Magic, Pistons Eyed Spencer Dinwiddie Before Deadline

Some members of the Magic and Pistons had interest in exploring a trade for Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie prior to this month’s trade deadline, sources tell Ian Begley of Begley describes that interest as “internal,” so it’s not clear if either team actually reached out to Brooklyn to inquire on Dinwiddie.

Although there was no indication that the Nets seriously considered moving Dinwiddie in a deadline deal, his name did pop up in a few rumors earlier this month. He was reportedly discussed in talks between the Nets and Hawks, with the Lakers inquiring on him as well.

One post-deadline report suggested that there’s “buzz around the league” about Dinwiddie potentially being part of a package for Magic forward Aaron Gordon. Begley picks up on that thread, noting that some executives believe a player like Gordon would help Brooklyn going forward, though it’s not clear if GM Sean Marks shares that view. Begley also hears that the Pacers had some pre-deadline interest in pursuing Gordon, a potential summer trade candidate.

The Nets, who will have a crowded backcourt of Dinwiddie, Kyrie Irving, and Caris LeVert once everyone is healthy next season, could eventually decide to deal from a position of strength, though Irving’s injury history – he’s out for the rest of the season – may give the team pause.

If Brooklyn does make Dinwiddie available in the offseason, the Magic make more sense as a suitor than the Pistons, who are heading toward a full-fledged rebuild. Orlando has lacked play-making and scoring in recent years. Dinwiddie, who is averaging 20.8 PPG and 6.6 APG in 57 games (31.4 MPG) this season, could help in both areas. He’s under contract for $11.45MM next season, with a $12.3MM player option for 2021/22.

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9 thoughts on “Magic, Pistons Eyed Spencer Dinwiddie Before Deadline

  1. apaca1ypse

    Yes Detroit, trade for a player you initially drafted and let walk without kicking the tires.

    • H3ads40T73

      Same with Brandon Knight! Are we gonna see “Pistons interested in Josh Smith” next?!

      • shmurdascene

        if they weren’t rebuilding, the Pistons signing Josh Smith would make sense. He’s still in his early 30s and definitely good enough to be in the NBA. The Lakers should sign him.

  2. Treveon Graham

    lmao Detroit traded Dinwiddie to Chicago for Cameron Bairstow (wtf happened to him?) and now they want him pack

  3. JD Candello

    I always wonder how far Laker inquires get-

    Lakes- Hey we have interest in Dinwiddie

    Other team- Thats nice

    We literally have the ghost of Kuzma as our ONLY asset in any trade

  4. Old Dave

    Why is this news?

    Why is a team thinking about wanting to do a trade, which they eventually ended up not doing, is of any interest to anyone as of right now, weeks after the deadline has passed?

    And what does “had interest in exploring” does even mean?

    • x%sure

      It’s fascinating news, for people spending their time on a website called “HoopsRumors”.

      Maybe you would be more interested in my coronavirus or Dort jokes, available on request. America needs more Dort!

  5. x%sure

    link to, ON:link to

    ^In an audio interview with Marks about whether or not Irving could be trusted with the mandate that the Nets break through next year, Marks was sure yes, then said:

    “… when you’re rolling out Kevin and Kyrie and a group of young guys as well that are coming into their own from Spencer (Dinwiddie) to Caris (LeVert) to Jarrett Allen and everybody else, they give us an opportunity here.”

    This was the talk where Marks said he consults with “a select handful of player’s opinions” when considering moves. I don’t think Dins was complimented here, indeed, Dins does not sound “select” in Marks’ view like Dins was claiming about himself, doing much for the team offcourt as well as oncourt. Marks might prefer Dinwiddie for his market value. Too bad.

    IMO Dins has a key role in the integration of new & old since he helped bring in the new, but some might prefer a fresher start and those not named ______, butt out.

    The Nets’ performance perked when Dins replaced Irving, then decined in late December after 18 games or so. Then, some mediocrity. Did Dins tire, get figured out or mildly injured, or did a harsh reality seep in about who gets say?

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