James Dolan: I’m Not Selling Knicks

In the wake of Thursday morning reports indicating Leon Rose is expected to become the Knicks‘ next president of basketball operations, team owner James Dolan issued a statement this afternoon addressing the club’s front office search.

“We are actively looking for a new President of the New York Knicks and hope to conclude the search as quickly as possible,” Dolan said. “I am not selling, but I am determined to find the right leader for the Knicks who will ensure the long-term success of the team, just as we did with the hiring of Rangers President John Davidson.”

Dolan’s statement doesn’t mean the Knicks aren’t locked in on Rose. As Marc Berman of The New York Post tweets, it will take some time for Rose to get decertified as an agent and complete all the steps necessary for the Knicks to officially bring him aboard. He’s still on track to the run the front office — it’s just not official yet.

The more interesting part of Dolan’s statement may be the brief mention of how he’s “not selling” the team. There have been no reports circulating lately suggesting he was considering such a move, so it seems to be a response to the recent chants at Madison Square Garden. Knicks fans chanted, “Sell the team!” at Dolan near the end of a blowout loss to the Grizzlies last week.

When the Knicks removed Steve Mills from the president of basketball operations role earlier in the week, there was speculation that the serenade from fans may have played a part in Dolan’s decision to move forward with front office changes. Today’s statement doesn’t necessarily confirm that, but it seems to suggest Dolan hasn’t just brushed off those chants.

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22 thoughts on “James Dolan: I’m Not Selling Knicks

  1. I guess as a Mets and Knicks fan, I have to be resigned to the idea that they’ll both be run by awful owners until I die.

    • SheaGoodbye

      Not fair to put the Wilpons in the same category as Dolan.

      They both suck, but Dolan has his tier all to himself. Well, maybe he also shares it with Woody Johnson.

      • I’ll put the Wilpons in the same category because for about a decade, they refused to spend the money needed to win because they got wrapped up in the Madoff scandal. The Mets had some decent runs despite the Wilpons. Say what you want about Dolan, but he’s always been willing to open up the checkbook.

        I’m glad you brought up Woody Johnson, though. I’m a Giants fan, and it must be brutal to follow the Knicks, Mets, and Jets.

    • jeremy

      to be fair mets had some decent runs cant really say that about the knicks. all they really done since the 90s is get melo and have a few decent seasons

  2. SheaGoodbye

    Dolan won’t sell because the Knicks make money. The Knicks make money because people gonna people.


  3. sambino

    If only Knicks fans would learn to stay away from the garden he would have to sell the team.

  4. washington_bonercats

    Why would this guy sell the NBA team with the biggest market? Because the crowd told him to? At this point he may as well tank year after year just to soak up all the hatred in the Garden. I think it might give him life energy.

    • SheaGoodbye

      People like him definitely feed off of others hating them, even if said hate would be completely justifiable.

      It’s sad, yet also impenetrable.

    • jeremy

      you gotta think he only in it for the money. since he could care less about making a good team.

  5. goldenmisfit

    The problem is he is more of a hockey guy then a basketball guy. You cannot say he does not know how to run a sports franchise especially when you take a look at the New York rangers who have rebuilt in the past successfully and appear to be on that same path now.

  6. Mazinger31

    New report in: James Dolan will make up for the last two decades of the Knicks being awful by taking a hit off his vape pen and performing smooth jazz at MSG. Ticket start at the low, low price of $10,000 a piece to be seated at fedora-level.

  7. x%sure

    The fans did not even chant for very long, according to reports… but MSG can get >impressionating<. Not a word but busy day

  8. Why would Dolan sell the team. The Knicks are still the most valuable team in the NBA, pegged at $4B. Imagine now if the Knicks start winning!

    Dolan is an egotist and an idiot, but he ain’t dumb. Team will continue to escalate in value regardless of record.

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