Bulls Notes: LaVine, White, Jordan

The Bulls didn’t have the year they’d envisioned heading into the 2019/20 campaign. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic and league stoppage, Chicago was on its way to a third straight lottery appearance, and Zach LaVine is not happy with how the on-court situation was unfolding.

“To be blunt, I’m upset,” LaVine said (via Sam Smith of NBA.com). “We had high expectations coming into the season and it didn’t go our way anyway we could have thought of. We played through some adversity, but we didn’t go out there and do what we were supposed to do as a team.

“… I’ve been in the NBA six years now and it just gets frustrating. I want to be in the playoffs. We really [believed]. I haven’t played in a playoff game and it wears on you. That’s what you work so hard for and continue to play for.”

Here’s more from Chicago:

  • In the same piece, LaVine added that he has high hopes for rookie Coby White. The Bulls selected the point guard with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.
  • Rob Schaefer of NBC Sports examines how the Bulls’ 2019 offseason signings panned out and what roles they may have with the club going forward. Thaddeus Young and Tomas Satoransky were the highest-priced acquisitions.
  • ESPN has moved up its Michael Jordan documentary release date. “The Last Dance,” which is a 10-part series that takes an in-depth look at the Bulls’ dynasty, will debut on April 19.
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7 thoughts on “Bulls Notes: LaVine, White, Jordan

  1. richard dangler

    The Bulls don’t have a single player on the roster that would start on a championship contender. Zero.

    • They barely have role players for playoff teams, Zack Lavine gets pushed on us by management as our “Star” but when he scores 30 the dude he’s guarding scores 40, they made zero trades at the deadline because our front office is a bigger joke than the Knicks and we have zero direction, the bulls claimed they had high hopes for this season but never once did I see or hear any fan ever mention their high hopes for this season, and the fans were right, think about how awful a front office is when doctors teachers and warehouse employees understand more about the roster than they do

      • doug.daniel243

        While they might be #2 lets be real nobody tops the Knicks when it comes to being a joke.

      • LaVine would rather give up 40 to his guy, and score 30 than score 15 and win. He’s such a losing type player and will never be a starter on a good team.

  2. tomjoadsghost

    Bulls have worst NBA Coach in years and it’s only allowed to continue bc the barnacle known as Gar Forman and the apathy of ownership.

  3. LaVine is the epitome of a losing player. He only cares about his ppg, plays no defense, isn’t efficient, and when he plays well the team usually loses because his play is not conducive to winning. The Bulls are usually better when he sits. Other than that he’s fun to watch when he’s on if you don’t care about winning. So there’s that..

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