Heat Notes: Winslow, DeRozan, Leonard

Justise Winslow made his return to the lineup on Wednesday, playing 34 minutes in his first game back from a concussion. After the game, coach Erik Spoelstra said that the plan moving forward is not to have the Duke product play that much.

“I had no intention of playing him that much. K-Nunn got hit in the chest. He couldn’t play. Duncan got five fouls. So thank goodness we had Justise for those minutes,” Spo said (via Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald.

The team was also without Jimmy Butler, who missed the contest because he was not feeling well. Butler is expected to be back in action on Friday, so that will also cut into Winslow’s playing time.

Here’s more from Miami.

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13 thoughts on “Heat Notes: Winslow, DeRozan, Leonard

  1. “The team was always without Jimmy Butler?”

    He’s played this year quite a bit I thought. Is he on the injured list and out for the year, did I miss something?

    • Theone23

      Was always going to be without Jimmy Butler. Author probably forgot to add those words. You’re a smart chap Gary, I’m sure you can figure that out without being a troll

    • My money is on the writer meant to say the team was ‘also’ without Jimmy Butler. Nobody’s coming here to find award worthy journalism are they?

  2. Theone23

    Heat would be wise to stay clear of DeMar and Aldridge. Aging players, and I don’t like their fit with Miami.

    • DVail1979

      YOU don’t like their fit … and I’m sure Pat Riley has you on speed dial to give him advice as to who fits and who doesn’t fit on his team

      • The comment section is usually for people’s opinions. If your going to take the piss out of someone for his fair opinion and not knowing Pat Riley then what are you even doing here?

  3. x%sure

    Myers Leonard is getting good defensive numbers too. Portland wasted him, not having a physical 4 type to pair with him. In the playoffs Leonard did better with Collins but Aminu didnot help him.

    Derozan/Aldridge for Winslow and Waiters/JJ: Spurs are unlikely to like that and Heat are doing fine without them!

  4. Leonard has always had the talent, just no confidence. He can be a dominant player in the league with his size, athleticism and high IQ. He just needed chance to play.
    That game in last year’s playoffs is his ceiling.
    No point being a big who can shoot threes if you’re not given the green light to do anything else in order to keep the opponent guessing.

  5. I think DDR or Aldridge would be nice for Miami but wouldn’t work long term. Winslow is on the rise and although a trade would improve them now I think they would regret it down the track.

  6. Skip, Tampa

    Leonard has been a wonderful surprise for sure. Spo is far from done maximize what he can do.
    Can buy into Aldridge to pair with Bam ala Boogie, Davis.
    Would take Winslow, Olynik at a bare minimum for Pop to think about it. Not real sure giving up Winslow for Aldridge is a great idea.
    Now if a 3rd or even 4th team could be brought into the mix and keep Winslow, then Aldridge would be worth it.
    Riley likes big men, so think it would be Aldridge over DeRozan.

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