Khris Middleton Out Several Weeks With Leg Injury

Bucks forward Khris Middleton is expected to miss multiple weeks with a left leg injury, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets. There’s no serious damage to the leg, Charania adds.

The injury is a thigh contusion and is expected to cost Middleton three or four weeks, Matt Velazquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweets.

The 28-year-old All-Star was injured during the team’s win over the Thunder on Sunday. He’s averaging 18.5 PPG, 5.7 RPG and 2.9 APG after posting averages of 18.3/6.0/4.3 in the same categories last season.

The career 38.8% three-point shooter signed a five-year, $178MM contract in free agency this summer to remain Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s sidekick. With Middleton on the shelf, the Bucks will likely have to go a little smaller at the wing spots with Sterling Brown, Pat Connaughton and Donte DiVincenzo picking up additional minutes.

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29 thoughts on “Khris Middleton Out Several Weeks With Leg Injury

  1. Jason Lancaster

    Good thing they traded Brogdon this summer instead of re-signing him and paying the tax …

        • Forced? They could have rolled with what they had. They’re pretty good playoff team.

          The guys that got from Paul George plus Westbrook and Adams? That’s a good starting lineup with some depth.

          But what did OKC do, they looked at the books in the money. They weren’t comfortable spending. Not every team is the Warriors.

            • The W’s payroll is at the cap this year. Try keeping up with the news.

              They spent big $ previously and made 5 straight finals.

              And again, keep up with the news- 2-9.

              • L Lawliet

                Figured youbwould bring up past sucess for your arguement. A lame approach and you bought it hook line and sinker. Ask Boston about past success bro. This is a new day and your team is ass

                • I’m bringing up past success because that’s when they spent the money which is the basis for my comment.

                  Seems you just like arguing. And you don’t like the Warriors.

                  I said not every team spends like the Warriors which they did when they were winning.

                  This year they’re at the cap and not spending and you brought up 2-8. I don’t think you’re making much sense.

                  You’re right about one thing. Yes they suck this year. So what. You had to wait a whole 5 years or longer to make that statement.

                  • HailRodgers12$

                    2-9 was it..? And not missing anyone due to injury either, right..?
                    Or…roughly 50 ppg out (thats not counting Durant or Iggy no longer with the team..). I dislike the warriors (mostly I just think curry is a tool) but it’s kind of dumb to say the struggles this year are because of maxing out with salaries the previous 5 years.

                    • They’re 2-9 this year because they lost 4 guys and three others are hurt.. that’s seven out of their rotation. Of course they’re going to be 2 and 9.

                      They’re playing all rookies and young guys and guys they could find as leftovers.

                      Has nothing to do with Max contracts. Who said that?

                      They’re two and nine because they don’t have any good players playing right now. Nothing to do with Max contracts I don’t think I said that did I?

      • Jason Lancaster

        Every team doesn’t have Giannis, and half the teams in the NBA aren’t in the East.

        There’s zero justification for letting Brogdon leave. Milwaukee could have signed him and flipped him next summer to avoid the repeater tax, or they could have kept him and let other players go.

        I guarantee Giannis is wondering what the team is going to do with that draft pick, and how it’s going to help him right now.

        • brewpackbuckbadg

          Maybe Brogeon just didn’t want to play for them. Jabari didn’t. Some players just want to move on like Anthony Davis. He passed up money to leave. I would hae loved to have kept Brogdon but I don’t know if it was a bout stardom and money as well. I haven’t heard.

          • Jason Lancaster

            It was about the luxury tax. Why else would they let him leave?

            He’s an asset that can help them win games. They got a first for him, and that deal would be available anytime as long as Brogdon is healthy.

              • HailRodgers12$

                *a first rounder they didn’t have due to a bunch of previous trades to acquire vets which, if some people are going to claim Giannis has his nose in recent/current/future moves, maybe he was putting his 2 cents in on every move, including the Brogdon sign-and-trade..?

    • L Lawliet

      And worse than that kept Bledsoe over him who is clearly a more inferior PG.

      • Brogdon left as a free agent. He wasn’t traded away. They tried to trade Bledsoe and keep Brogdon but nobody wanted bledsoe’s contract so the decision a couple years ago to sign Bledsoe probably hurts them now.

        But you think they kept Bledsoe and got rid of Brogdon this summer. You’re thinking is just not logical. There’s so many more things that complicate rosters and decisions.

        • L Lawliet

          Your wrong. They resigned bledsoe when they could have saved the money for brogdon.

    • HailRodgers12$

      I wish I could find the story that suggested Brogdon didn’t want to be in Milwaukee anymore..
      Anyway, if that was the case, the only logical move by the Bucks was the sign and trade.
      And people need to stop harping on whether Giannis will sign the super max deal or not. Nobody has any control over it except him. And I highly doubt he will make up his mind about it until the time comes, regardless of what happens til then, or who is or isn’t playing alongside him.
      At least this isn’t the same ownership/management that traded away Ray Allen, Sam Cassell and Glenn Robinson because they didn’t want to pay anyone.
      But yeah, they should have just given $20 mil/year to a guy that missed 60+ games in 2 seasons, and had injury questions coming out of college (about his foot…), because they should have known Middleton would suffer a thigh contusion and miss a few weeks..? Alrighty then.

  2. x%sure

    I hope you’ve researched this because it’s complicated. link to
    Luke went into the MIL situation later on in detail also.
    They’re over the tax line so far and will continue to be without roster moves.

    • Jason Lancaster

      I agree it’s complicated, and it likely came down to Brogdon or Lopez as a practical matter, because they didn’t have Lopez’ full bird rights. But that’s still an easy choice.

      • brewcrew08

        Yes it is easy. You keep Brook. Bucks have so many more guards who can step up. Brook is our only true center and you can surely tel Robin is terrible.

      • x%sure

        Lopez is harder to replace.
        A shotblocker who makes threes for pretty cheap OR a perimeter player who wanted out because of Bledsoe, requires $20MM+, and can draw something in a trade? Easy call.

        I don’t recall if there was a better way out actually for MIL, but I know Brogdon was quite happy to leave. He wants to be in charge.

  3. Buckman

    Brogdon missed 62 games the past 2 seasons so maybe too risky to sign for big bucks. I feel signing Bledsoe was the worse move of the two. The guy’s 3 point shooting is not up to what the Bucks need. I’m surprised Middleton is out for 4 weeks with a bruise must a deep one?!

    • Jason Lancaster

      If it came down to Bledsoe vs Brogdon, than yes I agree the Bucks made a mistake. But it didn’t.

      • brewcrew08

        You have no idea who it came down to. You just troll on every Bucks related article. Giannis hasn’t once said anything publicly that he was upset with the off-season. There were also articles saying Brogdon didn’t want to stay in MIL. So you recommend paying a guy 20M a season who doesn’t want to be there? Also if it came down to brogdon (even if he wanted to be there) or Lopez you keep Lopez. You have 6 guys who can play guard in Hill, Bledsoe, Donte, Pat, Brown, Matthews and even Middleton. If you don’t bring Brook back who plays center?

        • brewpackbuckbadg

          Brook vs Brogdon???? I am not sold that was the choice and I am not sold that Brook is the correct pick. If if if if Brogdon stays healthy then he could could could could be a star. Lots of ifs and could s in there but he was/is fun to watch play.

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