Western Notes: Harkless, Lakers, Winslow

If New York buys out Maurice Harkless, the Lakers may be interested in signing the wing, Sam Amick of The Athletic said on The Sedano Show earlier today (h/t The Lakers Review). The Lakers, who missed out on Reggie Jackson to their L.A. rivals, are monitoring the Harkless’ situation.

Harkless came to the Knicks in the Marcus Morris deal at the trade deadline and it’s unclear whether he’ll reach a buyout agreement with the team. Here’s more from the Western Conference:

  • Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson may be angling for a sign-and-trade this summer and the Lakers would be a good fit for his services, as I wrote for Heavy.com. The team doesn’t have a long-term option at the center position and Thompson would be a nice partner to Anthony Davis in the frontcourt.
  • The Grizzlies traded for Justise Winslow to be in the team’s starting lineup eventually, Chris Herrington of the Daily Memphian writes. Winslow is still recovering from a back injury, so Memphis is expected to bring him along slowly.
  • Bill Oram of The Athletic chronicles Dwight Howard‘s redemption story with the Lakers. “He’s been a guy that’s always put up great numbers,” former teammate J.J. Redick said, “but I think he’s having an impact in a really meaningful way defensively on the boards, screening, rolling to the boards.”
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17 thoughts on “Western Notes: Harkless, Lakers, Winslow

  1. metsie1

    What benefit do the Knicks get for buying out Harkless? They certainly don’t need cap room. I’d let him play until the end of the season.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Doing a player a favor, which will make it easier for the team to get meetings with free agents.

      All the players share agents, and all the agents remember who did them a favor.

      • Bc1219

        Good point. Only thing is idk why the Knicks would do him a favor if he’s averaging 5 points And making 11.5 million

      • x%sure

        I agree in general, but Harkless is local and I doubt he wants away. I think it’s because the Knicks have already made PT promises to existing vets. They are probably more worried about tell-alls and being targeted by critics!

    • amk3510

      The Knicks buyout players so often that paying them not to play is just 2nd nature.

  2. Skip, Tampa

    Excellent point, what goes around comes around.
    Wonder if the Knick will buy out Portis ?
    Think a deal could be made with Riley to dovetail with a Hill buy out and save the Knicks a bunch of money.
    Yes Portis would still get his full salary.

  3. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Howard has put up great numbers, except for the one time he reached the Finals and struggled to average just 15 PPG while playing almost 43 MPG.

  4. Tazza

    If Harkless is brought out surely he wouldn’t join the Lakers after playing most the season with the Clippers. Could he join the Blazers considering his trade was during the offseason?
    Harkless would be a good for he Blazers cause of his defence and versatility to play 3/4

    • buddydeal

      Wouldn’t the fact that the Clippers dumped him be an excellent reason why he would want to go to the Lakers, revenge is sweet baby! Jus sayin

    • Tazza

      Don’t think he was a main part of the Clippers he knows that and he knows it’s just a business don’t think he would be after revenge

  5. Why would the Lakers want Thompson when they have Howard and McGee?

    I don’t see Thompson being more productive. But more expensive.

    I guess he is butt buddies with LBJ

  6. Skip, Tampa

    Only part of the Clippers Harkless was is a 1st from Miami and having cap space for the deal.
    Was a no brainier really.

  7. Knicks shouldn’t buy out Harkless unless there’s a good reason (and there doesn’t appear to be even a coherent one). Right now (with no FO team or HC in place and a different sort of off season ahead in terms of cap space), there’s no way of knowing if this player or his BRs will have value. Buyouts will be an early test for Rose, to see if he realizes he’s no longer a player agent, and its the Knicks (and their fans) that are now his client.

    • andremets

      I hope Harkless never plays another minUte for the Knicks. I want to see Know get 30 min a night as well Dotson and Tier to get those minutes that Morris was getting. Who cares about Harkless. We already have a Character guy in Taj Gibson playing.

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