollar player (per year by the way,) does not sit. And knowing his attitude, if Chris Paul is on the floor he doesn’t jog up the sideline and let a twenty-two-year-old have the reins. Too much pride.

          And Gilgeous-Alexander off the ball will slow down his progress.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Obviously CP3 doesn’t want to play for one of the worst teams in the NBA, but they won’t be rid of him unless they’re willing to give up a few first round picks like the Rockets did.

      • brandone

        The Thunder even without Paul still aren’t one of the worst teams in the league.

        • Gary

          Brandone I disagree. With that contract you just hope to not attach your own assets with him leaving.

          There’ll be no “assets” coming back. Sorry.

      • Gary

        Chris Paul’s greatest concern at this age is Bank.

        He’ll worry about a ring when he’s older and can chase one with whoever is the hot team at that time. But they won’t want him. And Chris Paul will retire with 0 Rings because his ego has been in the way of being on a championship team. Either by Leading one or by being a part of one.

        He has Too much pride. Yes he’s an amazing ball player but not every amazing ball player wins a ring.

        You have to give up something, and Chris Paul did give an effort towards that in Houston by splitting ball handling duties with Harden. I’ll give him that.

        But sorry Chris no rings for you.

        • IslandFlava

          So what? Many great players haven’t won a ring, more important things to win, like MVP, only 35 different players have won it, rings who knows could be anything close to a 1,000 players, overrated to win a ring!

  6. Z-A

    Orlando could be an interesting option. IF, Isaac and Bamba make a leap forward. Gordon is expendable, and we all know Fultz is hot garbage.

    Aaron Gordon + Fultz + Iwundu for Paul.

    I know the Thunder want a 1st, but Gordon wouldn’t be too bad as a consolation prize. They could deal him for a 1st the following year potentially too. Or find a 3rd team for a 1st.

    • Itrainsontuesday

      In order to match salary they could take like 3-4 guys on a rookie deal and a bad contract for 15-20 mill a year. Or chandler parsons/Wiggins and a few young guys.

      • phillyballers

        I already ran it thru Trade Machine… 3 players for CP3 works.

  7. paladin

    No team will take on Little Napolean this season but next season his contract won’t be as dreary and they may be able to move him next year without giving up an arm & a leg. I think they are willing to eat his Max contract for a year then start their serious rebuild after dealing with the aftermath of his Bloated deal for a year…There will be takers down the road, The Long & Winding Road that leads to 20/21…..They’re hoping.

  8. spinach

    Paul is good and makes them a playoff contender. Only reason to want to move them is to tank for better pick (lame) or to give reins to Alexander (perhaps more reasonable but haven’t really seen the the guy play.)

    • Gary

      There’s absolutely no way that the Thunder even sniff the playoffs this year.

      They have Chris Paul who might get hurt and sit out 3 months, they have Gallinari and Alexander who are good players, and Dennis Schrader who’s pretty good. That’s it.

      Yes Steven Adams is good but he’s a grinder Center who will rebound for you and block shots and be tough. He’s actually a great player but he won’t make a difference on the Thunder this year.

      In the west that doesn’t come close to a playoff spot but I don’t think the Thunder mind. This is a wasted a year and they’ll probably deal with Chris Paul next summer unless somebody blows them away at the deadline this year. Kind of a lame duck season in OKC.

  9. x%sure

    The Thunder don’t have to publicly claim having Paul on their roster is fine. It actually is fine.
    The players they will be adding will be on rookie salaries and they need on-court leadership which Paul has more than enough of. Fans want entertainment while the kids grow and Paul can do that. Paul can also play the 2 parttime like he has fulltime for years.

    It’s up to Paul how happy he is there. He got the rules changed so a player his age can have the contract he has so live with it or buy it out.

  10. x%sure

    Paul is good for OKC. They would go adrift and fall hard without him.

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