2020 NBA Buyout Market Watch

The 2020 NBA trade deadline is behind us, but that doesn’t mean teams are finished making roster moves. With two months left in the 2019/20 regular season, there are still a number of roster spots to be filled around the NBA, as well as veterans who might not finish the year with their current teams.

For the rest of February, the NBA’s buyout market figures to be active. A veteran in an undesirable situation due to his playing time or his team’s place in the standings (or both) could ask to be released and may even be willing to give back a little money to accommodate the move. Some teams might make that decision unilaterally, opting to release a veteran to open up a roster spot for a younger player.

Over the rest of the month, we’ll use the space below to monitor the buyout market, keeping tabs on which veteran players have been bought out or released, and which have found new teams. We’ll also keep an eye on players who are potential buyout candidates. The list will be updated daily.

A player on an NBA contract must be waived by the end of the day on March 1 in order to retain his playoff eligibility, so that will be a key date to watch.

Here’s our breakdown of the 2020 NBA buyout market:

Last updated 3-3-20 (7:27am CT)

Veterans who have been bought out or released this season and are free agents:

* Players in italics are still on waivers.

C.J. Miles, Chandler Parsons, Gerald Green, and DeMarcus Cousins have also been released. However, they have major injuries and may not return this season, so they don’t look like viable candidates to be signed by a new team.

Veterans who have been bought out or released and joined new teams:

Other veterans who were candidates to be bought out or released, but ultimately stayed put:

Some of the players in this group are likelier buyout candidates than others. We’ll keep updating this list based on reports and rumors in the coming days and weeks.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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7 thoughts on “2020 NBA Buyout Market Watch

  1. x%sure

    Houston will take TT or Biyombo and maybe another Noah or so. They are trailblazing what they’re doing but with that established, Morey will want to cover all bases for the playoffs.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      They do have two open roster spots, so one of them will almost definitely be a center. They do still have Tyson Chandler and Hartenstein plus they might also try using recently acquired Bruno Caboclo at center after the AS break instead of having Sefolosha as Tucker’s backup.

  2. Skip, Tampa

    For what Morey seems to be doing both players would work out well. With TT being a home run. If TT is bought out that is. Lots of competition for that signing.

    • jkoms57

      They’re not going to buy out TT.. he will have trade value in the offseason

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Only in a sign and trade since he will be a FA. And any team that receives a player in a sign and trade is automatically hard-capped, so it’s very unlikely that anyone really wants Thompson that badly.

  3. steve dolan

    Why would the Cavs buy out Tristan Thompson ? Why would that be in their best interest financially ?

  4. Chi-Town

    My top possible buyouts for the contenders
    1. Tristan Thompson
    2. Reggie Jackson
    3. Wayne Ellington
    4. Evan Turner
    5. Matthew Dellavedova/Marco Belinelli
    Those first 2 names I just dont see happening but anything can happen in sports. Then of course you got your guys at the top already bought out. Iman Shumpert, Tyler Johnson, Trey Burke, Isaiah Thomas, & Ryan Anderson are guys I can see signing somewhere but in my opinion they for sure all rank below Wayne Ellington. Then there is still Joakim Noah & Marcin Gortat in FA. Cant wait to see teams making more moves!

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