Kings Still Hoping To Trade Dewayne Dedmon

The Kings aren’t done shaking up their roster after agreeing to a five-player trade with the Trail Blazers. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that Sacramento is still looking for a way to get rid of Dewayne Dedmon, who has been unhappy with his playing time.

The 30-year-old center was fined earlier this month for making his trade request public. The Kings signed Dedmon to a three-year, $40MM contract over the summer, but he quickly slipped behind Richaun Holmes in the rotation. Dedmon has played just 26 games and is averaging 4.9 points and 4.0 rebounds in 13.8 minutes per night.

A report earlier this week suggested the Hawks might be interested in reacquiring Dedmon, who was their starting center for the past two seasons. Atlanta has enough available cap room that Dedmon’s salary wouldn’t be a burden, but the Kings are reportedly asking for more in return than the Hawks are willing to pay.

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16 thoughts on “Kings Still Hoping To Trade Dewayne Dedmon

  1. Babyfartsmcgeezaks

    Trade Dedmon, Hield, Bazemore and those 2 second round picks for Bradley Beal or KAT and let Justin James get more playing time

  2. greg1

    Kings are asking more than the Hawks are willing to pay?

    How about clearing the contract of a guy who clearly is not in the Kings plans and does not want to be there for any offer, a 2nd, some Peach Cobbler, bag of balls, etc.

  3. Tazza

    Considering the Kings main pieces are Fox Heild Bogi and Bagley.

    I suggest something simple like Dedmon for Courtney Lee or Dedmon for possibly Maurice Harkless
    Iā€™d just take an expiring contract for him and be happy to have Bazemore and whoever you get in return as money off the books at the end of the year

  4. Grimjac

    Double D for Iggy? Grizz get fourth big. Greedy folks will want bogy, but I think vlade has to be sharper than he has looked so far.

  5. Jason Lancaster

    I’d be surprised to see Sacramento trade Bogdanovic, Fox, it Bagley.

    I think trading Hield is a good possibility, only not until this summer. Poison pill.

  6. phillyballers

    The nomenclature depends on how many pieces of Flare the restaurant waitresses have on.

  7. phillyballers

    Dedmon > Heat
    Gibson > Kings
    Waiters + Miami 1st or 2s from each > Knicks

    Dedmon + Bogdan > Raptors
    Gasol > Kings

    Kind of surprised the Hornets haven’t gotten in on this…
    MKG for Dedmon and a 1st.

    They have the expiring contracts, lack talent, need draft capital to move up and get said talent. Would be a good move.

    • bigfootnells

      None of these deals make sense. Miami / Nobody is giving up a 1st for Dedmon Raptors / KIngs aren’t going to just throw in Bogdan in any deal. & no an old Gasol on an expiring deal is not “something” for Bogdan Hornets / Nobody is giving up a 1st for MKG.

      • phillyballers

        Miami may need to yield a 1st to dump 2 years of Waiters. He is currently more toxic than Dedmon.

        Kings will need to sweeten the pot to trade Dedmon for an expiring contract. You understand he signed a 3 year deal and they are looking to dump him right? Raptors have 2 expiring and Ibaka is playing too good to trade, and Raps are competing for a title defense, Kings aren’t sniffing the finals just yet.

        Kings will have to surrender a 1st rounder to dump that contract completely for an expiring deal. This isn’t rocket science, and it’s not the first time teams have had to attach pick compensation to get out of contracts.

        Dedmon has little to no trade value currently. He isn’t playing up to the average level he played for Atlanta. So, what return do you think – If any – will the Kings get except an expiring deal or equally bad contract?

        • bigfootnells

          Well You do understand Dedmon’s contract is really a 2 year contract with a non guaranteed 3rd year right? So they are only commited to Dedmon next year. This isn’t rocket science. The only reasons to clear cap space for a particular year. Is if you think you have a legitimate chance you can sign a high end free agent and/or you are a playoff bound team looking to add for a playoff run. Who here thinks The King’s fit either criteria next year ?? But I’ll play along. Let’s get really crazy and think the King’s have a chance in hell in competing for the championship next year. Their salary commitments/holds already puts them over the cap next year. Even if they dump Dedmon’s salary for all expiring contracts. That will only put them about $5 million under the cap. What difference making free agent in a very weak 2020 free agent class can the Kings get for $5 million and is worth giving up a 1st RD pick ???? Plus if the Kings somehow someway become a legitimate playoff force next year. Dedman with basically an expiring contract will have value in acquiring a piece that can help them over the top.

        • bigfootnells

          Atlanta already has said they want/are willing to take back Dedmon. According to most if not all of the reports. The only thing stopping it is that the Kings are asking too much. So if the Kings decide that they definitely have to get rid of Dedmon they can lower their asking price to the Atlanta to Say something like Thad Young and a future 2nd for Dedmon and they would have to add either Yogi Ferrell or Justin James to make the $$$ work.

  8. Skip, Tampa

    Kings should back up and regroup on last summer hit parade signings.
    Hornets: Deadmon, 2-2nds
    Mavs: Joseph, 2-2nds
    Kings: MKG, Lee
    Rinse and repeat in July.

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