Rockets Sign DeMarre Carroll

The Rockets have officially signed DeMarre Carroll, according to a team press release. It was reported earlier in the week that he would join Houston.

The Spurs agreed to a buyout with Carroll after not moving him at the trade deadline, waving the white flag on one of the worst offseason acquisitions in the league. It wasn’t necessarily Carroll’s play that was the issue; it was what the Spurs were forced to give up for the wing.

San Antonio had initially agreed to sign Carroll and planned to use their mid-level exception, but when Marcus Morris agreed to a deal with the team, the Spurs pivoted to acquiring Carroll via trade instead (and giving up Davis Bertans to the Wizards). Morris backed out of the agreement, which made giving up Bertans for Carroll an unnecessary move.

Carroll will join the Rockets as they embark on a unique, strange journey of playing no traditional big men most of the time. The 33-year-old will likely spend time at both forward spots with the club, though it wouldn’t be all that surprising if he sees minutes at the five in some funky lineups.

Carroll’s rest-of-season contract with Houston will pay him $811,447, which is the exact amount he gave up in his buyout agreement with the Spurs, per ESPN’s Bobby Marks (via Twitter). The Rockets, who now have a full 15-man roster, will carry a cap hit of $512,721.

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13 thoughts on “Rockets Sign DeMarre Carroll

    • DVail1979

      he also had two more well paid years he gave up … so $9 mil doesn’t look too bad

    • macdaddy96

      I think this’ll be the first series you guys have ever won vs the Warriors ? Just the regular season though pal don’t get to excited.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Houston was 3-1 against the Warriors last season and 2-1 against them two seasons ago, so make it three years straight.

            • harden-westbrook-mvps

              Gonna be a long time until the Warriors play again in May, let alone June. Meanwhile the Rockets remain perennial contenders.

              • El Don

                But do they? How you decide that? As far as I can see so far this season they ain’t, specially now without Capela they’ve blown any slight chance they had.

            • harden-westbrook-mvps

              Over the last 3 postseasons, only the Raptors have a better record against the Warriors than the Rockets do:

              Toronto (4-2)
              Houston (5-8)
              Clippers (2-4)
              Pelicans (1-4)
              Spurs (1-8)
              Cavs (1-8)
              Jazz (0-4)
              Blazers (0-8)

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    What used to be described as a Death Lineup, or the Hamptons Five, is now called a “funky lineup” because it’s the Rockets doing it? They added much needed size with Carroll, and perhaps Jeff Green as well if he can give them quality minutes behind PJ Tucker like he did in Utah behind Gobert.

    • x%sure

      I am hoping that small linups are not declared to be called death linups.
      It seems like something should have to be proven first.

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